The One and Only



Chapter 11 – The distant journey to you


Poland, Gdansk Airport, sunset

Saya, Hatsune and Harima arrived to Poland, Saya was dressed with a navy duffle coat, she looked pretty cute, Hatsune was looking around in surprise that the Airport was so colorful, it was sunset and the sun looked pretty cool through the wall of glass, Harima and Saya looked at her and smiled and then

“are you sure that I haven’t see you before?

“at the hot springs, yeah”

“no, before that”

“ddont think so”

“anyways thanks for everything”

“you are welcome”

Then suddenly Saya kissed Harima


Hatsune looked at them and made a smug face



“So, Harima”

Harima was still in shock for the sudden kiss that felt really weird

“get over it already, ok so here is the plan, we are going to the Amber Mines at Yantarny, the entrance of the facility will be covered by the Russian Army……”

“……so now we are facing the Russian army?”

“you faced Izanami and Izanagi and the Princess of Luxembourg before, didn’t you? You should be used to this already”


“and I’m an AI that hacked the JDSF!!! And also, I told you already, there is no way back now”

Hatsune took a dispositive and connected herself to it

|Back up start|

“before anything else happen, see this dispositive? This will be my backup if something happens to me, you will have a copy of my memories”

“I’m starting to dislike this idea”

“you will dislike it more”

A screen appeared on Hatsune hand with the faces of Harima and Hatsune on it

“they are searching for us already”


“we better hurry”

They took the car and headed to their destiny, the last stop of this story or should I say this side of the story?


Amber Mines at Yantarny

It was 2am Hatsune and Harima had already reached the place, there was no one

“where is the Russian Army?”



“dude, this place is in the middle of nowhere, even the internet doesn’t have so much information about this place?

Are you kidding me? What did you used? Goagle?

“so yea, they don’t need that much vigilance if no one knows about this place

“how did you know then?”

“I’m an IA that is on a physical body, does that make sense?”


Inside the facility

Harima and Hatsune took the Elevator and went to the bottom floor, Hatsune already hacked all the security system and then a huge door was in front of them


“…. are you for real?”

The door opened

“ok Harima, time is up”

Hatsune took her back up dispositive again and started to back herself up

The reactor was being filled with energy that came from the amber mine and started to charge

“does amber really give energy like this at all?”

“look carefully Harima, is not Amber”

“but is color yellow”

|Turn off the lights|

The color of the mine changed to silver

“is plutonium”

“what the hell!!!!! How much do they have here!!!!”

The alarm activated

“oops, I should not have turned off the lights”.


“we better enter the capsule Harima, ill setup the date”

“don’t forget the place”

“the article didn’t say you could get a specific place”

“…. stop with the bad jokes Hatsune”

Hatsune made a smug face


“ok, this is it Harima”

Hatsune got shot by the Russian Soldier and fell on Harima’s arm


“don’t forget the dispositive and enter the capsule”

Inside the capsule the time stopped and Hatsune and Harima were staring at each other

“welcome to your new life, Harima”

*             *             *

Hokkaido Sapporo Kaisei High School

Harima woke up, he didn’t panic at all after all the things that had happened, he recognized the place, it was his high school and he thought

“well, that was such a freaking long nightmare”

Next to him Hatsune unconsciousness and his face turned pale

“Hatsune! Hatsune!!!!”

And on the tree

“Yo Harima! It’s been a while”

Harima turned and he lost the last breath that he had, it was Sarasvati who was saying hi to Harima


At the roof 5pm Sunset

Harima woke up and next to him Hatsune still unconsciousness

“it seems you are ok now, it has been a long journey Harima”

“I thought you said you won’t help me”

“you humans need to pay more attention, I’m a deity that protect people, I won’t help you find what you are looking for, Hatsune will be the one, beside I got a liking at you, you thought that I was a human girl so I decided to shut your mouth showing you who I really am: I’m Benten Sama”


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