The One and Only



Chapter 8 - I won’t kill anyone


Harima went home, he was really depressed, I guess this is was we could call “is going to be worse”, he closed himself and Annabel heard when he came back

“Harima, are you ok, Answer me, Harima”


“What are you talking Harima! Open the door”


Annabel noticed that Harima was really in a bad shape and stopped, she could hear how Harima started to cry and sit at the other side of the door

“Harima, I don’t know what is happening, but I’m here to help you”

Harima lowered his voice

“I don’t want to lose you too”

Those words hit Annabel so hard, she waited at the door several hours and the time passed, afternoon, evening and night, she left food at the entrance of Harima’s home, she waited until midnight and he didn’t answer, in the morning she went to check on him and the food was still there so she decided to enter Harima’s home from the back, she went to her apartment and tried to reach Harima apartment and she was able to enter and she found Harima sleep, she didn’t wanted to wake him up, his face was on his arm which were on his knees, he was cold, he slept with the back door open so Annabel just sit next to him and used a blanket to cover her and him, he was Trembling from the cold, she took his hand which he hold tight by reflex she then understood that Harima had fever and she placed her forehead on Harima forehead to check his temperature , he was at 40 degrees , so she moved him to the bed and took care of him


Harima woke up 5pm of Tuesday and again Annabel was there taking care of him, Harima didn’t have any strength left because of the fever so he didn’t react after seeing Annabel however he started talking to her

“didn’t I tell you to not get close to me?”

“good morning Harima”

“don’t be stupid is not morning”

“that’s a nice way to talk to the one who is taking care of you”

“don’t you get it? you will suffer by my side, I’m cursed and you will only get hurt”

“what if that is what I want?”

Harima laughed

“do you get that what you feel is not love?”

“Harima, I guess is time for me to tell you”


“just because I take care of you doesn’t mean that I’m in love with you, just because I’m here for you doesn’t mean that I’m in love with you, we are friends, aren’t we?”

and that’s precisely why she was not the target of the Twins and the Princess, and unfortunately our hero was Friend zoned and he haven’t accepted that fact since the day she rejected him

“you always misunderstand when people are nice towards you, you always believe is love and that is wrong Harima”

Harima felt the true behind Annabel words, he already heard those words before and somehow, he felt relieved because that meant that Annabel was in no danger

“you friend zoned me from the very beginning huh?”

It was a really bad answer because Annabel felt the pain that those words had

“I’m sorry Harima, I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“don’t you find funny how the world works? We were placed here just for the purpose of live, grow, reproduce and then die, so in order to make easy the reproduction we were given this feeling called love, without love we cannot create life, and if we do it without love we will be no different from animals”

Annabel was listening Harima say those depressed words and started to understand how he felt

“so, love is just a catalyst, there is nothing after death, we have this hope that feeds with this feeling called love, otherwise what is the point of this feeling? To make easier our lives? It doesn’t make easy anything, it always makes things worse, it doesn’t have a logic explanation at all, why does the so called love have to produce suffering? It makes us growth? It makes us value our lives more? With what purpose then? There is no reason to continue…….”

“stop it Harima”

“is the truth, isn’t it?”

“you are giving too much thought, you need to rest”

“…. well, I guess you are right”


Annabel left the room when Harima fell asleep and started to cry…. She felt those deadly words coming from the bottom of the heart of Harima who was really sick and still had that attitude, it felt like someone who has been fighting for happiness and had never meet that feeling at all or maybe the opposite, someone who got everything and lost everything too, just listen to him say those words were like a demon talking

*             *             *


It was raining and Annabel went to check on Harima and

“Harima, Harima”

He was not there ……. Annabel tried to call Harima phone and

[oshiete yo oshiete yo sono shikumi wo]

The phone was on the apartment so Harima didn’t take it with him so she tried to contact Yamiko to see if he was at her place and Yamiko didn’t answer, Annabel saw the backdoor of the apartment open and she ran to see and was waiting for the worse, the image of Harima on the pavement crossed his mind but when she checked he was not there, Annabel panicked and ran trying to find where did Harima go



Earlier that Morning

“I have to see it with my own eyes”

Harima was still sick


                                                                                                “….do you think you can fly…….”

                                “……everyone does, don’t they?.......”

                                                                                “……they are not different than I…….”

Harima was walking to outside his apartment

                                “……. See that air stream?......”

                                                                “……that should let me get high enough to fly by myself…….”

                “………. I will finally feel freedom………”

It was raining and Harima didn’t take an umbrella with him

|wait, where is Yamiko and Shirayuki, they should be watching over him don’t they? |


                                                                “……. I knew I could do it……….”

Suddenly Harima could not walk anymore and fell on the road

                                                                                “……. oh crap, my wings…………….”

In the delirium, Harima fell into high voltage cable and became entangled, he didn’t die on the delirium but he heard the voice

                                                                                “………take it easy, we will get you out of this…….”

A certain person found Harima before he lost consciousness and took him


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