The One and Only



Chapter 25 – The world comes in Black and White


I was still staring at Erica when I felt a punch in my head

“I told you not to stare too much at her”

Then Charlie said

“Ralph is right for once, Jin”


At the bar near the stadium

“are you ready for your order?”

“bring us a bucket of Sapporo beers”

“and a Tea please”

Everyone stared at the loser who was asking for a Tea

“dude, are you serious?”

“don’t tell me that your parents get angry if you drink alcohol”

“c’mon, he said it before coming, he doesn’t drink alcohol”

Charlie then said

“you don’t even have a car so alcohol should not be a problem since you don’t drive home”

“is a liver problem?”

Then Harima used that as an epic excuse

“yes, I have problems with my liver so I have to avoid alcohol”

Everyone then stopped messing with Harima

“so why does everyone say that I should avoid Erica”

“dude, stop thinking about her, is for your safety”


“you won’t believe it but she can read the future”

“are you a kid?”

“the one that doesn’t drink alcohol is calling me kid? I’m going to give you a good enough reason of why you should avoid her”

Harima was waiting for a more specific reason

“even Charlie have yet to make a move on her”

“huh? What are you talking about me?” said Charlie on the other side of the table

“believe me, that dude has a way with the girls but he doesn’t get close to Erica for a reason”

Charlie came from the other side of the table

“what are you talking about me Ralph?”

“I’m telling Jin that he should not get close to Erica”

“why not”

“even you don’t get close to her”

“but that’s me, and Jin is Jin, let him do whatever he wants”

This only made Harima think about Erica more


Next Day

Erica felt like someone was watching her

“well this was sooner than expected”

The girl of next station, Tenma, was curious and asked Erica

“what’s up Erica? Another fan”

“it looks like, but this one was way too fast”

“your fame runs really quick with the new hires”

“but that’s what I don’t understand, my fame is not good”

“is actually good in terms of work, but is really bad in terms of dealing with people”

Erica stared at Tenma

“is it true and you know it, why don’t you ask your cards?”

Erica had already checked her cards and they said that she was going to get a boyfriend soon, she is not the type of person who search for a boyfriend, she likes her freedom

Erica was leaving for lunch and Harima went after her and then he was pulled by Ralph

“dude!! What are you doing?”

“I was going to ask her if we could eat lunch together”

“this is not school man, she goes out of the office for lunch”

“how do you know?”

“I don’t see her when I eat lunch at the cafeteria”

“ok, I’ll ask her if I can go with her”

“something is wrong with your head dude”

“I’m curious about her skill about reading the future”

“you are going to get owned pretty bad. I’m telling you”

Then Charlie showed up

“dude Ralph, let Jin talk to her, let him find out the true himself”

Then Ralph let Jin go

“don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you”

At this point Erica had already left and Harima was at the exit of the building and Erica was on her car

“this dude is really stupid”

The curiosity for Jin started to grow on Erica world


Harima followed his plan about searching more information about Erica, he noticed that even Charlie who does the forecast at our company can’t keep up with the divination skills of Erica, Charlie who was a man of numbers was getting owned by her predictions, so one day


“sup Jin”

“could you please teach me how to make forecast?”

“well, I will need to go on vacation someday and I will need a backup so why not”

Charlie noticed that Harima was a fast learner and was surprised that he got the work done

“to be honest I don’t get it”

“what you don’t get Jin?”

“your predictions with numbers are flawless, how come Erica own you then?”

“she doesn’t own me dude”

“then what is the problem?”

“she likes to interrupt people when talking”

“how so?”

“is like she like to show off that she is better for some reason, I never had a problem with her but she keeps doing the same with everyone”

“you guys describe her like a monster”

“why don’t you try talking to her to see it for yourself?”


Next day

|you got an email|

“let’s meet at Odori park after work”

Harima started to see why people called Erica a monster, the email that he received was from her

That day after work

Harima went to the park and Erica was there smoking

“Hello Erica”

“Hello Jin”

“this is— “

“yes, this is a first for us”

Harima noticed that—

“yes, I will interrupt you, I will interrupt even the writer”



“you will ask why I’m being like this to you, if we have yet to know each other”


“is because I know how you feel Harima and I will help you by open your eyes”


“you think your life has been bad, you have skills as musician, you think you are a good person, you are workaholic and still you got rejected three times on your school days”


“yes, I know you because the cards told me about you”


“you came here and your world changed from gray to a colorful life”


“then you started feeling something for me, but that is not love, you were just being curious about my divination skills Harima, the words that you were planning to tell me on your confession: “The world comes in Black and White but with you, here, I don’t fear anything in this night”, you thought about using those words from the song “Once Upon a Love” from FELT so you could be romantic with me, but in reality, you were seeking protection because I could see the future and I could take care of you, I don’t want a boyfriend that need to be protected”


“so, don’t bother”

Harima got owned without even trying

“that’s all that I needed to tell you”

Harima then walked shocked of what she told him and went to a bar crossing the street

“don’t you think you were too hard on him?”

“people like him makes me sick, he confesses to girls every 3 chapters”


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