The One and Only



Chapter 12 – You are not allowed to change


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This is starting point of our journey along with Harima who will face 12 circles (and maybe more...), each circle will be released every week on Tuesday so you can follow up the story until the very end


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Hokkaido Sapporo Kaisei High School – 3 Years Before

Benten welcomes our time travelers Harima and Hatsune who is still unconsciousness because she received a shot before coming to the past, but the reason she was unconsciousness was not because of the shot

“so, Harima, do you plan on letting Hatsune die or something?”

|Crap, I was shocked for seeing Benten here and forgot about Hatsune|

Harima took Hatsune on his arms and took her to the infirmary


At the infirmary

“do you know what you are doing Harima?

“yeah, I know this place and I had received this tutorial before”

“I mean, she was shot since you came to this time and is almost like 3 hours since you came, I believe she is already dead”

“I’m just taking care of her flesh, I have her back up software here”

Harima showed the dispositive to Benten who was surprised

“wait, was not her Human?”

“no, this is just a body, her core is on this dispositive”

“didn’t know Human race were capable of that at this point, you see they said that they would have flying cars on 2017 and they had virtual waifus instead”

“someone is coming”

“Hurry up!!! Hide!!!!!”

“……. what”


The person who entered the room was no other than Marisa, she was a nurse remember? She came to leave some medicine on the shelves, Harima saw her and his heart started to hurt, she looked exactly like when he confessed her for the first time and Benten noticed he was affected, Marisa then left the room

“what was that? Why did we hide?

“Harima, there are a couple of things that I need to tell you, first I’m a protector deity”

“you already told me that”

“yes, but I protect everyone, and on this case, I protected Marisa”

“Marisa? From what?”

“from you, the fact that you came to the past it implies that you don’t exist anymore in the future”

“what do you mean?”

“you died Harima”

“…. huh?”

“well, in human explanation that would be the most accurate, because you disappeared”


“however, there is something weird on this because your timeline was not affected”


“it looks like it was on your log that you would travel back and that’s why your timeline didn’t change”

“I’m not following you”

“see? That’s why I told you that you died, it was easy to explain it that way”

That is not funny

“that being said, there is something that you need to be aware too, you are not supposed to change the past Harima”

“what do you mean?”

“I’m a deity that protect everyone and I mean it, everyone is everyone”

Harima felt like he made the worse decision on his life and realized that everything was messed up


“you said you had a happy life and followed by that feeling you went to Hatsune and followed her words instead of mine”

Harima was really frustrated, he started to hit his head to the wall and then stopped and sat

“Harima, the worse is not that you need to repeat your mistakes, is that you have Hatsune here and will need to hide her so she doesn’t affect the people around you”

See?, this is why I said it would be easier to carry you on a laptop |said Harima to Hatsune who was still unconsciousness |

“I can take her body because I don’t think it would be good for a man like you to have a sex doll at home”

Well that’s true

“and also, you are 17 years old, you don’t have final fantasy at home……”

Harima started to realize everything

“………. You don’t have a job, you don’t have a car, you are in the music club at school, you live with your parents”

Harima lost all the life that he had and looked like Hatsune, just a body with no soul

“so that’s how things are now Harima”

“well I guess there is no option”

“and one last thing Harima”

Still more? Give me a break

“you are not allowed to kill yourself”


Walking Outside Kaisei High School

“So where will you be staying? I will be staying at my parents’ home how about you?”

“I will be watching you, that’s the more accurate explanation in Human language that I can give you”

“so what date are we?”

“we should be 3 years ago since you traveled, so it should be Thursday July 26th

Crap, I have a bad feeling


At Harima home

“Hello Jin, you are a bit late”

Harima felt again a big rock on his throat after seeing her mother, he could not tell her how messed up his son’s life was and a tear starting running on his cheek

“what’s wrong Jin? Are you hurt?”

“no mom, I’m just happy to see you”

“oh, I love you too Jin”

And she hugged Harima who could not stop crying


Later that night

“Jin, Mikado is on the phone”

I knew I had a bad feeling

“Hey dude, I didn’t see you after school on the club, we are going to karaoke tomorrow after school want to join us, is my birthday, you can’t say no?”

“Sure thing, count me in”

Mikado is the older brother of Marisa and also my best friend in high school, he has a deep voice while I have an acute voice, we used to make duets, and there was Aika, closer friend of Mikado, she had a crush on him and Marisa was always jealous of her taking his brother away….

Harima face was changing….

Mikado always avoided Aika because he had a crush on the Director’s daughter who was also the class representative, Koharu, now that I remember I think I was her crush, Koharu had a Brother called Ennosuke and this bastard……

He just remembered the love triangle where he was involved….

Ennosuke had a crush on my sister Minoru, Minoru was also the best friend of Marisa, but Ennosuke also had a crush on Marisa so that makes him my rival in love

“Well I already said yes so there is no option but going”


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