The One and Only



Chapter 6 - You asked for the worse, didn’t you?


Harima was being taken from the office by the three men to the Audi black which was at the entrance of the building when


"get them"

Shirayuki ran and took Harima from the three men


"keep running don’t look behind"

they went to the central plaza to lose them and Shirayuki stopped in a corner

"hey! is this your doing?"

Shirayuki got close to Harima

"hey!!! You are getting too clo-----"

Shirayuki kissed Harima

"what are you doing?"

Harima started to feel dizzy, a sleep pill was placed on Harima mouth when Shirayuki kissed him

"sorry, we have to move quick"

"this way Shirayuki"

Harima heard Yamiko voice before falling like a rock and Shirayuki and Yamiko took him to their place

"my head...."


At the Twins Home

Harima woke up on a place that was not his home, and next to the bed was Shirayuki, you are getting a lot of screen time huh?

"hey wake up"

"oh, you are awake"

"are you ok? what is happening"

"sorry we had to take you the way we did"

"where is Yamiko?"

"she had to bring someone here"

"someone? wait, look at me"

Shirayuki had a scar on her left arm, she was pale

"hey, are you ok?"

Shirayuki lost consciousness

Harima switched places with Shirayuki and he treat the wound

"that will do it for now, man what happened" Harima was worried that this could get worse



Yamiko came back

"Shirayuki? I’m coming in"

Yamiko was at the door, Harima was about to stand up to open the door when he noticed who was the person that Yamiko brought

".... Marisa"

"hi Harima, how is she"

"I have treated her wound"

"I will check her"


Harima pulled Yamiko outside of the room

"first why did you bring Marisa and second what is happening"

"calm down dude"

"how can I be calm when Shirayuki is like that again"

"she is not that weak you know? she would be happy to know you are worried about her this way" [said Yamiko with a smug face]

"I brought Marisa because we know who she is, right now we have lost our contacts"

"so, this is your doing then?"

"we don’t know"

"so how did Shirayuki get that wound?"

"she got it while we were getting you here"

[that was not necessary accurate]

"did they attack you? and who are they anyways?"

"we don’t know.... we just got the intel this morning before you entered the office"

"man, all this spy things never end well"


While inside the room

"are you awake Shirayuki san?"

"ah, yea"

"I just checked your wound, this was not what Yamiko said, this wound is more recent than I was told"

Shirayuki took Marisa hand and said

"I really hate perceptive girls like you"


Back to outside

"you need to keep Marisa out of this"

"don’t worry she can work at your parents’ home as usual after this"

"really? you need to do your job better, you get Shirayuki hurt all the time"

"........"[is worse when you hurt her feelings the way you do, I don’t know what she saw on you]

"listen, we will figure out something so please stay tonight"


Yamiko and Harima entered the room

"how is she?"

"she is ok now"

"cool, thanks Marisa, come with me for a second"


Harima took her outside and Yamiko stayed behind the door to listen

"look, I’m sorry they took you the way they did"

" fine"

"I will ask Yamiko to take you back home"

".... ok, will you go to your parents’ home on Sunday?"

"at this rate I don’t know, it has been pretty crazy lately"

".... I will let them know"

Harima was about to enter back when Marisa said

"I’m sorry you are passing for all of this"

" not your fault you know? don’t act like the world revolves around you"

Harima have a way to make Marisa feel bad, is like he always has his knives ready to hurt her the way he does



"Yamiko, could you pl----"

"I know, I have to put back what I took without asking"

"she is not an object you know?"

[you treat her like that and then you defend her, make up your mind]


Harima was outside watching the sunset

[you got a message]

Harima was about to read the message when Shirayuki came outside

"who was her?"

"oh, you are awake, how is your wound?"

“I’m fine now”

"have you ever felt like there is nothing left after you reach your goal?"

".... huh?"

"like when you challenge yourself to get something and then you get it and then you feel empty"


"sorry I think I’m confusing you"


"why that face?"

"well, is the first time that we are alone at my place, Yamiko is always around and she is not here now so this is a first to us"

"well yea" [uh oh]

Shirayuki started walking closer and closer to Harima



"you are getting too close"

"is that a bad thing?"


Harima extended his arms and embraced Shirayuki on his arms, this was unexpected......Shirayuki went red in no time but then she heard the words

"I’m sorry that you always get hurt because of me...."

She felt the warm inside of those words even though Harima words had a different meaning than what Shirayuki wanted to hear, she wanted to hear that she was the one and only, but it looked like she had a long way to go still, but she was not going to screw the moment that she built with all the sacrifices done this day and stayed at Harima arms a little longer

                                                                                                                [You are such a cry baby Shirayuki]

Later that night

Shirayuki was staring at Harima while he was sleep, she was thinking on how to make him fall for her for real, she wanted to be his number one, she wanted to show her that she loves him more than anyone to the point of hurt herself


Outside the room where Harima was sleeping

"is he sleeping?"


"you are going too far with your game"


"if I see you out of control I won’t hesitate to stop you, you are my sister after all"


"why don’t you just stay with him, he won’t notice that you are sleeping with him"

"he is not like that, [beside that already happened on the previous chapter with Emily]

"so, what do you see in him?"

*             *             *

Next Morning

Shirayuki took Harima to his home, it was Saturday

"thanks for everything"

"take care"

"you too"

Shirayuki felt so good after saying bye to his man, she felt like they were a couple, and could not hide her happiness and in the corner before losing sight of Harima home she turned her face to Harima

                                                                                " long will it take you to notice my feelings…."


Harima didn’t notice what Shirayuki did, he went straight to his home

"I better don’t say anything or I will jinx myself"

Harima home door was open

Harima was shocked and was about to run when a hand got him inside the house

"she already left so is ok"

Harima was on his knees in the main room and then, a girl in black was standing in front on him

"hello Harima san, this is a first for us"

"......who are you"

"my name is Lucretia, that’s all you need to know"

"are you with the three agents from yesterday?"

"Harima, we are here to protect you"

What is happening? when did Harima became so popular? he doesn’t have anything especial at home, maybe they are going to black mail Shirayuki and Yamiko using Harima as a bait


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