The One and Only



Chapter 9 – This is not exactly the Hell I was expecting


Harima woke up on a room filled of gothic stuffs and he said

“well, I guess this time I fucked up for real, I’m in hell”

He said that in a sarcastic way knowing that he was maybe still dreaming, the room was dark and the only light was coming from the exit of the room, Harima then moved to see what was the light and then

“Well I guess it obvious to find you here Erica”

“Hello Harima”

And next to Erica….

“let me introduce you an acquaintance of mine, her name is Saraswati”

Well, is not that the other name of Benten Sama?  if is an acquaintance of Erica is normal that she would choose that name, even we use those name for in-game chars

“I told Saraswati about your luck, she said she may help you”

“……. I don’t think my problems will be fixed that easy”

“the cards said that you would get to a point where you will be tested to choose your fate Harima”

“now that you mention is the cards fault that my life was going to get screwed up and guess what!!!!?? , that’s the reason why I ended up here, you have never helped me knowing what was going to happen to me and you never stopped me”

“I just read cards Harima, the one that makes the decision to follow your fate or no is you”

“that’s such a cheap answer, if we are friends should not you help me?”

“that’s why I asked Saraswati to help you, let’s hear what she have to say”

And Harima and Erica stared at Saraswati who was playing with her hair and suddenly she looked at Harima directly and asked

“you said this was the hell, didn’t you?”


“then let me ask you”

“if this is hell and you won’t be able to come back to life would you say that….”

“you had a happy life?”


Those words had an amazing impact in Harima ears, he fell all the hate in the world for all the things that he has passed, he cursed everything in his mind, all the sad moments, all those moments of frustrations, all those rejections, and then Harima turned his face to the floor, tears were starting to flow, he was not able to breath because of the pain on his chest, he realized how impotent he was and how all the loved ones were taken from him, he still loved them even when they rejected him, he could not find more words to curse the world and his fate and then…….

                                                                                                “I wonder why I can’t hate you”

 “even if you go to hell I will follow you”

                “the world comes in black and white but with you here I don’t fear anything in this night”

“ever if the whole world is corrupted by sin I will never let go off the hand I hold in mine”

“nothing in the world can’t stop me from falling for you”

“I have nothing to hide, you make me feel alive”

                                                                                “I know you are always on my side”

“if our hearts shared the same feelings we will walk together and nothing will trouble us”

“if this is a dream, don’t let me wake up”

“I’m not afraid, even tomorrow, because I always feel you in me”

                                “Now one more time lend me your strength, let’s face the world together as one”

“I have one request of your life, that you spend it all with me”


He then realized that he had the answer, and he said to Saraswati


                                                                “yes, I had a happy life”


“Excellent answer Harima, you also may know already that nothing good comes easy in life, happiness and love are the worse emotions because when you taste them you will want more”

Harima was wondering how Saraswati was going to help him because so far this looked more like a motivational speech than anything

“…in life, you will find those who will reject you, those who have yet to reject you and those who won’t reject you but in order to find what you are looking for….”

 here come the conditions of her help

“you will have to pass for several trials until you achieve your goal”


“I cannot help you”

Harima and Erica looked at Saraswati in shock

“I’m a protector deity not a deity that grant wishes”

Then Harima started laughing and remembered that this person was only an acquaintance of Erica and there was no way in hell the goddess Benten Sama was here to grant him a wish so…

“I can’t believe that I was starting to regain hope by listening what you had to say but I was wrong, you are such a cheap tarot reader as Erica, I’m leaving”

And Harima left


At Erica Home after Harima Left

“I thought you said you were going to help him”

“didn’t I?”


“I made him remember why he is still alive, I made him remember what was his goal, I just gave him hope”

“but you destroyed that hope saying that you won’t help him”

“is the opposite Erica, his state before talking to me was hate for himself so I made him hate deities more than anyone, so now his hate is not focused on him, one less reason to make him desire to end his life, now he has the resolve to recover what he just remembered he lost”

Erica was curious about what Sarasvati said and checked her cards and the card that said that Harima was going to be her boyfriend was still there

“Sarasvati, how come Harima will change his fate if he still appears with the same fate on my cards”

“Erica, you don’t understand, I never said that he will change his fate, I just gave him the strength back, his fate has already been decided and on more thing Erica”


“That card is not about the future of Harima, is about your future”


Outside Erica home

Harima continued his journey, he was on the way to the place where Reina lived to see with his own eyes that she was not longer there

Once he reached the place he felt alone, there was no signal of Reina belongings and he felt frustrated and someone appeared at the door

“who are you?”

she then moved to Harima

“I know you”

“follow me”


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