Marisa got really uncomfortable with those words coming from me, I was in shock as well because I had sworn that she would accept my confession since she seemed an easy shot but guess what

“sorry Harima, I see you as a friend”


Mikado then came and said

“am I interrupting something?”

“let’s go Mikado”

“Jin, are you coming?”

“I remembered that I had something to do still so I have to stay”

Harima stayed on the music club room for a while and was trying to figure out what happened and then

“it seems you don’t have problems adapting yourself to your old self Harima” Benten showed herself after being absent for a while now


“are you hurt because you got friend zoned in the act?, I’m starting to think you were not so cool at all, what was with that confession? I thought you were a romantic guy that would take her on to a romantic park first”

Harima started walking in the room while listening to Benten


“c’mon, here is a piano, show me what you can do”

Harima then went to the piano and started playing, Benten was not expecting what she started to listen, Harima had something on his playing, you could feel his hate, pain and sadness on it

“dude, did this really affected you so bad?”

And then the speed of the play changed, it was strong and amazing

“it hurt your ego huh?”

“you know, I play the piano for myself, I don’t play for others, it makes me feel at ease”

“well, you will have more chances with her don’t ya?”

“I don’t know if I will be able to talk to her”

“the one that is not going to talk to you is Hatsune”

Oh, shit I forgot about her

“she has yet to wake up even after you used the dispositive on her”

“well, is not like she was human to begin with”

“wow dude, she is the one that brought you here and that’s how you treat her?”

“as I said she was not human to begin with”

That comment was not fun to Benten so she decided to not bring Hatsune topic back again


At Harima Bed

So, what did go wrong then? I thought she felt something for me, there is no way she doesn’t feel anything for me. I need to find out what happened



                                                “……………. Why would you fly with me?....................”

                                                                                                “……………here is the helicopter, let’s go together……….”

                                                “……. are you sure you want to go with me?.......................”



At School

Minoru and Marisa were talking like usual, Mikado was with Aika, I was with my headphones listening music at top volume, we were having fun, Koharu joined Minoru and Marisa, everything seems normal, I guess we could say that nothing happened


                                                                                                                                But something had happened


That afternoon

Mikado and Marisa were waiting for Minoru and I

“hey Jin, Minoru, let’s go home together”

Marisa was not comfortable with Mikado invitation

“Minoru go with them, sorry Mikado I have stuffs to do, could you please take Minoru home?”

At the roof Koharu noted that Harima didn’t went home with Mikado and then made her way to the music club

Harima has just arrived to the room and she didn’t enter, she stayed outside and then Harima started playing and she felt what Harima was feeling, Harima was not crying, in the opposite, he was mad, how a person like him could get rejected, a musician and someone who was close to her and most important, how could you reject your brother best friend? |maybe because she thought of him as another brother? |Koharu left and was thinking on how to cheer Harima up and came with an idea|


Next day Music Club

Mikado and Harima went to the club as usual but there was a surprise at their club, a sweet violin sound was coming from there, Mikado had heard this sound before but Harima didn’t know who was this girl, pretty obvious, Koharu was Mikado crush after all, he knew about her taking violin classes, that was the main reason why he joined the Music Club, he was waiting that he could invite Koharu to the club but unfortunately, she was not there for Mikado, she was there for Harima

Harima inspiration went sky rocket and told Koharu


She blushed and said

“well is that a yes then?”

Mikado was in shock because he thought that Harima had confessed to her and this was his answer

“What do you mean?”

“will you let me join the music club?”

Mikado felt better after realizing it was not what he thought

So, the activities at the music club started to make longer than usual the three of them kept playing until late, Marisa always was the one that stopped us from playing asking Mikado to take her home, Minoru used to leave alone by then

“Jin, are you coming with us?”

“I’ll practice a little more”

The idea of leaving Koharu with Harima alone was not all great for Mikado and left them anyways, then Koharu asked

“did something happen between you and Marisa?”

Harima started playing ignoring Koharu, she didn’t ask again because she noticed Harima ignored her, and this happened almost every time until Koharu stopped asking


On the way Home Mikado and Marisa

“did something happen between you two? It’s been a while since I saw you talk to each other”

“he is a playa and I told him that I don’t like how he have changed”

“well, I didn’t know you had a fight with him”

“he is your friend so is ok, but he is not mine, I don’t have to talk to him”

She said those deadly words so she could not get misunderstood by Mikado, it was not the truth, if she tells Mikado that Harima confessed her, his friendship with Harima could end


At music club that day

“Koharu, is late, let’s go home”

The figure of the first rival in Harima story appeared at last 


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