The One and Only



Chapter 7 - A sweet bitter goodbye



Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium, Harima and the "message" girl went on a date this day, [wait, didn’t things supposed to get worse for Harima?]

"...not everything is what it seems"

"they seem happy though"

and then they went to Mitsui Outlet Park Sendai Port for lunch

"well I can’t deny they look like a couple"

"did you plan this?"

"now is my fault? it was your wish remember? every action has a reaction, maybe you are too young to understand that"

Sendai Station

"I’m having such a wonderful time Harima"

"I’m glad"

"don’t you think is time already for you to call me by my name?"

".... if you say so Reina"

"wow, you are very cooperative today, did something good happen?"

[to be honest yea]


Back to Harima Home - Saturday after Shirayuki left Harima at home

"we are here to protect you"

"from what"

"we have orders from our superiors to watch over you, you have been in trouble these couple of days, don’t you?"

"well, yeah " [but that’s thanks to that witch]

at Erika home Erika felt chills and sneezed

"so, in order to protect you, we want you to take vacation starting tomorrow, we will arrange the paperwork with Mr. Ludwig so you can have leave of absence from work"

[well that’s nice, I haven’t been able to sleep lately]

"and also, we have made the arrangement for a fake date"

".... huh? a fake date?"

"you will follow the instructions on this schedule, the person who will be going on a date with you will be ...."

and the picture of the "message" girl was on the folder that was handled to Harima

and her name was Reina

[well, could be worse, could be Tenma]

at Tenma home Tenma felt chills and sneezed


Back to Sunday on the fake date - Our fake couple reached the last part of the date when they reached to Sakunami Hot Spring

Reina and Harima went and took their respective side to enjoy the Hot Spring, Harima on the Men side and Reina on the Women side, the man bath was foggy and someone entered the hot springs after Harima entered

"good evening"

a girl voice!!!, in the man hot springs side!!! but wait why Harima has not said a word yet?

[this voice, I know this voice, I knew something was not right, it was too good]

Slowly the woman got close to Harima and sit her back to Harima back

"Princess Alejandra of Luxembourg"

"you have good memory Harima san and I’m surprised that you didn’t scream because a girl entered the men bath"

"I beg your pardon for not showing my surprise but the girl that is on the next room is the girl from the fake date that YOU arranged and it would not be fair for her to know that she is being used"

"she has been being used all this time Harima and instead of talking about her, should not you be happier to see me again"

"I can’t barely see you Princess, is all foggy and I can feel that you are naked so I’m trying to control myself here"

Harima san was red like a tomato and was about to pass out

"well, the idea was exactly that one, see how are you doing and make sure that my subordinates don’t try anything that would hurt you, but since it looks like they have taken a liking on you they started to act on their own so I’m worried that they will hurt you. Well, that’s it for now, this visit was meant to be this short"

Harima was all dizzy and passed out before the Princess said the last word, their subordinates took him outside of the bath and put him on his room

Reina entered the room and Harima woke up

"something strange happened"

"what’s up"

"I heard a girl voice but no one was on the bath with me"

"......eehhhhhh really? you are maybe imagining things!"

|Harima Answered trying to avoid more about the topic|

"well I will turn off the light I’m tired"

Harima stayed on the chair a little bit when Reina was dressed only with a white shirt and sat on Harima lap

[uh oh]

"Harima, I want a baby"

Everything was going wrong then someone was at the door

“Harima San, here is what you ordered”


Harima opened the door and no surprise Yamiko was the person delivering some drinks

“make sure she drinks this so she falls sleep asap”

“thanks, you saved me”

“I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for Shirayuki, now go back”

Harima closed the door

“Who was it”

“was the service room, they gave me this wine”

Reina pushed Harima on the bed in a savage way, she was not able to control her anymore and Harima was not able to give her the wine

|you retard, seriously| from the window, Yamiko shot a dart which landed on Reina’s back and she fell like rock on top of Harima, then Yamiko entered the room like nothing has happened



“why are you doing this to her!!!!! She is not an animal!!!!!”

“I saved you, didn’t I?”

“you are going way too far”

Yamiko pushed Harima to the wall and said

“don’t you get it bastard???!!!!! I’ll get my ass screwed if they find me here!!!! I’m not getting anything from this and I’m doing this for Shirayuki and you are not saying thanks properly”

Harima realized that Yamiko was not with Princess Alejandra and then….

“Harima, open the door, is Lucretia”

Yamiko turned pale and Harima understood that he screwed up Yamiko and the door was opened by a kick from Lucretia

“It’s been a while Izanagi”

Yamiko was paralyzed and Harima noticed so he took her by force and rushed to the exit throwing Lucretia to the side

Harima ran with Yamiko and on the corridor and girl joined them with a phone on hand and gave it to Harima

“what is this? Shirayuki?” |said Harima to the girl|

the person who gave the phone to Harima stopped and waved to Harima and the phone rang while Harima kept running

“hello? Shirayuki?”

Yamiko was still in shock because she knew the person on the phone was not Shirayuki

“Hello Harima San” |what is the deal with this voice, is like a robot voice|

“keep running and take a left, once you are there keep running and turn on your first right, that will lead you to the exit”

“who are you?” said Harima while still running

“there should not be guards on those routes, keep running”

“why are you doing this”

“…. I can’t tell you yet” and the phone went mute

“hello? Hello?!!”

Harima and Yamiko reached the exit and Harima stopped

“what are you waiting”

“how long will the dart last?”

“huh? Are not you coming with me?”

“you already saved me”

“why you do this Harima”

“is not fair for Reina to leave her the way we did, she was having a really good time and she has suffered too much already”

|and you said this was not love, you have no idea how much Shirayuki has suffered because of you|

“is your choice then”

“hurry up before they catch up”

Yamiko took her motorcycle and left as Lucretia reached the exit, she was able to see her leave and didn’t follow her and stared at Harima


Harima went back to his room and saw Reina sleep on his bed and something started to grow on Harima chest, something that felt like rock and memories of the fake date and previous dates that he had with Reina came to haunt him, Reina was never someone who complained about Harima but Harima could not forgive himself for the way he felt towards Reina, he really wanted to correspond the feelings of Reina but he didn’t felt worth of those feelings, he then stayed on his knees and fell asleep on the bed next to Reina |but wait, didn’t they had this relationship before? I mean it would be normal for them to have quality time on the bed that night, don’t they? I guess the word “Baby” was too much for Harima|



At princess Alejandra room

“we didn’t expect her to be here”

“well she was just checking on Harima”

“yes, but the fake date triggered what just happened on Harima room, you could have schedule the date in a different way, you could have gotten 2 rooms instead of one”

“I wanted to see with my eyes what is Harima thinking and now Reina is a real treat”



                                                                                                                                                Outside the room, in the roof

                                                                                                “…………. don’t think this is getting too far?........”

                                                                                                                                                                “……. why………”

                                                                “if something goes wrong we might not hurt Harima only but Reina too”



*             *             *


Harima woke up and Reina was gone, a goodbye note was on the bed and Harima felt like he never felt before, it was a very sad sight and on his sadness, he called Benten Sama the goddess of musicians and the goddess of love


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