The One and Only



Chapter 23 – Not everything has to be gray


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Dear Readers

Thank you for following the story on its third week, you will see Harima Jin grow on the next chapters, he will be getting close to the starting point very soon



Well, the only thing gray allowed on this chapter is Harima’s suit, is his first day working at BiOS and he is pretty excited, he is ready to start a new life, he is kind of nervous even though is not his first job but is his first time working this far from his home, BiOS offices are located at the north-west side of the Sapporo Tower in the Hokkaido Economic Center, on the 7th floor

“Good Morning”

“Good Morning, my name is Harima Jin and this is my first day”

“Hello Mr. Harima, your Trainer will come in a second, please take a sit”

A girl came to reception and asked for Harima

“Mr. Harima?”

Harima raised his hand

“follow me please”

Harima could not avoid to stare at the girl who came for him, it was the first time that he saw a girl with make up well applied, it was different from the girls at school, they finally reached the training room, there were 10 other people, they had to follow several protocols and Harima started to fall asleep

“well I guess is time for a break since I see half of you already tired”

Everyone started laughing because we could not hide how boring the induction was. The job was pretty much answering emails and calls and giving technical support

The first day ended and Harima went home as usual, he arrived at home and everyone was cheering him for his first day of work

“congratulations on your first day”

Harima’s mother made a special meal for the celebration

“thank you, mom,”

“now you can buy me a phone too”

“is on my plan, Minoru”

“don’t forget to rest properly and go sleep early today Jin”

“I will father, I’m tired that I would sleep a whole winter”

Harima went to his room and on his bed, he started to make the list of things that he will buy for the family,

“I will buy a keyboard for my father, and a phone for Minoru and a new washing machine for mom……”

and in the middle of all his plans he fell asleep


Next day

“Jin wake up, you have to go work”

Harima was not used to wake up that early so the first couple of days it was hard for him to wake up so he decided to change his routine and the next week he started to go running the same route that he used to train when he was at school, he was not scared to find anyone from school because his life was going pretty well since he started working at BiOS, but it really felt weird to go alone running, Harima was able to see the sunrise and felt nostalgic of the school days but those feelings went away quick when he remembered what happened, so he tried to focus on something else, he used to listen Nujabes while running, it made him feel better


BiOS office, at Harima’s Station

“good morning Mr. Harima”

“good morning…….”

“sorry, my name is Casar Deodan”

|Casar? I have heard of Cesar and Caesar, its English variation, but Casar? |

“how may I help Mr. Deodan?”

“since you are new in the company I will be your senpai, I’m the Quality Analyst assigned to review your work, so I’ll be listening your calls and checking your transactions”

“that’s ok”


To be honest it was really hard to learn all these names because it was a half north American company, next to my station there was a guy who kept playing all the time and on the other side there was a guy who kept drawing the whole day, it seems like all the calls that were directed to them were sent to me, but I was ok because it helped me to learn the job faster


Manager Office

“so, this is how it is”

“yeah, as you thought, Richard and Sam were disconnecting themselves to appear at the last spot on the queue and Harima was getting all the calls that were meant to be sent to them”

“well I think we will have to take disciplinary actions for those cheaters”

“I’ll take care of that”

Harima noticed that Casar left the Manager office and asked him

“am I doing my job, right?”

“yea Mr. Harima, you don’t have to worry”

Our conversation got interrupted by a noise in the corner of the company, there was an office and someone singing with no shame, I didn’t pay attention to him because I always kept my headphone at top volume but I could have heard what he was singing each time he went to the bathroom

“……………Con Una Excepcion: Esta vez, yo queria quererla querer……….”

Harima was trying to figure out this language

“Mr. Deodan”

“what’s up Mr. Harima”

“what is that language? This is the first time that I heard this language”

“c’mon, that should be a joke isn’t?”

“I’m very serious”

“is Spanish”

“huh? I have heard Spanish before”

“then what you don’t understand?”

The person who was singing got close to Harima and said

“Mr. Harima, I see that your life has been gray until now”

“Hello, sorry Mr.”

“Charlie, just call me Charlie and the song that I was singing is from Joaquin Sabina and the song name is 19 dias and 500 noches”

“sorry I didn’t understand a single word of what you were singing”

“HAHAHAHAHA Joaquin Sabina, there are no words in our language to describe his awesomeness you will learn how amazing he is”


“Joaquin Sabina is like whiskey, is an acquired taste”

|I don’t understand one single word of what Charlie was saying|

Working at BiOS made Harima meet more people and he started to find new friends, that’s what he needed, it has been a while since Harima meet people, remember that he passed one year away from his small circle of friends, Harima life was moving quickly from a gray to a colorful life


Next Day

“Mr. Harima”

“good morning Mr. Deodan”

“I have to inform you that I will no longer be your Quality Analyst, my senpai Ralph Martinez is going to be in charge to review your work”

“Hello Mr. Harima, Nice to meet you”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Martinez”


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