The One and Only



Chapter 18 – Hurt my Ego II


Harima started thinking, what was happening in front of his eyes, he then realized that Ennosuke was hitting on Marisa even when he told him that he liked Marisa, but it was also Harima’s fault because he told him to try Marisa when he was rejected by Minoru, then Marisa saw Harima and took his hand and said

“let’s go Jin, Mikado is waiting”

Harima didn’t say a word, Ennosuke stayed but Harima eyes and Ennosuke eye meet before leaving


Outside school

Mikado and Koharu had already left because Ennosuke told Mikado he would take Marisa Home, Mikado was ok with this because he started to hate Harima because he felt he was getting closer to Koharu so having Ennosuke take Marisa will hurt Harima the same way as Harima was hurting Mikado for being close to Koharu and it was obvious also that Koharu knew about this because having Marisa out of the way she could get close to Harima, Marisa then started to cry but guess what? Harima was dense, he has been dense all this time


“why are you crying?”

Harima mind was not thinking about Marisa, he was thinking about Ennosuke and how to make him pay and how to make him suffer, yes, we all had hate towards everyone, we didn’t have the courage to confess but we had the courage to destroy each other no matter the feelings of the others

“I have to go”

“I’ll take you home”

Marisa didn’t answer and was walking in front of Harima, Harima thought he was cool by being at her side at this moment but what Marisa needed here was to sort their feelings but yeah, they didn’t talk to each other on the way home


School Festival

300mts girl’s competition, someone fell and Marisa went to help her

“we have to take you to the infirmary”

“I’ll help you” Ennosuke appeared and took the girl who fell

Man, this bastard is stealing Marisa attention

At the infirmary

“ok, Marisa will treat you in a bit”

Then Marisa entered

“I placed her on the bed”

“thanks for your help”

“so, do you have an answer yet?”

“can you stop that?”

“do you have feelings for Harima?”

“that is nothing of your business”

“I’m better than him you know”


Auditorium, Music Club Participation

All the hard work was worth, we made an amazing presentation, Ennosuke went to watch us

“what do you think?”

“we did good don’t ya big brother?”

Harima didn’t say anything

“yes, you did pretty well but the piano seemed off”

He wanted to pick a fight with Harima since he knew what was his weak point, Harima could just not hide how he felt, and then Marisa came too

“ah crap I’m late”

Harima then took her hand and pulled off the group, Ennosuke was too slow to notice

“what happen Jin, stop you are hurting me”

“sorry, you just came in the best moment”

“did something happen?”

“no, not at all”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make it in time for your presentation”

“I could play for you after the activities finish at the auditorium”

Marisa turned her face to the side, and Harima took her hand a told her


Harima was begging her to listen to him


5pm that day, Auditorium

The place was empty, you could hear Harima and Marisa footsteps alone

“is this alright?

“yes, it is don’t worry”

“what happen if someone find us?”

“we are not doing anything wrong, aren’t we?”

Harima sat and said to Marisa

“ok here we go”

Harima started playing, it was like a concert of one person, the person he thought he loved, he actually didn’t fell love for her, he felt jealous when realized that Ennosuke had confessed his feeling for her, it was more a fight to see who was better, and then Harima started playing “End of August”, the room felt like fireflies were filling the place he then noticed that Marisa had closed her eyes and her look was like she was in a peaceful place


                                                                                                “…………she is mine, I win……………….”


He stopped playing and Marisa opened her eyes

“did you like it?”

“yea, I don’t really know what you have on your playing but it makes me feel at ease”


“I always play for me, I mean, I try to find what I like and them mix it with a song that I like, by example, the song that I just played is called “End of August””

“but we are on December”

“haha yeah, but I felt that I had to play it for you”


                                                                                                “………. this time she will say yes for sure…………”

“Let’s go outside”

Harima took her outside and the wood fire was ready, everyone then started to dance around it

“let’s go to the roof, we will have a better view there”

Harima then took Marisa to the roof

                                                                                                “……. I knew she was an easy catch…………”


At the roof, sunset

“Do you like this view?”

Marisa haven’t said anything in a while

“you have been quiet for a while now, are you ok?”

“yea, kind off”

“you know you can count on me”

“………I’m the man you are looking for…….”


I hope that Benten is watching, I have built a very nice mood I guess is time already


“let’s sit on that bench”

Harima then sat next to Marisa

|c’mon I have to make things clear|

Harima tried to hold Marisa hand but she moved it

“what is wrong?”


Ok something is wrong I better move or I will lose


Harima held her hand and she was blushing, she was not looking at him

“the true is that”

Harima knelt, as if he was going to ask her to Marry him


                                                “………………. you are the one and only……………….”


“I like you Marisa, please go out with me”            

Marisa was all red, her cute face was all that Harima wanted to see

                                                “……………. I can’t go out with you…………….”

She tried to run but Harima held her hand

“Why Marisa?”

“……I told you already………”

“but that’s not a valid reason Marisa……we know each other very well, I believe we could make it work”

“……. I see you as my friend Jin, why don’t you understand…….”


Marisa looked at me and she was crying, my strength left me and I let her hand go, she ran from the place


Alone at the roof

“” if Benten was here she would eat her words” yeah right, ahahahahahaha”


“she friend zoned you on your first try and you still insist?”

“protective deity? More like a clown deity”

“you think that I will get offended with that?”


“look Harima, I have to tell you something”

“say whatever you want, at this point I’m starting to not care”

Benten feared something, she noticed that something was happening to Harima, she started to figure out what happened on the timeline of Harima

“do you remember Saya?”

“yes, I do”

“do you remember Erica?”

“yes, what’s the point of your questions?”

                                                                “………………do you remember Annabel?..................”


“Annabel, the girl next door”

“there is no one with that name on the house next door”

“Annabel, the girl of Final Fantasy XIV, the tank of your raid team”

“what are you talking about?”

What Benten feared was happening, Harima was losing himself, she told Harima that he disappeared in the future and this was the meaning, the Harima that came from the future was starting to disappear and the Harima of 3 years ago was taking over him


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