The One and Only



Chapter 20 – The legendary rule of 3 good days and 3 bad days


"Hello Jin"

"Hello Marisa"

"it’s been a while since the last time we talk to each other"

"yea, I have been pretty busy"

"yea, you been leaving quick after school"

"well, yea"

Harima started walking towards his house and Marisa sat on the bench in the park

"could you join me for a moment?"

Harima stared at the sky and said

"well, I guess I have time to spare"

Harima sat on the other corner of the bench

"so, you changed clubs huh?"

"yeah, I needed a break from music"

"I thought you loved music"

"I do, but I need to do exercise too"


both stopped talking and then

"Koharu told me that you didn’t give her the form of your future plans"

"I told her I will deliver it tomorrow at the teacher’s office"

"we haven’t talk in a while so I don’t know what are your plans"

"well, I plan on going to Otani University"

"that’s a private University"

"yea, I just had the interview today"

".... we promised to go together, the four of us, to Hokkaido......"

"yeah, but I think we cannot keep the promise"

"...why not...."

"well, things between us have been twisted lately"

"Jin, I told you that I see you as friend and you still insist"

"I don’t really know what I want to be honest"


"but yea, I don’t like the idea of staying with everyone, we have to growth and take our own paths"

Marisa started to cry

"hey, why are you crying"

"is because of me that you are leaving the group?"

"not at all so don’t take it personal, Mikado, Koharu and Ennosuke started to see down on me for some reason and I don’t like that"

"sorry but I really don’t like how things have changed between us"

"you mean the group, right?"


Yeah, there is no reason for her to worry about me at all

"well, stop crying, we are friends and I don’t like to see you crying"

"Jin, can we go back to normal again?"

"I don’t know but we can talk to each other if needed, you still have my phone so don’t be afraid to text me, c’mon, let’s go, I’ll take you to your home"

we had this chat and it really felt refreshing, it didn’t felt like I was hitting on her so she will see that I not going to confess to her a third time

"so, Marisa, if I don’t talk to you is because I’m really busy, so don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not mad at you, ok?"



After that day, we started talking to each other at School, at least a hello or a good bye was necessary in order to not make each other worry because every time we stopped talking to each other we thought that we did something to hurt each other so we decide to say at least hello


"Hi Jin"

"Hi Marisa"

"class is going to start, let’s talk later"

and at the end of the day

"want to walk home together?"



we didn’t say hi in the morning but we went home together after school


I was hoping to repeat the dose from the last 2 days and was waiting for Marisa at the exit and then

"Jin, I’m sorry, I have to stay for club activities"

"ok, you don’t have to apology, see ya tomorrow then"


She didn’t come on that day


Marisa was absent again, I was hoping to talk to her before weekend but it was not possible


Next week Monday

"Hi Marisa"

"Hi Jin"

"you didn’t come on Thursday and Friday"

"oh, I was sick, remember that I used to have problems breathing?"


"well, it got worse those days"

"I see"


"how is your health"

"I’m fine but I need to cover myself properly so I don’t get sick again"


Marisa didn’t come in the morning and Harima was worried but Marisa showed late

"Hi Marisa, are you ok?"

"yes, kind off"

"you should go to the infirmary if you feel ill"

"I will go later"

Thursday and Friday

Marisa was absent again



"Hi Marisa"

"Hi Jin"

"is kind of weird but it looks like you are taking vacations each Thursday and Fridays"

"yea, is my bad luck"


Marisa was absent, this was weird, she usually is absent on Thursdays and Fridays, well, she might come later today, but Marisa didn’t came on Tuesday at all


Marisa was absent, Harima then sent her a message later in the night

"hello, are you alright?"

"hello Jin, yes, my health is ok"

"that’s good, you coming tomorrow to school?"

"my parents and I will to our grandparents tomorrow so I won’t go"

"oh, I see"

Harima could not hide the fact that he was sad that she would not be there

"but you can call me if you want"





It was really weird but it looked like a game for some reason, every 3 days we were able to talk to each other like usual but then on Wednesday at 12 after lunch something change and she don’t talk to me or is the opposite, she doesn’t talk to me from Monday to Wednesday and then she starts talking like usual on Thursdays and Fridays

Harima started to think that this was a game and that she was planning it, but other side of Harima was telling him that he was not Marisa boyfriend so he doesn’t have the right to make her explain what was happening so Harima then decide to stop talking to Marisa, Harima made this question himself

"is this really what I want?"


A week passed and Marisa started to think what was happening so she was the first to start conversation with Harima

"hi Jin"

"hi Marisa"

"is everything ok?"


Minoru noticed that Jin and Marisa started to talk a while ago so she decided to start talking to Marisa as well

One day, on the way home

Harima and Minoru took Marisa to her home and then on the way to their home

"you guys got closer again huh?"

"yes, but not the way that I wanted"

"how so?"

"well, Marisa started to think that I was mad at her so I decided to make things clear with her"

"she really doesn’t like when you don’t talk to her"

"that’s all I know"

Harima then decided to test if Marisa really hated that he didn’t talk to her and started avoiding her, he wanted proof that she really felt something for him, a week passed they didn’t talk to each other, another week passed and didn’t talk again, the same circle repeated until the class trip which was the goodbye for the third year students, Harima thought of this as the last chance to know what he could do to make things clear and also thought is all or nothing, we might not see each other again so I can take the risk


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