Sam and his soldiers, as well as the Brightstar mercenaries stood atop the walls and looked at the forest to the east.

All of them were looking for monsters inside the forest with tense expressions, no one knew the exact number of enemies after all.

A Level 11 archer was the first one to notice zombies staggering out of the forest. He yelled and pointed at the undead until the others noticed them as well.

" Wait for them to completely leave the forest, we need to know how many monsters are wandering through the woods! "

Sam shouted his orders before he continued to wait for the enemies to exit the forest.

More and more zombies and skeletons approched the walls and the smell of rotten flesh started to fill the air. The stench intensified with every step the undead took, to the point where a few soldiers had to vomit because they couldn't take it anymore.

The first zombies had already reached the walls and started to scratch it, but there were still enemies coming out of the forest.

The mass of undead slowly surrounded the walls and attacked it from all sides, however their attacks were useless against it.

A young archer on the side was shaking when he loudly stated " These must be more than 1.000 zombies and skeletons, how the hell are we supposed to fight them?"

Many more soldiers started to ask questions and lose composure, except a few veterans and the majority of the mercenary group. Sam was calmly watching the monster army while thinking about a plan.

' This will be a tough fight but the rewards should be special too!

The question is how to fight them without too much casualties?'

Sam looked at the archers, however they weren't nearly enough to handle an army like that. Sam looked down at the space behind the gate he was standing on.

A few soldiers and civilians were busily running around, but what caught Sam's eyes was the carriage, which had been loaded with black stones.

Sam's expression brightened for a second, then he began to give orders.

" Go and get all of the civilians who are able to lift at least 25 kilograms. We have to organize a chain from the quarry to this gate and transport the stones as fast as possible! Also get a few people to drive the available carriages and load them with stones as well!

We will use the stones and smash the heads of the undead down there!"

Sam pointed down the wall, where the zombies were still scratching the stones. Most of the soldiers understood and began to move the stones from the carriage up the wall.

Linda also decided to give some orders.

" All of the mages come to me!

We will first use our magic before helping them carry the stones. We will shoot one after another. Use your strongest spells to attack tightly packed groups, this way we will be able to kill a lot of them before running out of mana or spells!"

The mercenary mages and their leader had also decided to tag along and agreed with Linda's plan.

Like this, all of the mages activated their spells one at a time while the remaining soldiers carried stones and organized the chain to the quarry.

20 minutes later, all of the mages had used up their spells. By this time the chain was already working and constantly transported stones to the wall.

Sam had also helped carrying the stones, he had superhuman strength after all. He returned to the gate and chose a few soldiers to throw the stones over the wall. Sam himself easily took a big black stone of at least 20 kilograms in one of his hands and let it fall down on a half decayed zombie right below him.


The stone perfectly hit the zombies head and made it disappear. The stone took the old position of its head and embedded itself deep inside the remaining flesh.

Blood splattered everywhere, before the zombie fell down motionless, with the stone still stuck between the shoulders.

Sam smiled and looked around at his men on the wall.

" Did you see that? We will smash every single one of them! This is our city and we will defend with our lives!

Now pick up your stones and FUCK THEM UP!!!"


The soldiers roared and began to let the stones rain down the wall. The citizens and soldiers near the wall couldn't see what was happening outside, they were more occupied with carrying stones, however they could still hear the horrible sounds of bones breaking and blood splattering.

Again, a few people with weak stomachs vomited but soon they returned to work.

This continued for a couple of hours, until the sky turned dark and Sam stopped his people.

" We will stop for now. We won't be able to see the enemies at night. I need a few guards for the night, everyone else can leave and rest for now.

Tomorrow at dawn we will have to start again. We won't be able to leave the city with this horde around, therefore I'm planning to kill them all and don't let a single one leave!"

A few archers stayed on top of the walls, the other people returned to their homes and went to sleep. They were exhausted and needed the few hours of sleep before defending the city again.

When Sam returned to the east on the next morning, the chain of people were already in the process of carrying stones and dropping them on a big pile besides the gate.

Sam greeted and climbed the walls to get a view of the situation outside. There were still a lot of undead roaming around but they were apart from each other, with only a few bigger groups remaining.

Linda greeted Sam and told him about the situation.

" Us mages will start with our spells again, the stones should come after that."

Sam nodded.

" If we can reduce them to a hundred, I will take a group of melee fighters and exit the city to kill them off!"

Linda returned to the group of mages after their conversation and they began to activate their spells again.

The battle continued like it ended the day before and after a few hours, the undead had been reduced to around 100 enemies.

Sam took a few veterans and walked through the gate. They had killed all of the undead near the gate, making it easier for them to open it. Sam and his group began to walk around the city and slay the zombies and skeletons attacking the stone wall.

Sam finally leveled up to Level 18 and this time, spend five points on speed and five points on accuracy, in hope of it aiding his martial arts.

When Sam and his group returned to the east gate a lot of people were already moving the corpses onto big piles before burning them.

Sam had ordered them before to use the time they were killing the remaining undead, to burn the corpses after piling them up. Sam didn't want smelly corpses around his city and on the fields, they were going to use in the future, therefore he decided to stack the bodies and incinerate them as fast as possible, to make the smell disappear and to stop any diseases from breaking out. After managing all of that he returned to the keep and sat on his throne.

He wanted to check his reward points, when the door opened and a white clothed man entered. It was the leader of the Brightstar mercenaries.


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