The One and Only



Chapter 2 - The Good, the Bad and the Lie


“……………. are you sure?............”

“I feel that I can…. with you everything is possible you see……”

                                                                “You always had your head in the cloud before meeting me anyways”

“I never tried to fly by myself before…. I didn’t have a reason to begin with……….”

                                                                “you didn’t have those wings before……………………...”



“Harima, lunch is ready”


“Good morning”

“ahhh good morning, my head”

In the kitchen, there was Anabel, the girl of next door, making lunch …. wait, making lunch?

“is 2pm already, you better wake up if you don’t want to miss our raid today”

Crap, that’s why I don’t like going out on Friday’s, we have our raid on Saturday’s at 2pm

“sorry, I went out last night”

“yeah, I heard when you came”

“I hope I didn’t make any noise”

“you are fine, c’mon, let’s eat lunch before our raid”


She is like a sister to me, well, after I confessed her in game that’s it, I had a crush on her, her way of playing got me in the second that I meet her, didn’t know she was cute in real life, then I confessed in game and heard a laugh on the next door and found out she lived next to me, she rejected me …then said I was a newb trying to get a hardcore gamer to help with money in game, that was not the reason that I confessed her, her skills were amazing, she was able to read the enemy moves before they happened, she was always one step ahead, so I wanted to learn from her…. But yea she rejected me


“dude, could you please stop wiping us?”

I could hear everyone bitching on the headsets while realizing we wiped to the boss at 1.0% hp left for the third time in a row after 3 hours of trying

“sorry, I’m still tired”

|you got a message on the private chat|

“want to take a smoke break?”

“sure, I guess”

“guys, we are taking a smoke break, we will be back in 15mins, go poop, eat, etc. etc.”

I stopped smoking because I fell a big hole on my throat, haven’t gone to the medic to check because I’m afraid of the result, but one cigarette won’t kill me


Outside Harima House

“so, what was it this time?”

“I think my timing on the mechanic is still off, I guess I should remove the glamour of my char because she shows a lot of her skin and got me distracted”

“no, I meant, last night, is not like you go out on Fridays very often, is everything ok?”

“oh that, yea everything is ok, is a personal issue, not a big deal to be honest”

“well, you make small things on big things, you know you can count on me”

And that’s precisely why I fell in love with her, she helped me since she meets me, but she rejected me…


“……I’ll be there if you need me, ok?”



*             *             *

Sunday Morning, I have to complete my weekly real-life quest, in order to live alone I have to report to my parents on Sunday morning and share breakfast with them, they are on their 60s and need some attention so we hired a nurse to take care of them

“Good Morning Harima”

“Good Morning Marisa”

“your parents are at the backyard”


“your father started making songs, you should listen to them when you get a chance”

“…. sure, I will”

We were a musician family when we were kids, my sister my brother and my father, I had a girl voice when I was child so my voice was always confused with my sister voice, those days won’t come back, I don’t have the same voice, the time or the desire to sing

(I guess he haven’t forgiven me after this 2 years…….)

“Hi Jin”

“Hi Mother”

“did you say Hi to Marisa?”

“yes, she told me you were here”

“you should marry her”


“I mean she is cute, she knows you very well, and she is dressed in white already”

(all nurses wear white mom)


“Hi Father”

“I have a new song, want to hear it?”

“…. sure”


“….so? what do you think?”

“is that Lon Lon Ranch? I can hear the chickens there”

“oh c’mon, this is the song you used to play, remember? I made my own version”

(I don’t recall playing this song)

the heaven turned gray and started raining, my parents went inside the house, they usually take naps in the afternoon so they fell asleep like usual so I went to the studio, the piano was there, how much has it been since I played? 3 years? Even when I fight this urge of playing it again I remember that nothing good came from playing it

“you miss it, don’t you?”

“sorry Marisa, didn’t hear you enter the room”

“…. you could play if you want, I can close the door so your parents can’t hear you”

“….is not that easy”

“you have to accept your calling”

“and accept that I can’t sing anymore? That all that I had is gone? That I tried to make you love me, you who rejected me 3 times? “


“…. sorry, I should not have said that”


And then I left the room and another Sunday went wrong as usual, going to my parents’ house was always like remembering why I decided to live alone, I wanted to leave all behind, all that I had and all the things that I fought for, all the things that I lost and the things that left unnecessary weight on my chest.


At Harima Home

Standing at his home, Harima is staring at the sky while giving his daily report to the person who seems another failed attempt to call love

“hello, sorry I didn’t call you earlier, is Sunday and I had to go to my parent’s place”

“did everything go well?”

“yeah kind of”

“why haven’t you taken me there yet?”

“you know is not easy, Marisa is there”

“…. oh right”

“I have to go back”

“ok, love you”

“…. bye”

(why can’t I say the same to her?)

Every man has different faces and Harima is not an exception but why this is not what you call love? I mean, you call her, you care about her, she cares about you? Harima san may have lost the real meaning of love through all the experiences he had, but even with all of the experiences, he had yet to face the real meaning of love, he was only 20 years old anyways, is not like he knows everything at that age


                                                                “……. you are still at it, don’t you?”


On the room, next to Harima House Annabel whispers to herself after listening Harima going inside the house after the call


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