The One and Only



Chapter 17 – Path clear for the ambush


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Life turned in a really busy circle for Harima: Training, School, Music Club activities and work from 6pm to 8pm at Mr. Fujiwara home more like apprentice than part time, 2 hours was not enough but Mr. Fujiwara was happy having Harima there, Harima was going home and falling asleep like rock but everything was helping Harima to keep him busy, he had his goal, that phone was really important for him so he won’t be left out of the group


At Mr. Fujiwara home

“Good Afternoon Mr. Fujiwara”

Fusakage was leaving to run errands and meet Harima at entrance

“thanks for your hard work”

“… get out of my way”

“Hello Harima, come in”

I learned Mr. Fujiwara job really fast, it was like Tailor work was my calling

“Ennosuke was right when he said that you would fit for the job”

I bet he said that because he keeps thinking that I have a girl side

“thanks, I really don’t want to be a burden for my parents, so I always wanted to work but since I have music practice at school it was like impossible to get a job”

“do you play an instrument too?”

“yea, Piano”

“I play guitar”


“let me show you”

He then brought his guitar, an Ibanez acoustic Guitar

“I traveled to Spain when I was young”

He then started playing “Romance” and then changed to “Malagueña” and finished with “Concierto de Aranjuez, I. Allegro con Spirito”, I was really in shock to see Mr. Fujiwara skills and when he finished I could not stop myself and started clapping

“Mr. Fujiwara, you are really amazing”

“I have lost my touch”

“I didn’t know you were so amazing”

“at least I could get your attention”


He was talking about Fusakage

“he doesn’t want to follow my path and he decided to build his future on a barber shop”

“well, he will still use scissors, doesn’t he?”

Mr. Fujiwara started laughing

“the world need more people like you and Ennosuke”

“yea, Ennosuke is really a good person”

“he is fast learner too, and is easier for him to play guitar than for me with those big fingers that he has”


“didn’t he tell you? He plays guitar”

Something then started to look fishy


3 days later

The Cultural Festival was in 1 week and I asked Mr. Fujiwara for a week off so I could finish my activities with the club, I already had brought my phone too but I was still working for Mr. Fujiwara, I was amazed of his skills and told Koharu and Mikado

“how come you didn’t tell us that Ennosuke played guitar?”

“didn’t he tell you guys?”

“well, he didn’t look like a musician type person”

“but yeah, Mr. Fujiwara told me that he was his Guitar mentor, we should ask Ennosuke to play after us on the festival”

“I don’t think he would do it” said Koharu

“Why not?”

“he has this problem, he doesn’t like to stand out”

“is that a brain issue? He will stand out no matter what, with his eight” Harima was making fun of him

“don’t be so mean Jin, is Koharu brother what we are talking about”

“but yeah, I would like to hear him play for us”

Harima said this in order to see how good Ennosuke was, he could not be as amazing as Mr. Fujiwara

“Mikado lets go home”

Marisa came, and with her Ennosuke

“Koharu, is time, let’s go”

“yo!  Ennosuke, you didn’t tell us that you played guitar”

“you never asked”

“Jin, you coming with us?”

Surprise! Those words didn’t come from Mikado but from Marisa, Harima was excited and said

“if you ask me I think I can’t turn down your invitation, Ennosuke, let us hear your play next time ok?”

Ennosuke stared at how happy Harima was because Marisa told him to go with them


18 Chome Kita 21 Johigashi, Sapporo

here is where Mikado and Marisa always separated from Minoru and I

“See ya tomorrow Jin”

“See ya Mikado, Marisa can I have a moment?”


“well, look we haven’t speak to each other in a while and I just got this phone, will you share your email with me?”


Harima was really happy that she and him could get closer now that they shared emails

“thanks, see ya tomorrow?”

“see ya Jin”


That night

|you got a message|

“Hello is me”

“I know is you, Jin, your name is on my contacts now”

“ah yeah, well this is my first time having a phone so I’m not used to it”

“you will get used to it soon”

“is pretty addictive”


“I should buy one for Minoru too, that way you can talk with her more”

“haha, are you that excited?”

“well, she can’t buy one herself yet and I have been working, that’s how I got this one”

“so that’s why you have been busy?”

“yes, I didn’t want to bother my parents about buying me one”

“just don’t forget about your health”

“training with Ennosuke has helped my stamina so I should be ok”

Marisa then stopped writing when Harima mentioned Ennosuke

“I have to go now”

“oh yea, is already late, good night”



Next day, Music Club

Mikado and Harima were the first to go to Music club then Koharu appeared at the door pulling something

“c’mon, is not like you don’t know the people at the club”

She was pulling Ennosuke who brought his guitar

“yo! Why are you acting so shy? Are you a girl?”

I’m going to make you pay for that time when you made fun of me when you taught me how to ride your bike

The truth is that Ennosuke has been always shy because he always stands out and people always thought of him as a scary person so Koharu was always trying to make him join a group so she was able to make him join the basketball team, he would not have problems with people with the same height around him but since we were musicians he thought he was not enough good as us, he had heard us before

“stop teasing him”

“ok, what do you guys want to hear”

“just show us your skills”

Ennosuke started playing “Dust in the wind”, then he changed the speed and played “Sonata Op. 47, IV Finale”, Harima then felt nervous, how this dude was able to play that well and then Ennosuke finished with “Sakura theme and variations”, Mikado was amazed, Koharu was happy, Harima was…. Harima was…. maybe that’s not correct, yea, this sound better, Harima’s Ego was hurt, a person with more skills was in front of him, Ennosuke was musician, he was good at sports, well, he was the son of the director anyways so is ok and I have Marisa so it doesn’t matter who Ennosuke is, we were listening Ennosuke all this time and didn’t noticed the time and then Marisa came

“Mikado, let’s go home”

“oh, crap is already late, let’s go Jin”

“let’s go Ennosuke”

Harima noticed that he was missing his phone

“one second I’ll be there in a bit”

Mikado and Koharu were talking about how good Ennosuke was on the corridor but Ennosuke stayed with Marisa and then Harima was getting out of the music club room and heard

“have you decided yet?”

“I cannot give you an answer yet, please forgive me”

Harima asked himself what was all of this


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