The One and Only



Chapter 22 - I wonder why I can’t hate you


Marisa tried to escape from that place, she didn’t want to be with Harima any longer

"look, this is not what I wanted, I have been asking myself all this time what was this"

"stop it Jin"

"being rejected by you means that I’m not good enough"

"Jin please"

"I have made my plans in order to get away from you but then you turned this flame on me again"

"let me go......"

"but yes, this is not what I wanted"

Harima let the hand of Marisa go, but Marisa didn’t run, she started to cry while listening what Harima was saying and then they sat on the bench on each corner

"what I wanted was simply to have someone who could accompany me after school, in the real world"

" could have kept your friends close to you but you kicked their butts with your attitude"

"sad thing is that even that desire was not what I wanted...."

"you are asking stuff too complicated for your age Jin"

"I don’t know what I really want, that’s for sure"


Harima laughed and said

"is not funny? to know that you don’t know what you want but you know what you don’t want"


"I know that I don’t want this, a pushed love, there won’t be real feelings behind this relationship at all"

"Jin, all those feelings that you talk about"


"are only in your mind"

"..............I guess that’s why I can’t hate you, is not your fault at all"

".......I’m sorry Jin"

".... you can go now......I’ll catch up later"

Marisa then moved close to Harima who was watching the floor, he didn’t want to show his face to Marisa because he was depressed, then she took Harima’s hand with both hands waiting for Harima to see her face but he didn’t, he finally accepted defeat, Marisa friend zoned him for good now, she left….


Several days later

Mr. Fujiwara went to the supermarket where Harima worked but he was not there anymore, he asked the manager for Harima address and when to his home

"Jin, someone is looking for you"

Harima was looking for a job on the PC he bought for his birthday

"ok I’ll go in a second mom"

"Yo! Harima"

"hello Mr. Fujiwara, it’s been a while"

"want to take a walk?"



At the park near Harima Home

"I didn’t see you at the supermarket so I asked your boss for your address"

"I stopped working there a month ago"

"so, you going to take Nikolai proposal?"


"so, what are your plans now?"

"I’m currently looking for a job, I submitted my resume to several companies at the west of Sapporo"

"are you planning to go to an University there?"

"no at the moment"


Mr. Fujiwara started walking around

"so, what happened?"


"you are very talented, why would you waste your chances?"

"is a personal problem"

"is about girls?"

"sorry I don’t want to talk about it"

"look, the only way to prove yourself that you are better is to carry on your dreams and aim to the top"

" easy for you to say it"

"I don’t know what your problems are but you have what it takes to be better than anyone, don’t let that other people decide if you are worth or not"

Harima looked at Mr. Fujiwara

"I’m very disappointed that you won’t take Nikolai offer but that is your decision"

"I have to build my own path"

"just make sure that you stand up every time you fall, otherwise you won’t have success in your life"

"thanks, Mr. Fujiwara"

"no problem"


Graduation day

The sakura were blooming, everyone was crying because it was the last day, kouhais were saying goodbye to the senpais, and Harima was there with his scroll and with his headphones at top volume, he was going through the exit when


"hello Marisa"

"want to walk home together?"



Motomachi Park

Harima and Marisa were quiet until they reached the park

"so how many times did Ennosuke confessed to you?"

"3 times"

"well, I was not the only stupid then"

"can you don’t use that word on you please?"

"listen, I’m not mad at you, it was a game that I started and I didn’t win so I had to finish it myself"

Marisa started to feel uncomfortable

"Jin, you will get a better person than me in the future"


"you are smart and a good person"

"what are you talking about now?"

Harima then looked at Marisa and she was crying

"could you make up your mind? It makes me feel bad that every time we talk to each other you start crying, do you really want me to carry with that guilt?"

"I’m sorry Jin, I can’t forgive myself for the things that you passed"

|stop it, this is the last time we going to talk like this and you are ruining it|

".............could you please stop? you are not that amazing Marisa, the world doesn’t go around you, so stop crying, you won’t fix anything by crying"

|I know it because I already passed for that Marisa|

Marisa then grabbed Harima shirt

|now what|

Harima looked at Marisa

"I really liked to be with you these past 3 years"

" too"


And this is why Harima could not hate Marisa at all, he realized that her feeling for him were not love but friendship but that was not the end he wanted

That night

Today, I make this promise myself, I will become a man that she will want to have as a boyfriend, she will hear about my adventures and realize how wrong she was for letting me go, next time we meet I will speak a different language than hers that we will no longer understand why I’m saying……too bad I won’t be able to erase you

Harima made a pact with himself and realized that this was not love but revenge


Next Day

Harima received an email from BiOS, he ran to his mother


"that’s great news Jin!!!"

"I will start this next Monday"

"congratulations Jin!!!!"

A new chapter on Harima Jin was about to start




", it didn’t happen during these years.......when did the curse started then?.........."


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