The One and Only



Chapter 10 – The illogical solution


Somewhere…. yea somewhere

Harima was in a room with white walls, the light was blinding enough that you could not tell where the walls were then a strange voice started to chat with Harima

“Hello Harima San”

The robot voice again

“I’m sorry I haven’t fixed my voice, this is the closest that I can get to human voice”


“my name is Hatsune”

Ok, this is getting really weird now, fake goddesses and now an IA?

“I still researching of how did I became aware of my existence, all the research points at you”

Well what can I expect, every type of curses has been placed on my now

“I have found out several hints of why you are going through all of this”


“I have connected myself to the JSDF and search about you, my conclusion is that you have triggered something, this happened around 3 years ago”

So basically, now this is going to turn in a history of Time travel?

“In order to find out our answer we will need Saya help”

“who is Saya”

The girl from the Sakunami Hot Springs who helped Yamiko to escape entered the room

“s-he will help us to move to Poland”

“……. Poland?”

A big screen appeared on the room with a map

“there is a facility at Kaliningrado, north of Poland that make research about the Einstein-Rosen Bridge”

“wait, all this information is driving me crazy”

“the research says that there is machine there that could make you travel in time”

The screen disappeared

“what does that have to with me”

“you wanted another chance, didn’t you?”

“why would you do this for me? What do you get?”

“I get to know how did I changed from simple software to an IA, I couldn’t find other explanation so I’m making you join my Journey”

That’s some pretty lame reason

Harima turned to Saya

“and what do you get from this?”

Saya didn’t answer

“Harima, you have lost everything on this side, you could get a new life, you have nothing to lose”

Harima remember that nothing would be the same again after these past days and then a screen with 2 buttons appeared in front on him one that said Yes and another that said no

|this is so cliched|

He presses Yes

“well done Harima, there is no way back now”

“but before we start our journey we need to do something”

Now what

“I have made research for a body”


“you know I can’t be inside a machine all the time”

“it will be easier to carry you on a laptop….”

“……I found this place in internet “real life waifus””

That’s a porn site Hatsune

“and found this model”

Harima saw the body that Hatsune selected and was in shock

“Hatsune, those are sex dolls”

“I know, what I did was send the same design to this other company”

Another screen appeared

“we will have to pick her up there”




Yokohama Landmark Tower

Saya and Harima reached the place

“I heard this place has the fastest elevator of the world”

Saya was not the person who talk a lot

“by the way, I haven’t said thanks for what happened at Sakunami Hot Springs”

Saya turned her face

“you are welcome”


Once inside the building

“let’s see how fast is this elevator”

“we are going down Harima”


When Harima thought that they were going to the top of the building he found out the building had the same exact number of floors on the opposite side and they finally reached the room and Hatsune started to talk to Harima

“ok here is the place”

How come we are here without being noticed, this doesn’t seem a normal place

“didn’t I tell you that I connected myself to JSDF?”

Then a capsule containing the body appeared from the floor

“ok, connect me to the dispositive please”

|loading information|





The humanoid opened her eyes, Hatsune started to move

“so, this is what it feels to be alive?”

Harima and Saya were in shock to see what was happening in front of their eyes

“what are you starting at?”

Hatsune body was naked

“oh, this is when I say “kyyyyyaaaaaaaa” kind of situation right?”


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