At Karaoke – Mikado, Aika, Koharu, Marisa and my sister Minoru

“Happy Birthday Mikado!!!” |Everyone said to Mikado|

“You are now 17 years old man, finally the same age as me”

“dude, I will never catch up if you are 6 months older than me”

Aika took Mikado Arm and said

“Happy Birthday Mikado Kun”

Marisa stared at her like knives ready to slice her in two

“Calm down Marisa, is Mikado Birthday after all”

Minoru was trying to calm Marisa while Koharu was silent in the room watching all that was happening

“Let sing something man”

We started to sing and Aika and Minoru were cheering us up while Marisa was searching for a song and Koharu was watching us, to be more accurate watching me…. Mikado noticed that and tried to make her sing with him, Aika noticed and called me out of the room

“hey Jin”


“what is their relationship”

“you know I hate to get my nose where they don’t call me”

“c’mon he is your best friend you should know”

She pulled me against her chest trying to convince me, Marisa was at the door spying us, I noticed and told Aika

“let’s go back”

Koharu then sat next to me after watching that Aika and I came back and whispered to my ear

“what did she want”

“hey, calm down, we just went to the bathroom”


“I mean she went to the girl’s bathroom and I went to the man’s bathroom”

Marisa was staring at me too

“Let’s sing together Mikado!!” |said Aika and Minoru|



After Karaoke

The celebration ended and Aika and Koharu took their path while Mikado, Marisa, Minoru and I went towards Mikado house which was in the same path as ours, Minoru and Mikado were in the front talking while Marisa and I were on the back

“So, what did Aika wanted to know”

“she wanted to know if Mikado had a crush” |I knew Mikado had a crush on Koharu for a while now but I didn’t tell Marisa anything of this|

“Aika is so annoying”

“well she a 17 years old lively girl, you should be more like her”

“and try to steal other people’s brothers?”

“are you jealous of her?”

“she even took you like you were her boyfriend too, and you didn’t say anything, don’t act all innocent”

That alone comment was the bomb on Harima world

|wait, does this girl feels something for me? Well, she has good boobs for her age, she doesn’t look that bad, she seems shy though, so she is an easy catch, but I will play with her for a bit to see if I’m right or no|


Next day at School

Koharu asked me to help bring some papers to the teacher’s office, Mikado noticed and I noticed that he noticed, Man this is the part that I didn’t liked about being in the middle of the triangle, no one of us had the courage to confess to either of our crushes, I liked Aika but she was too attached to Mikado so I never had chances with her

“Harima, you should not make other people’s jealous”

“what are you talking about?”

“Marisa called me yesterday asking if you told me what did you talk to Aika yesterday at the Karaoke”

Wait didn’t I tell Marisa yesterday on the way home?

“are you saying that Marisa got jealous of Aika because she took me outside the room?”

Koharu was referring to herself and stared at Harima mad

“what, did I do anything wrong?”

Then Aika appeared and grabbed me from my arm

“Jin, did you figure out what I asked you yesterday? Oh, Hi Koharu”

Koharu was really mad after seeing how Aika was flirting with me and how she called me “Jin” so I had to make Aika leave asap and told her

“let’s walk home together and I’ll tell you”

That answer made things worse and Koharu said

“could you please let Harima arm alone? He is helping me right now”

Then Aika left with a

“I’m sorry class rep, I’ll leave your man alone for now”

Is there a word that can describe things farther than worse? Because that answer made Koharu be mad like a volcano


At the exit of School

Minoru, Marisa and I were going out when Aika was waiting for me

“Jin! Over here”

“Sorry girls, I have to go do something really quick, tell mom I will be a bit later tonight”

“ok Jin”

Marisa was not happy and Minoru just waved me goodbye

“my brother seems so happy when Aika talks to him”

“but she is just using him to know if Mikado has a girl he likes”

“are you jealous?”

“of course, I’m, she is not a good girl at all”


With Aika alone

“so, did you figure out?”

“I don’t know for certain”

“are you playing with me?”

“Mikado and I are in the same club but I can’t tell if he likes someone, he is not like me”

“what do you mean?”

“women are my weak point and I use to be really romantic when it comes to girls”

“you should try Mikado sister”


“yes, she seems jealous every time I talk to you”

So technically yeah, Harima got filled with those ideas from everyone and decided that he would try to discover Marisa feelings towards him


Music Club

Marisa came looking for Mikado who was playing the trumpet and I was at the piano, we were playing random songs, we didn’t notice and kept playing, she stopped talking to me a couple of days ago because Aika got close to me, another proof that she felt something for me, we stopped playing and Mikado said

“hey Marisa”

“you guys sound really good together”

“Mikado really have nice skills holding his breath that long on the trumpet”

“dude, you play with your eyes closed all the time, anyways,  I’ll go to the bathroom and then we head home ok?”

And then

“Marisa could you give me a moment?”


“why have you been distant from me lately?”

“you are such a playa Harima”

“don’t be like that with me Marisa, the truth is that”

And here it comes

“I like you Marisa”


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