The One and Only



Chapter 19 – 18 Years Old


Things that you should not do, or at least you should try to avoid for your birthday are: Avoid black cats in you path, don’t walk below a ladder, don’t open an umbrella inside your home, don’t ask for marriage to your girlfriend unless you are sure she will accept, and don’t confess to your crush if you are not 100% sure she will accept you


Dec 20th

Maybe the worse of all of this is Harima birthday date, he could have been born on February like his father or November like his mother or he could just have been born on any month but December, but no, December was his fate and also being Sagittarius didn’t help, Sagittarius tend to overthink everything.

Ok, lets add up: first, Harima was rejected day before his Birthday, second, Harima birthday is on Dec 20th, third, December 20th is 4 days before Christmas eve, that being said he will be alone for Christmas’s unless he changes his fate but remember, he won’t change it, he is not allowed to, fourth, he won’t use his phone to call her either, and fifth all the people who were his friends conspired against him, well, he was being an ass lately, is not like he don’t deserve so what will you do now Harima?

The only person at Harima birthday was his mother, his father and Minoru were out working part time during holidays to get money for the family

“Jin here is your dinner”

“thanks mom, I don’t know what I could do without you”

Harima was about to pick the spicy sauce and he lost balance and dropped his food on his lap, the food was really hot and his mom said


She gave another plate of food to Harima but Harima mood was already gray, with no life, you could say that was the worst Birthday that Jin had in his life so far


Next day

Snow was filling the streets of Sapporo, this made Harima stay at home and he started to think about his future, first thing on his plan was change clubs  next year, he really thought of joining the soccer team club and leave the music club, he could not accept that Ennosuke was good at sports and music, the second thing on Harima checklist was to get a different job so he could go to university, he was really hyped up with his plan but the main reason of all these ideas was that he could get away from everyone, he knew that everyone were aiming for Hokkaido University so he decided to go to a different University, however the one that Harima wanted to go was a private university, Otani Sapporo University but in order to go there he needed a job to cover the cost


Couple of days later Harima went to the supermarket behind his house looking for a job, he also went to Otani Sapporo University but it was closed because of holidays, the place didn’t look that great but on Harima plan that didn’t really matter, he still had a year before he could go to this university anyways


New year passed and one month after school started Mikado and Koharu started dating, Marisa got close to Ennosuke because of that and Minoru and Harima left that group, but sometimes Marisa eat lunch with Minoru while Harima decided to close himself on his headphones, he didn’t want to talk to anyone, he was focused on his goal but not everything was going to work the way Harima wanted


14 Saint valentines, Motomachi Park

Harima and Minoru were going home, the sakura trees were blooming and they looked really pretty, it was a lovely day.... for those who had girlfriends but yeah, there were a lot of lovers on the street and then

"please go out with me"

Minoru and Harima recognized that couple, Ennosuke was confessing to Marisa, it kind of shocked Minoru but Harima was with his headphones so he didn’t listen, but it was easy to know what was happening just by looking, Minoru held Harima hand and pulled him, Minoru never mentioned anything about that day to Harima about what they saw but Minoru stopped talking to Marisa after that


Several days later

Time passed and Harima was already on the soccer club, Mikado and Koharu never asked Harima to come back, Harima became the number nine of the soccer team, he used to celebrate when he scored by kissing a ring that he bought, it was the same celebration as Raul Gonzalez Blanco from Real Madrid, he was a fan of him when Harima was kid, people outside the soccer team made fun of him because of that ring


At supermarket

"yo! Harima"

"hello Mr. Fujiwara"

"so here is where you are working now?"

"yes, this is a secret, don’t tell Ennosuke, but I’m saving money so I can go to a private University"


"Otani Sapporo University, is a private University that I’m aiming to go so I can’t ask my parents, I don’t want to be a burden for them"

"You know, now that I remember I have yet to listen you play the piano"

"I would not play in front of you, after listening how good you are with the guitar, besides I don’t have one, I play only at school"

"I see, did you get your phone at the end?"


"give me your number"



May - Kaisei Hight School

"Harima, Harima!"

Koharu removed Harima headphones


"You have yet to fill the form with your plans for the future"

|I didn’t fill them because I don’t want you to know what are my plans|

"today is the last day so if you don’t give it to me you will have to deliver it directly to the teacher’s office"

"that’s what I will do then, now let me listen my music"

Koharu left and felt bad for Harima

|is your fault for trying twice on the wrong person and for not noticing my feelings|

Harima then stared at the form


That night

[you got a message]

"yo! is Mr. Fujiwara"

"hello Mr. Fujiwara"

"can you come to Otani University tomorrow before work?"

", sure, why...."

"just come, talk to you tomorrow"


At Otani University

The place looked different inside

"yo! Harima"

"Hello Mr. Fujiwara"

"come, I want to show you something"

Department of Music, Faculty of Arts

A grand piano GB1 Yamaha was in the room

"ok, show me what you can do"

"Mr. Fujiwara, I can’t"

"just do it"

Harima then started playing Beethoven, Sonata Op.13 No.8 Pathetique, he was sweating because it was the first time that he played the piano for Mr. Fujiwara

"ok, that’s enough"

"sorry, I’m rusty, haven’t been able to practice lately because of work"

"well, that’s a problem"

"yea, sorry"

"what do you think Nikolai?"

Then a dude with almost the same age as Harima showed up, Nikolai Marinov, a pianist that was part of the Department of Music

"well, he is not bad, but yea, you can’t study here and work at the same time"

"I’m sorry but who are you?"

 "my name is Nikolai Marinov, I can decide if you enter this university or no"

those words made Harima uncomfortable because Nikolai was looking down on him, Mr. Fujiwara said then

"Harima, you have what it takes to be a pro pianist but you will have to leave everything else"

"you could get a scholarship here Harima, but you will need to leave your work and train with me, I’ll be your senpai" said Nikolai with a smug face


Harima went home and at the park, near to Harima’s house there was someone waiting for Harima

".... Marisa"


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