The One and Only



Chapter 28 – Even if you go to hell I will follow you


Christmas party was getting close and Jin was making all the arrangements to make sure that this time, when he confess his feelings for Tenma, his feeling will be reciprocated


Warehouse, two blocks north of the Office

“which suit do you think I should buy Ralph? I like the dark blue”

“I think a black suit will look better on you”

Jin was looking also for lotion for men

“you are really spending a lot of money for this event dude”

“it has to be perfect”

Couple of days before

“Jin! I just bought my dress for the Christmas party”

“really? Where is it?”

Tenma then showed me a bag that was not bigger than her hand

“are you telling me that your dress is that small that can be placed inside a bag that is not bigger than your hand?”

“is anything wrong with it?”

“no… but”

Tenma was not physical attractive at all unless you liked skinny girls that could be confused as male

“have you tried the dress?”

“yes, is kind of short because is only one piece, is black”

Jin started to have naughty ideas on his mind and asked

“how short?”

She got close to Jin ear and said

“you will see it at the party”

Jin ears turned red, it was easy to know how to turn Jin on, he just needed to imagine naked flesh and he will be turned on, I believe that is the same for every human being though

Erica noticed that Tenma was teasing Jin but she didn’t say anything


At the roof

Jin was smoking alone and then Erica joined him, Jin didn’t say anything because he knew about Erica skills, and he was---

“waiting for me to start doing the writer role?”

Could you----

“please stop interrupting the writer?”

“Jin, look, we had a bad start”


“but I have to warn you about Tenma”


“if you like being used by other people, then that’s is your fetish, I get it, but I’m sure you are aware of it already, she doesn’t feel anything for you”


“and yes, I don’t have the right to tell you this after what I said the first time we talk to each other”


“yes, you are right, it was a one side conversation”

Erica then suddenly stopped and was in shock of what Jin was about to say because she read what he was thinking, no one had the courage to talk to Erica the way Jin was about to

“you know? Is easy to let other people speak, is not that hard, you just have to listen what they have to say at least once, that’s called courtesy”

Jin then left and Erica didn’t interrupt Jin words, she didn’t interrupt the writer narration this time because she got owned because it was the first time------

“NO! it was not the first time; my father is Sagittarius as well and he use to stop me when I reach his patience limit”

Erica then went back and closed the door accepting defe-----


Ok, ok, she went back and she then slammed the roof door


While going down into the elevator

Jin already knew about Tenma using him, but he had an excuse for himself to accept this behavior towards him, he wanted to see how far he could get too, remember that he was expecting a yes from Tenma, this time for sure he was expecting things to works his way, not like before and in the worst case scenario if she said no it will be a fair payment for what he did to Marisa, he still felt guilty.

Jin was walking to the station when he saw something on the other side of the street when the traffic light was red

“……. Marisa?”

A bus passed and the image of Marisa that Jin saw suddenly disappeared, what was that? Jin went home and was kind of shocked, he was really worried of what he saw, he even had the intention of send a text to Marisa and ask her if she went to the city that day but he could not get himself to do it at the end.

“why would she be there anyways? she would be there for personal business and not for me, it may have been a coincidence, but she disappeared….my mind is playing with me”


“…………. you really loved her huh?.......................”


“………………………after thinking about it, I don’t think it was love at all…………………………….”


“……………………that’s true, she was just being your friend and you ruined it……………………………………….”


Jin woke up scared of that dream


Christmas Party, Richmond Hotel

Good thing about Sapporo is that almost everything was near to the office, our Party was at Richmond Hotel, 2 blocks north west of the office, we dressed like gentleman for the event and we looked like real men at last

“dude, you look different when you decide to take a shower”

“don’t tell me you like Jin, I knew you had some weird tastes but I didn’t know you swing that way”

Charlie was making fun of Ralph comment, and then Charlie said to Jin

“Time to hunt babies”

Jin went and started to say hi to everyone at the party and then he reached Tenma table, she was looking really hot on that tight mini dress, it was exactly how Jin imagined it would be, but surprise! Jin didn’t say “hi” to her, what was the meaning of this?, we thought that he was going to go crazy and turn red in front of her but it didn’t happen, the true is that Jin was acting important because of his outfit, it was easy to know it was an act, he never said hi to everyone in his regular life so this was like a social protocol that he found on internet while making research about parties, it was his first one so he didn’t wanted to screw up, of course this behavior was not something that would make Tenma happy so she started her plan.

She went and started dancing with the people on her management team, they moved right in front of Jin who doesn’t dance at all, they were dancing with naughty moves, there is no way Jin won’t look at her now, at this point she wanted to make him pay for not giving her special attention, she was an attention whore, jin decided to go for a smoke and went outside of the building and then Tenma followed him

“why are you avoiding me Jin?”

 “I’m not avoiding you, is just that I’m nervous because is my first party at the company”

“do you like my dress?”

Jin was avoiding to watch her directly the entire party and then she took his face and turned it to her, ok Jin, this is what you would call “check” on Chess

“It looks really nice on you……”

“is that all you have to say?”

“look, I have been thinking lately about us”

Tenma made a smug face like saying “you are mine now”

“I heard bad rumors about you, but I wanted to believe the Tenma that I know, the one that I work with, and I believe that you are a good person”

“so, what are you going to do now?”

Jin then changed to a serious face and looked at Tenma and said the words that he would regret later

“even if people think of you as a bad person, even if they say that you are using me, even if what you do is wrong”

Tenma was starting to feel the desire to laugh

“even if you go to the deepest hell, I will follow you”


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