The One and Only



Chapter 26 – Sagittarius: Hunted Hunter


It was sunset and there were crows at the park and Sarasvati showed up, she was the real Sarasvati but Erica didn’t know, to Erica Sarasvati was just an acquaintance of her, because they both read cards and had meet before

“that’s why you don’t get a boyfriend”

“look, I don’t follow the cards prediction because I want, they keep telling me that I will get a boyfriend but I make sure that I don’t get one, because I cannot accept a future that it has been already decided”


“besides I don’t think I did something wrong with Harima, he just needed to stop going to the clouds too often, I saw his past, it was not fair”

“do you know what were his real intentions in the past?”

“cards don’t tell me that much, but I saw that he got rejected, how could a girl reject someone who worked hard for her love?”

“yea, cards are not that specific”

“besides I’m helping him to make him stop confessing to girls that fast”

“do you think he will get the hint?” Saravasti was saying that and watching how Tenma was entering the same bar as Harima

“he should not be that stupid”

Erica then saw Saravasti and followed what she was looking at and saw Tenma enter the bar nearby where Harima went

“……. don’t tell me”

“it looks to me that you just served a deer to a lion in a silver plate”

“why would she be interested in him?”

“Tenma is Leo and Jin is Sagittarius, so he is the perfect meal for her, this won’t end well, you showed him how reality was and she is going to show him what being a prey means”

At a bar, nearby

Harima was drinking Tea, the hell is he doing drinking tea, a rejected man should be drinking alcohol, then he saw someone from the office, she saw Harima and waved to him, she was with another dude


Next day

Harima was kind of depressed because Ralph already warned him

“I told you she was a monster”

“I really need to pay more attention to your advice next time”

Harima went to the printer and he saw the girl that he meets at the bar yesterday, after being rejected by Erica

“oh, hello, you are the new hire, right? I saw you yesterday at the bar, sorry I didn’t say hello properly”

Who is this girl and why is she talking to me? she looks like Android 17 but on the female version

“my name is Tenma Aragaki”

Ralph was watching from far and thought

“man, Jin is a problem magnet”

Back to the printer

“what is your name mister…”

“Harima Jin”

“ok Jin, can I call you Jin right? Nice to meet you”

She doesn’t seem a bad person, in fact is the opposite of Erica which is good, and I need to make friends females too so I’ll give a try

“yeah, you can call me Jin, nice to meet you too”

Jin went back to his office and had a stupid happy face

“dude, Jin, wake up”

“sup Ralph”

“enough with that stupid face”

“don’t you see that I just made my first female friend in the company?”

Ralph didn’t continue the talk because he realized that Harima was not listening, his head was in the clouds


Couple of days later

Charlie called Jin

“Jin, I’m working with Tenma in a project but I have to step out because the boss wants me to work in another project, I told her that you already know the process and that you could give her support”

This is the perfect chance to get close and to know her better

“sure, Charlie”

“ok come to my office so I can explain the project with more details”

Jin and Charlie were in the middle of the explanation when Tenma arrived

“hello Jin, nice to see you” Tenma said to Jin with a smile in her face that made Jin put a stupid happy face

“hello Charlie”

“hello Tenma, I’m explaining Jin about the project since I have to move to the other project”

“I could explain the project to him If you want”

“really? thanks then”

“Come Jin”

She took him to the roof, to the smoking area, and then she took out a box of cigarettes, Marlboro Red, and Jin was staring at her

“do you smoke?”

“no, I have yet to try one”

“is better to never start, this is one thing that I would not teach to new friends”

Well, it looks like she cares about others

“I have heard good things about you Jin”


“you work for the general manager once a week, right?”

“yes, is a forecast of calls and the amount of people that we need to cover them”

“that is pretty amazing”

“actually, Charlie taught me”

“but you made the process faster, she said, and I like it faster”

Ok, what is happening, why am I feeling weird, that comment was unnecessary

“is better isn’t?”

“fffaaasssterr you say?”

“yea, is better because you get more free time”

“ooooohhhh, that, yea”

“look, we are young and we need to have fun after work so that’s why I asked Charlie that you could work with me”


“is hard to be a manager of an important account so I need all the support that I can”

“that’s true”

Then she extended her hand and told me

“I’m looking forward to be working with you”

So, I took her hand and said

“the pleasure is mine”

We didn’t talk about the project at all…….


At the end of the day

Tenma went to Jin work station

“Jin we are going for some drinks, want to join us”

“sorry I can’t today”

“ok, maybe next time then”


Ralph then stared at Jin



“what’s the meaning of this? When did you became popular with girls?”

“I’m working with her in a project”

“yea, but she asked you out, next time you have to say yes, otherwise she will never invite you again”

“didn’t you listen what she said? They were going for some drinks and I don’t drink alcohol”

“you could order a tea like you do when you go to play soccer with us”

“I can’t do that to her and her friends, it will ruin the mood”

“do you like her?”

“as a friend yea”

“are you sure?”


“is hard to believe it because you don’t see girls as friends as far as I know”


“by the way Jin, do you have girlfriend?”

Flashbacks of school days came to haunt Harima and he turned depressed

“dude, are you ok?”

“I prefer not talk about it”

“did you get rejected?”

“seriously dude, I don’t want to talk about it”

“so, is a taboo?”

“yea, you could call it a taboo”

The conversation only showed to Harima that he really needed to move on in his life and think about getting a girlfriend the right way this time.


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