The One and Only



Chapter 5 - Love at first sight was never something real


Wednesday, a limousine stopped at the entrance of the company and a girl with wealthy looking got off it

"I’m back dad"

she entered the building like if she was on her school days, everyone was staring at her

"Good Morning miss Ludwig"

"Good Morning Inoue san, is my father available?"


"thanks Inoue san"

"glad so see you are back miss"

"glad to be back"

Miss Emily was like a shining star, her brightness filled the room like sun light, it was like time would stop for each step that she gave


"Hello Dad"

"Hi Emily, how was your trip to Germany?"

"es ging gut"

"OH i Ich sehe, Sie sind schnell Lerner"

"glad to see you are doing well dad"

"sorry someone is calling, hello, do you have the reports? ok bring them "



Behind the door “Mr. Ludwig, I have the reports you requested”

"come in"

"good morning mister Ludwig, sorry am I interrupting something?"

"hey Harima, don’t worry, let me introduce you my daughter Emily, she just came back from a Germany trip"

"Nice to meet you, my name is Harima Jin"

Harima face was looking like a total idiot staring the gorgeous Emily, anyone who see her beauty put that face though so she is used to see faces like Harima staring at her

"nice to meet you Harima"

"can you stop staring at my daughter and give me the reports?"

"oh yes, sorry, I’ll take my leave now, sorry, nice to meet you Miss Emily"

Harima left the office with a stupid face

"you really are an attraction for the males huh?"

Emily blushes and smile to her father


"Man, the boss has a really gorgeous daughter, it was like love at first sight"

Wait love at first sight? Harima? don’t tell me that you are going to confess her?

Kaede was coming from the cafeteria when she saw Harima

"Harima are you ok?"

"Hi Kaede"

"you are red like a tomato"

"I just meet the daughter boss, she is really gorgeous"

"yea, we went to the same school before I started working here"


"yea, it was an all-girls school"

"may I ask you something Kaede?"


"do you have boyfriend?"


Kaede almost dropped her coffee

"sorry I mean if she has a boyfriend"

"ah that, I never saw her with a guy, a limousine was always at school to pick her up"

the word limousine rang a bell on Harima World, ah yea, she was the daughter boss at all, she would not be interested in a man like Harima, the color of the face of Harima went from a happy red to a dead gray

"are you ok Harima?"

all the thoughts of happiness and all the possible confessions that Harima built between the boss office and cafeteria went to trash in one second, really dude, were you planning on confess to someone you just met? well for Harima, confession were like the way to break the ice in a conversation


At Seven Eleven store

The poor Harima was sulking the whole day, he went to buy some noodles at Seven Eleven before going home

"are you ok?"

"yea I’m ok"

"I would recommend you Hamburger meat with curry, noodles, boiled egg and mashed potatoes, that will cheer you up"

Harima Turned to say thanks and

"ok thanks"

noticed that the person who was talking to him was a really cute guy that he felt trust issues

"don’t stare that much"

the guy blushed and tried to cover his face in a girly way while Harima was staring at him

"sorry, is just like I felt that I have seen you before"

"NO! I mean no, well, your face changed now, you seem alive now, I have to go now"

"yeah thanks, bye"

[that was close!!!! he almost discovered me]

[who was that girly guy?]



Harima Home

"well I guess Erika´s cards failed, "is going to get worse" yeah right, it has been the opposite, I meet Emily, she was so gorgeous too bad she is the daughter’s boss, well not like I would do anything anyways, I’m loyal to my 2D girls from Vocaloid, they will never get old or will break up with me"

those were the thoughts of Harima San before he went to sleep, he turned the light off and left the pc on as always but something unusual was happening on his pc

*             *             *

Thursday Morning

                                                                                           " ok to hold hands this fast?"

                                                "why not? it doesn’t matter even if we just meet yesterday"

                                                                                "I know but I mean you can’t be that perfect"

                                                                "what are you talking about"

                                                                                                "oh crap, this is a dream, it has to be"

                                                                                "well, there is only a way to know it"

"huh? is really warm and soft"

Harima san was touching the naked breast of the naked body of Emily Ludwig who was lying next to him at his bed


something hit Harima head and he lost consciousness

"ah, my head, where am I?"

Harima was no longer at his home, where is this place? Tatami floor, nobody is around and on the corner a Wakizashi and a Shoto

"where am -----WAIT, WHY AM I TIED UP?

Harima started to panic when a beautiful woman entered the room with a Tachi on her hand

(well I guess I jinxed myself last night)

"so, tell me you scum"



Harima had a pale face and stopped breathing which made him lost consciousness again

"is this the guy that my daughter fell in love at first sight?"

Several Hours Later

Harima woke up on a bed, it was almost 5 pm

Outside the room where Harima was sleeping

"mom, everything was my fault, it was my doing"

"why did you go to his house? you don’t know if he is a good guy"

"I actually asked my father about him"

", he works for Eduard?"

"yes, he told me that he trusts him more than anyone at his company"

"that doesn’t mean that he is good for you"

"mom I will be the one that decide that"

Harima was spying and heard all the conversation while he had his mouth open in shock, Emily is coming this way, you better go back to bed and look like you are still sleep Harima

"are you awake?"

".... yes, miss Emily"

"I’m coming in"

"hello miss Emily"

"don’t have to be so formal just call me Emily"

"ok, ......Emily"

"that’s good Jin"


"I mean we are close now, don’t we? we shared bed already"

"Miss Emily"

"oh, you still with that?"

Emily sat on Harima in lotus position on top of Harima

"Please Emily"

"why are you so shy"

"Emily this is not correct"

"Jin, don’t you desire me?"

"is not that Emily, I mean you are really gorgeous but"

".... but"

".... this is not right"

"oh, that vague answer again"

Emily removed Harima shirt and started touching his chest

"Emily please"

"I see you are starting to turn on"

Emily was getting pretty close to Harima when he moved the table on his favor and changed positions with Emily

"I told you this is not what I want"

" said it was not correct"

Emily sit on the bed and Harima was on the corner of the bed

"why are you doing this Emily"

"I don’t know I just fell for you"

"that’s not possible"


"love is not something that comes that way"

" not about to share bodies?"

"...that’s desire"

"so, you are an expert on the topic huh?"

Harima turned his face toward Emily

"what will you do after you finish with me?"

" what do you mean finish?"

".... this, what you were trying to accomplish just now"

Emily started to think and was unable to give an answer to Harima

"see? is not love what you feel"

Harima took his clothes and left the room


Harima words stayed on Emily mind for a while and the more she thinks about it, the more she fell in love with Harima (classic) he looked cool while saying those words


"Do not think everything will be alright, we will be watching you"

Mrs. Ludwig was standing at the door and said those words to Harima who was leaving the house, Harima was not shy anymore after finding that what just happened was not what he was expecting

"thanks for your hospitality Mrs. Ludwig"

Mrs. Ludwig blushed and turned her face and said

"just go already"


Just when Harima turned on the corner he got pushed to the wall




"no, is Shirayuki this time"

"what happened, I thought you were watching over me"

"sorry we were on a mission"

"so, you are lying again huh? I could have died you know?"

"but you didn’t"

Shirayuki stared at Harima face very close that Harima could not continue arguing, Shirayuki face was worried and a small tear was on her eyes, Harima could not ignore her blue eyes that reflected Harima face, Shirayuki stopped staring at him and Harima turned his face in opposite direction as Shirayuki

".... sorry"

"you don’t have to apology"

"want a ride? your house is pretty far"

".... ok"

Harima was shocked when he realized that he was at the mountains at the northeast of Yamagata city







Harima enter the office after being absent since Wednesday

"well I guess I can go back to my normal life now"

"good morning Jin"


Emily was at Harima office .......

"what are you doing here miss..."

"didn’t I tell you to call me Emily? I asked my father to let me work with you"

[this is so cliched]

"so, I will be your partner from now on"


Harima shock was interrupt by Inoue

"Harima san"

"hi Inoue, good morning"

"someone is asking for you-------"

"Harima san?"


three men in Black dress suit entered the office

"please come with us"



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