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Chapter 16 – You and Your big mouth


School Festival was getting close and every group was working hard on their clubs, Ennosuke was focused on the Basketball club team, Mikado, Koharu and I on the Music Club, and Marisa on the Infirmary, we were planning a concert with the club, we included the Eric Ewazen trio piece for Trumpet, Piano and Violin, Mikado was happy with the idea because that meant that he could be with Koharu more time, for me it was just another way to keep myself busy so I could think in another stuff besides Marisa so it was a “win win” situation, the piece was a bit complicated

“Mikado your timing seems off in the Allegro Molto”

“yes, but is not that easy as in your case, I need to manage my breathing, different from you who just use your hands”

“well that’s true”

“there should be a way for you to get better control of your breathing” said Koharu which made Mikado felt important to her, however Koharu said it in order to call Harima attention

“I could ask Ennosuke to let you train with him”

“that’s a pretty nice idea but wont he be busy with his club activities?”

“he trains before school at 5am”

“that’s quite early”

“c’mon Mikado, we said that we needed some exercise or we will get rusty being musicians only”


Next day in the morning

Ennosuke, Mikado and I meet at School and we setup the route for our training

“ok so the plan is to meet at Okadama Shrine, we go from Naebo Oakadama Dori and will turn to the right on the first corner and take Miya No Mori Kita and then at the gas station we will take a left and follow Fushiko Kitta Dori until we reach the Shrine and then we will come back”

“that’s quite long”

“don’t be a chicken Jin, you said you wanted to come”

“I need to build stamina myself”

“ok girls, let’s go”

“who are you calling girl, you Eiffel Tower”

We started running and as expected Harima was left behind, Mikado was able to keep the pace with Ennosuke who was trying to break Mikado concentration

“you seem to be reaching your limit dude”

“don’t talk while running”

“this my usual route so I’m pretty used to it”

“yes, but this is our first attempt and I think Jin died and thrown himself to the river”

“haha, so, Mikado, do you know if Marisa have feelings for Jin?”

“…...dude, if you want to know ask her”

“but she is always with Minoru, Jin sister”

“this is a good chance for you to get close to Minoru, isn’t it?”

Mikado and Ennosuke reached the Shrine and 20mins later Jin was coming walking

“dude, you are pretty weak”

“hey I told you that I don’t have stamina at all”

Jin fell and was trying to recover his breath

“musician have it hard when it comes to sport don’t they?”

“pretty much”

“we will go ahead, you can come back when you recover your breath man”

Harima fell asleep at the Shrine because he was not used to wake up so early


10am Okadama Shrine

Harima was sleep but his position had changed, his head was not on the floor, he was sleeping in Marisa’s lap, Harima woke up and he was in shock and sat next to her looking on the opposite side of Marisa

“good morning Jin”

“what are you doing here”

“Mikado came back from training with Ennosuke and he was really tired and told me that you joined them and that you were not able to keep the pace with them”

That bastard

“so, I was worried and came to see if you were ok”

“you didn’t have to”

“Jin, I know we have been ignoring each other lately, but can we go back to be good friends again?”

Harima realized that she was right, they used to be good friends before Aika joined the group and since Aika was no longer part of the group there was no need for them to be fighting

“you need to stop being so jealous Marisa, your brother sooner or later will get a girlfriend and you won’t be able to stop him”

“I just didn’t think that Aika was good for him, I’m happy that she is gone”

“well let’s head back”

Harima and Marisa made her way back and on a corner Ennosuke was watching them on his bike


Couple of days later – Training Route

“yo Harima, you are doing better today”

“I told you that I needed to build stamina”

“with the festival getting close we cannot afford not giving our all”

“well Mikado, you are getting better control of your breath now for the Allegro Molto”

“yea, I’m glad that Koharu told us to train with Ennosuke”

“hey Mikado, share your email with me”

Harima saw Ennosuke trying to get close to Mikado by asking his email, Harima didn’t have a phone so he felt left out


“Jin give me yours too”

“I don’t have one”

“oh, I didn’t know, sorry”

“I have yet to ask my parents for one”

“why do you have to ask them?”

“well I don’t have a job and we are short on money”

“then why don’t you start working?”

The obvious answer was something that Harima didn’t think about it

“I know someone who could take you as apprentice, you could work with him part time”

“really”, I guess I could give a try”


Next day

“Hello Mr. Fujiwara”

“Hello Ennosuke, how is it going”

Couple of minutes ago

“so, who is this person that you are talking about?”

“is a friend of our father, he knows him before Koharu and I were born, he is a man who has his own business and he is searching for an apprentice because his son decided to work on another thing and he don’t want to follow his father path”

“What kind of job is this?”

“you will see once we get there”

Back to Mr. Fujiwara Home

“I brought someone who I think is qualified to be your apprentice, his name is Harima”

“ah really?  that’s good”

Harima was nervous because he saw the Tape Measure on Fujiwara’s neck, the Trimming Scissors on his hands and then he realized

“This man is a tailor!!!!”

“nice to meet you too Harima”

Harima pulled Ennosuke and whispered to him

“dude, this is a job for girls”

“don’t you see that Mr. Fujiwara doesn’t look like a girl?”

“but I will have to work with needles and such”

“c’mon, don’t you see how nice he looks?”

Then a guy with scary looking and a weird hairstyle came down from the second floor and said

“told you Father, your job is so boring that no one want to learn it”

He was Mr. Fujiwara son, Fusakage


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