The One and Only



Chapter 29 – Mayday Mayday, call the doctor


Tenma could not resist laughing at Jin and turned her face to the side

“What I’m trying to say is that I like you Tenma, please go out with me”

Then Tenma exploded laughing


Jin was shocked because he knew this was going to happen but he didn’t think she would do the laughing part

“Jin, what are you talking about?”


Jin could not continue

“look Jin, we are coworkers and you have been really good help, I have growth at the company because you helped me, I can’t deny that, but I made effort myself too”

Jin was kind of lost of what Tenma was trying to say

“do you really think that I would go out with you because you were there to help me?”


“don’t be full of yourself because you are a fast learner or because you have skills, people will only use you to reach their goals, get used to it”

Jin was losing all the confidence that he had, he was not expecting someone telling him that

“and one last thing Jin, I cannot accept your feelings because I’m a married woman”

Wait, wait, wait

“what are you talking about? Why you didn’t tell me?”

“why should I tell you in the first place? You are here to give me support, I have the right to not tell you”

Jin lost in a horrible way this fight

“besides, you never asked”


Jin left the party without telling his friends and went home and closed his world for 48 hours, he received text messages but he didn’t reply them, his family was worried, he was depressed as hell, he made a huge mistake, it would have been easy to listen to the warnings of his friends but he wanted to see how far he could go, is that far enough now Jin?


Next Monday

Ralph, Charlie and Casar went to Jin station

“dude, what happened, you disappeared”

“I felt bad and had to leave”

Charlie then said

“so, you got owned?”

“how do you know?”

Ralph then said

“don’t tell me”

The three of them stared at Jin

“did you confess to Tenma?”




“ok, let’s not make a big fuss, the dude is already screwed enough, let’s go for drinks after work”

Jin and the brewer alliance went to Tony Roma’s after work as usual but what was not usual was seeing Jin get drunk the way he did, his usual limit of beer was 3 beers and then he stopped, but this time he was on the 11th beer

“dude, you are really getting wasted and is only Monday”

“are you sure you want to continue?”

Jin was not listening since the 7th beer

“I think he should stay at your house today Charlie”

“I can take him but someone has to tell his family that he won’t be going home today”

At the end, everyone was too drunk and didn’t call Jin’s Family


On a side note, if you ever see the helicopter after a couple of drinks, say goodbye to everyone and go straight to the bathroom, because once you see the helicopter you are done for, you won’t feel ok until you barf, even if you try to do ground pole, the idea of the ground pole it that you put the hand that is closest to the wall on the wall as if you are supporting the wall and the feet that is closer to the floor on the floor, if that doesn’t work then make your way to the bathroom


This behavior became very common on Jin after the Christmas party and started to affect Jin health and family, his parents were so worried about him that they began to suffer from pressure problems, and Jin was not the only reason, because Minoru had already left the house after Jin parents found that she had a boyfriend which she had been meeting in secret for a while now, so she decided to leave the house, so Jin behavior was the cake cherry and made his parent suffer because of him

One day after he took a shower before going to work, Jin’s mother found out a box of Cigarette on Jin bag and asked what was that, Jin mother started to cry because of it, Jin decided to stop smoking but he could not leave it that easy and one day


|you have a message|

“Jin, you have to come to Mikaho Clinic as soon as possible”


“your parents are here”

“what happened?”

“your father lost consciousness and your mother called, she is worried and her pressure is at risk too”

Jin was shocked and asked his boss for permission and left, it was December and almost Jin Birthday when this happened and he was fearing that he would get a very bad gift for his birthday

At Mikaho Clinic

“how is dad?”

“he is under control now”

“how is your pressure?”

“is fine now Jin, don’t worry”

Jin felt responsible for this situation and wanted to take actions as soon as possible to change the path his life was taking

“hello Jin”

“hi Marisa, how did this happen?”

“your mother called the emergency number because your father was feeling dizzy and then he lost consciousness, we have run some exams on him and he has problems with his heart”

That notice was worse than any rejection that Jin had suffered at this point

“but he can stabilize if he uses this pills for the rest of his life now”

“Marisa, I can’t repay all the things that you have done for me”

“you don’t have to Jin, we are friends after all”

Those words hurt so much Jin that he wanted to leave that place, Harima wanted to start over and forget about everything until now, Jin then, filled with determination, asked Marisa

“would you like to live with us Marisa?”



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