The One and Only



Chapter 15 – He is over six feet


The leader of the basketball club team, first son of the Director and the older brother of Koharu, Ennosuke who later will have a crush on my sister Minoru was at the door, he was over six feet and I was 5 feet and half

“Harima, let me introduce you my brother Ennosuke”

“nice to meet you”

“I have my bike outside so let’s go”

“see you tomorrow Harima”

Man, that dude was scary

Several days later

Mikado and I were on the classroom still and on the door

“yo Harima, Mikado”

Ennosuke was searching for me

“want to play? After school”

“what do you say Mikado?”

“sure, I could use some exercise”

The truth was that Ennosuke had been going to take Koharu home when the practice at the Music club finish every time that Marisa made us stop, because she was searching for Mikado, and Ennosuke was trying to get close to Marisa or myself, but it seems I was the first to be his friend


At the basketball Yard

“Dude Harima, your accuracy is damn good”

“well, I need to have something to score because I’m very bad at running so when I have the ball I just shot”

I was different than Mikado who had really good skills at basketball, he used to be the coach of our class team for the school festival

Minoru then appeared at the yard and asked Mikado for Marisa and Ennosuke got close to me and asked

“Who is she”

“she is my sister, Minoru, hey Minoru come here”

Ennosuke got red, he asked me for her name but he already knew, he just could not find a way to make me introduce her to him, and since I was very dense I didn’t notice and did what he exactly wanted

“let me introduce you Ennosuke the older brother of Koharu and the Basketball Club leader”

“nice to meet you Ennosuke”

“the pleasure is mine” said Ennosuke with his face all red

“see you at home Jin”

“See ya”

Minoru left and Mikado and I could not stop laughing

“Damn Ennosuke, stop drooling”

“she is not like Mikado sister” I said trying to make Mikado think that my relation between her and I was ok

“you really use the worse examples dude”


It would have been nice to keep those days the way they were


At this point Aika had left the group, she was working part time as model, the one who replaced her on the group was Ennosuke then one day something weird happened that I will never understand, Marisa was coming to Mikado, Ennosuke and I

“yo, I’ll be right back”

I ran like a total coward from the place, well I didn’t run, I walked away like if I was about to do something else, Marisa passed between Mikado and Ennosuke and then reached me and pulled me from the shirt, really man, I will never know what was this about but she said

“you are mistaken Harima, is not the way you think it is”

“I knew you will be the first person to talk to me”

That was the worse answer that I could ever give to her, Ennosuke and Mikado saw from far and Ennosuke then understood that Marisa was my weak point after seeing us together, well, at this point I had lost my crush who had been busy on her part time job, Aika


That afternoon

Ennosuke on his bike got close to me

“yo Harima”

 “you can call me Jin if you want, we have been calling you Ennosuke since day one”

Yea, we were close from first day, he was a really nice guy and the three of us got along together even though we were on different clubs

“want to walk home?”

“what are you, my girlfriend?”

“I want to talk about something”

“ok but you have to make me a favor first”


“well you see, Minoru is my little sister”

“I already know that” he got nervous

“but that doesn’t mean that we are the only brothers on my family”


“well, I have two older brothers, Kazuhiro and Ayato, we have never been a family with lot of money so we usually shared toys, clothes and the only bike in the family”

So, Harima stared at Ennosuke Bike

“do you think you can teach me how to ride a bike?”

“are you serious? You don’t know how to ride a bike?”

“I do, let me show you and you will understand what I mean”

Ennosuke lent Harima his bike and He tried to get on it

“dude, can you fix the height of the sit? I can’t reach the floor with my feet”


“don’t laugh, I’m being serious here”

He fixed the height of the seat and I placed my right feet on the pedal and pushed, and then I lost control and fell off

 “dude, your problem is not that you can’t ride the bike, is that you get scared once you start moving forward”

“I know that’s why I need you to teach me”

We were practicing a little longer

“I think you need to stop using your headphones too often”


“they are affecting your body balance, you keep using them at top volume”

“you know is easier to focus if I do that but I guess you have a point, I’ll try to stop using them and try again later”

“you will see the difference”

He gave me a ride and then

“so, what is it dude”

“well is kind of hard for me to tell”

We stopped at the river and we stared at the sky

“I got rejected”

“really? Who was the girl? Do I know her?


“so, who is she?”

“Minoru, your sister”


“dude, why are you laughing”



“well, you could not hide the fact that you liked her and seeing you the mighty leader of the basketball team being rejected made me laugh, sorry man”

“do you think that I’m not worth for her”

“I’m not her, why don’t you ask her?”

“she just rejected me dude”

“well you are right, but there are more girls you know? There is Marisa, Mikado’s sister”

“she always looks like if I’m a thief or something”

“she is like that since I meet them both Mikado and her”

“you seem to know her well, why don’t try confess to her”

“nah, she is not my type and it would affect my relation with Mikado”

“does he know you like Marisa?”

“I think he does but we don’t talk about our crushes”

These confessions were not supposed to be made because I would reject them in the future, but I made the same mistake twice, not like I was not supposed to repeat them anyways, I had to go through this for some reason based on Benten


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