The One and Only



Chapter 21 – Hurt my Ego III


There is rule on boxing, if you fall knocked down three times, you are not allowed to come back on the fight and you are considered the loser, we already had a loser in Harima but he had yet to take the last third knock out


Kaisei High School

The director gathered all the third-year students from the school and gave us the notice about where our school trip will be, it was pretty obvious where was the place as every year we knew where the third year students went since we were on first year, everyone was excited and I was just making sure that everything go as I planned, every night before sleep I made plans and considered each possible situation that could open the door for my most important goal on this 3 years

Harima had lost, at this point, the meaning of what love was, he just wanted to make Marisa accept his confession because if you think about it, what could he have done next? Harima had never thought of what is next step after being accepted



Harima was with his headphones at top volume as usual, feeling important in his own world, he even had those sunglasses that he bought, during the flight Mikado felt sick the whole trip until we reached the Naha airport

The schedule was to go to Shuri Castle on first day, then to the Churaumi Aquarium on second day and we were going back to Hokkaido on last day


That night

"come Marisa"

Harima pulled Marisa and took her away from the group

"let’s go to the city today before going to the hotel"

Harima wanted to show Marisa that he was a growth man that could take care of her


that night both went to the city of Naha, took dinner at Wac Donalds and took a walk

"we should go back before they notice we are not there Jin"

"yes, but let’s wait a little longer"

he was trying to build enough courage to take Marisa hand, but he could not get himself to do it, and then a miracle, it was not him the one that took Marisa hand, it was her who took Harima hand, Harima was in Heaven and then

"Jin, we have to go back"

Why!!!?? now that she was the one who took the initiative!!!!

Harima then noticed that they walked into the red-light area of Okinawa and he turned red and looked at Marisa who was also red, he called a taxi and went back to the Hotel


Day 2 - Churaumi Aquarium

something was off here, Harima felt something strange, he was acting strange all of a sudden, Marisa looked at him and was worried

"are you ok sir?"

someone got close to Harima and she was not Marisa, Marisa already moved with the other group

"yes, I’m feeling dizzy"

"take this, you will feel better"

she gave water to Harima, and when he looked at her

"are you ok now?"

"is that your name? first time that I see someone with that name"

"oh, my parents are from India"

"yea, i figured out that your name was not Japanese, Sarasvati is not a common name"

".... I hope you feel better"


Benten noticed that Harima had already forgotten about her and the Harima from the future was gone


Outside Aquarium

"are you ok Jin?"


"I was worried about you, you seemed lost inside the Aquarium"

The truth is that Harima remembered being at an aquarium with someone else and then suddenly

"Jin, are you really ok?"

a tear was running on Harima cheek

"yea, I’m ok, I don’t know what is this"

Marisa was worried about how Harima felt


That afternoon at the Beach

This is the so-called beach chapter, everyone was on bikinis and shorts, Marisa was on the sand under an umbrella

"c’mon, are you going to swim yes or no?"

"Jin, you know I can’t swim"

"I will teach you"

lucky Harima had already learned how to swim, there were only 2 people on the group that knew how to swim, Mikado was one and Harima was the other, Ennosuke was on the dock watching the fishers hiding from the group because he doesn’t know how to swim


Later that night - Hotal Yugaf Inn Bise

Harima sent a text message to Marisa

"let’s meet at the entrance of the hotel"

"is too late Jin"

"either you go to the entrance or I will get to the women dormitory"

"ok, ok, I don’t want the teacher to lecture us to let’s go quick"


At the entrance

Harima took Marisa outside and started walking, the moonlight was guiding our couple, it was almost time, everything was going well until now, Marisa didn’t say no to anything that Harima asked during the trip so this was your change Harima


Harima stopped and took Marisa hand

"Please be my girlfriend”


"how many times are you going to try this Jin? I already said no, we are just friends"

Marisa started walking


"Marisa, this is our last date before graduating"

"this is not a date Jin"


"yea, but it feels like one"

"not really"


"c’mon, we went to Wac Donnalds the other day, people had mistaken us as a couple"

"they didn’t Jin"


"you are ruining the moment Marisa"

"Jin, I was not the one to call you out here at this hour"


"look, I’m sorry, you could have said no but you are here, it means you care for me"

"......I’m here because I’m worried about our relation as friends"


"Marisa, I have changed, I’m a growth man, I have a Job"

"18 years doesn't mean you are a growth man if you act like a child Jin"


"why do I keep believing that you say no to everything that I say?"

"is because that’s the obvious answer to your behavior"


"what do I have to do to believe me when I say that I love you"

"love? is not love Jin, you have been dragging me into this game of yours, making me feel responsible of how our group broke up, I have been trying my hard to keep your friendship but you insist to call this love and you don’t know about my feelings, you don’t read the mood Jin, I don’t want to be here right now"

8.............(can you continue?) .......yes, I can, watch me

I guess I cannot do anything else now but kill or get killed


a silence killed the conversation and Marisa started walking to the women dormitory then Harima held her hand

"you are right Marisa, no wonder you girls got the fruit before us men"

"what are you talking about"



"yea, I was playing with you, you seemed as an easy shot so I decided to try my luck, you were not beauty at all, you were average from the start but since you were my best friend sister it seems like everything would go my way, even when Ennosuke got in my way I tried my best to show him that I’m better than him, and yes, this is not love, you were only a trophy that I wanted to show to everyone"

Marisa then slapped Harima face


"what bothers me more is

                                                I wonder why I can’t hate you”


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