The One and Only



Chapter 4 - Magic owns Logic


Tuesday, the ugly sister of Monday, but different from Monday, Tuesday is the farthest point of the weekend, is like Monday is ok because you get to work on what was left behind last week and you don’t feel that time flows around you and then you are at the end of the day like nothing happened, but Tuesday makes the weekend seems so far.... the only good thing about Tuesday is that today is reset in the game and I have all the weekly quest available again, I have to go home quick today

"Harima Kun!"

the voice of the last person that Harima wanted to hear was getting closer and closer

"Harima Kun!"

"gggogogogood Morning Teteteenma San"

"I’m happy to see you, do you have plans after work today?"

(this is bad, I can’t spend time after work with her, I have to go back home really quick aahhhh)

Just say no dude, you want to cut the relationship with her, don’t you?

[oshiete yo oshiete yo sono shikumi wo] (oh shit I didn’t turn the phone to vibrator)

"what is that?"

"sorry, is an incoming call that I must take" (ALLELUYAH IS RALPH, YOU SAVED ME BASTARD)


"what’s gotten to you, we meet on Friday remember?"


"I didn’t call to hear your stupid yelling, listen, we will go out to a soccer match today after work, want to tag along? Charlie said that he will bring girls so you can talk to them"

(like if that would motivate me, but this is the best option if I want to avoid Tenma invitation)

"Sure, lets meet after work, see ya"


"well Tenma, you see, I can’t go with you after work, sorry, I have to go back to work, talk to you later"


(don’t dare to try to escape from me Harima)

Man, I can feel her eyes like needles coming this way, I better go to the soccer match just for a moment, either way it will be safer because will be less time than going with Tenma


At the soccer camp

"you have been really busy don’t ya Harima?"

Behind me, Erika from my previous Job, was sitting with the Tarot Cards set on the floor

"Hi Erika it has been a while"

"yeah, fancy meeting you here"

"what are you doing here? I thought you were not the type of girl who go watch soccer games"

"I could say the same for an otaku like you"

(you have a point there)

"to answer your question, I’m here checking on the goalkeeper guy"

“...why are..."

"you may ask why I’m doing that, is because the cards say that he will be my boyfriend so I want to see how was he"

"...can you even---"

"you may ask if I can tell that with just reading cards, well you know, they never fail, that’s how I knew you were going to confess me"

(shit I forgot about that)

"but it was funny, you the one that can tell the future with numbers being owned by someone who can read the future with cards"

"well I’m ----"

" you are based on statistics and I’m based in magic you may say"

(this is the annoying part of her, she knows the future and interrupts every----)

"single thoughts on your mind?


Erika made a smug face which made Harima stop talking

"so, Harima"

"if you want to ask something you could just read my mind"

"I see you have been very busy lately, you meet Tenma"

"you could have told me that she was coming my way"

"well is pretty obvious she was going your way, you are Sagittarius and she is Leo, you are the perfect meal for Leo"

(that explain why she want to spend time with me)

"you even meet the Twins "

"you mean Yamiko"

(she was not Yamiko, you retard)

" looks like is going to get worse"

"do the cards say so?"

"I don’t see a bright future for you so take care ok?"

"Is not---"

"is not my business"

"…. could you please stop interrupting me?"

Harima left and suddenly the card that said that the goalkeeper was going to be Erika boyfriend in the future changed to ...........Harima!!!!????, Erika was in shock as Harima walked out of the stadium

As Harima feared, he got stuck in traffic

"well, more time wasting, I should have expected this after rejecting Tenma invite and escape to the soccer match"

people were running outside Harima Car, they had banners with them, it looks like someone was giving a surprise live concert, it was Saori Hayami who was promoting her latest single "the one"

when Harima noticed he went out of his car and joined the public

"oh man, my bad luck turned into good luck!! I get to see Saori Hayami in a live concert"

                                                                "........ and I can’t just be giving up on............"

Man, I love her voice and the lyrics of her songs, she knows what love is! she has yet to get a boyfriend because she is searching for "the one" (she doesn’t have a boyfriend because she is busy), the words she says feels real not like mine when I tell the girls that I confessed that they are the only ones, I see myself and feel fake, but is for songs like this one that I cannot accept the cheap love that I offer, this is true love!!!(that’s what Harima san believed it)

And the song was ending and Saori Hayami pointed her finger to the heaven and then to

                                                                "......because you are the one......."

                                                                                                                                                                .... Harima?!

Well Harima was on first line in public so he had a high chance of being noticed by Saori, Saori ended the concert with a "I love you everyone" and everyone started moving

                                                                                                                                                "I finally found you...."


At Harima Home


Annabel was on top of Harima while Harima was on the floor





They both heard the sound of the doorbell

"who is at this hour?"

Harima was saved

"oh, is you Yamiko, come in"

"sorry for the intrusion, yo! Harima"

"hi.... what are you doing here”?

"well, you both have been absent lately in the game so I decided to come and see what’s going on"

Yamiko was the leader of the raid team on FFXIV, she is also the twin sister of Shirayuki

"I’ll go prepare some tea, be right back" Annabel left them alone for a minute

Harima got close to Yamiko and whispered to her

"what are you doing here????"

"are not you happy to see me after all this time?

"we saw each other yesterday, don’t you remember?"

"you are dense as always Harima, I’m checking that you don’t betray Shirayuki"

"oh, c’mon I told you that there is no problem"

"I told you that we were going to watch over you, don’t you remember?"

"what if Annabel discover that you are a spy?"

" is your tea"

"thanks Annabel, you would make a good wife"

Yamiko was making fun of the two members of her raid team, both had their face red

"is not like that Yamiko"

"what are you talking about"

                                                                                                outside of the house

                                                                                ".... are you sure this is what you wanted?"

                                                                                "...Harima san seems more stressed than happy...."        

                                                                                ".......I thought I took the right decision...."

"humans decide their happiness by themselves, they don’t need someone else to decide for them"

"don’t forget that"


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