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' Congratulations Sam Williams! For killing a Level 15 boss monster you reach Level 15! '

' For reaching Level 15 you are rewarded with the new skill ( Martial Arts )'

' You can distribute 20 stat points now.'

" Well, 5 points in defense, speed, health, stamina and accuracy each."

' stat points allocated '

Sam went over towards Jack and the others.

" How is Kain doing? Is he seriously hurt?"

" No he just smacked his head against the wall. He is unconscious but should be fine except a little headache. Nissa applied some portion on his head to be on the safe side." Jack answered.

" That's a relief! I will check the Minotaurs corpse. We will leave after Kain has woken up!"

Sam approached the corpse and started to search for useful things. He tried to lift the battleaxe but even with his herculean strength he was almost unable to lift it. He didn't know how to get this weapon back to Blackstone city and who would be able to wield this axe in the first place.

The Minotaur had no armor or defensive equipment, but Sams eyes fell on the horns on both sides of the head.

' They might be useful, or at least valuable! I should try to break them.'

Sam picked up his spiked shield he had thrown earlier and started to hack at the horns. One of them was already cracked and after a few hits it broke off.

Sam used all his power and more than 20 hits to break the undamaged horn. He stored them in his backpack and decided to check his new skill next.

( Martial Arts

This skill allows you to utilize different martial arts techniques while fighting without weapons.
Upgrading this skill will make you learn more fighting styles like kung-fu, karate, Krav Maga and many more.)

" This skill paired with my enormous strength will be awesome! " Sam felt excited and thought about the ways these two skills could be used in the future.

Kain woke up one hour later. Sam told him what had happened and how they had killed the boss. They walked to the staircase and left the dungeon to finally return home.

The moment Sam left the dungeon a red screen appeared.

' You and your group successfully cleared and left Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon, therefore your group is rewarded with 2000 reward points! Furthermore, each of the group members is rewarded with one Level Up as being the first group to clear this dungeon! '

All of the group members got a Level Up message after the first one and distributed their points before beginning their journey towards Blackstone city.

Sam didn't forget to call Linda and ask what had happened while they were gone.

" Hey Sam, finally some news from you, we were worried that something bad happened to you! "

" We were trapped inside a dungeon, but we cleared it and are on our way back. Kain, Nissa and Jack are with me right now.

How many days passed since we left and what has happened while we were gone?"

" We didn't hear anything from you for four days! A few things happened here in Blackstone City. A lot of the former villagers from Woodchester and Oakhausen decided to return and resettle these villages. The survivors from Bobo's city also chose to live in the villages. We have around 100 villagers in each city right now, as well as 10 to 15 capable fighters to defend the cities until we can send reinforcements to help in a case of emergency.

Rudolph and Carl returned to manage the villages and ensure they prosper.

The second day after you left the twins accidentally ran into a quest and helped a merchant in a situation of life and death. It turned out it was a quest, where the merchant moved into their city after they saved them. You should check the city stats, I'm pretty sure the generated money or reward points should have risen after the merchant moved in.

He has a lot of employees, three carriages which enter and leave the city the whole time. He also got a lot of information about the surrounding area and cities which are near ours!

A big problem right now is our food. We have a lot of meat from all of the hunting, but vegetables and other things are nearly used up. Rudolf and Carl took quite a bit with them to feed their villagers too. We have to find other things than meat, if everything else is used up the meat won't be enough for all of us as well! "

" Yeah I know, I think I have a temporary solution for now but we have to find a stable income of food to be safe! "

Sam and Linda talked for a bit more before they ended the call. Sam summarized the situation at Blackstone city to the others while they walked.

A few hours later, without any unexpected events, Sam and his group reached Blackstone city.

The guards welcomed them with smiles. Linda and the twins also arrived and greeted them. Anna told them about a newly opened restaurant, which served various dishes including the meat of the animals that had been killed while hunting. All of them decided to meet up at the new restaurant at 7pm, which left them with two hours to return home, wash themselves and meet up again.

Sam took the two bags containing the lizarmen scales and Minotaur horns and stored them in the keeps treasury. He wanted to ask an experienced blacksmith, if he could craft something out of these materials.

' Now that we resettled the two villages we are in need of a truly experienced blacksmith! '

Sam had a lot of things running through his mind while he washed himself and dressed in a new set of clothes.

At 7pm Sam arrived in front of the new restaurant " Meat Dreams " which seemed to be filled to the brim with customers. He entered and saw many people eating dishes consisting of meat and nothing else. No salad rice or potatoes could be seen on the plates. A young waitress lead Sam into a private room. Linda and the twins were already there sitting at a table and drinking water.

Sam smiled at them and sat down. Jack, Nissa and Kain excused themselves through guild chat and said that they were too tired to go out and eat, so Sam ordered four dishes and started to talk with the women.

He told them about the dungeon and the monsters they had fought, as well as the new skill he had obtained.

" Nina and I have quite a bit of experience with martial arts. We have training in wing tsun, sambo and some other styles. We should spar to test your abilities hahaha!" Anna said and laughed.

Sam smiled and they continued their conversation while eating their plates of deer meat.

Their group left " Meat Dreams " after finishing their meal. Sam decided to walk the females home. Linda smiled at him before entering her home whereas the twins kissed him on his cheeks and told him that they really had missed him.

Sam had a big smile when he entered the keep. He undressed and lay down to take a good rest after four days of fighting.

' I should talk to Orkan tomorrow and get some information from him.' Sam thought before falling into a deep sleep.


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