World Game

World Game

by Rix

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

One day the world became dark for a few moments.

Afterwards life for Sam Williams and other humans should become a constant struggle for food,water and survival.the world changed drastically because of the arrival of Monsters!!!!

Zombies,Skeletons,orcs and many more brutal and vicious creatures started to roam the world and kill their Former inhabitants.

Sam Williams,the protagonist of this Story,a 25 year Old guy who worked in a factory until DAY 0 just wanted to Go to work when the world turned dark and a red information window like in RPG's appeared out of thin air in Front of his eyes.

It was like a Dream came true for Sam After he read the First sentence of Black letters in the red window...."choose your class!"



Author Notes:

English is not my native language and outside from English classes here in Germany I learnt the most from reading novels here on RRL^^


I am open for any opinion and advices even though I hope you won't completely destroy this novel of mine:D


I am planning to include a guild system and some strategy parts in the future too.

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Word Count (VII)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
The beginning ago
Changes ago
Level up! ago
stats ago
4th floor ago
Clearing the 5th floor ago
It's Jack ago
First Skill! ago
Jack's story ago
Patch 1.0 ago
Woodchester ago
Zombie General ago
hit and run ago
Shield Berserker ago
Scouting ago
More players ago
Killing enemies ago
Moving in ago
Another horde ago
Blackstone City ago
Journey to the east ago
Ivan Olev ago
Level 10 Boss ago
Coming home ago
The next mission ago
Insta-twins ago
Patch 1.1 ago
reclaiming Oakhausen ago
D rank adventurer ago
massacre ago
chaotic battle ago
Pursuit ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon part 2 ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon part 3 ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon part 4 ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon part 5 ago
Drogans Labyrinth Dungeon part 6 ago
Minotaur Drogan ago
Martial Arts ago
Merchant and Blacksmiths ago
The first quest ago
bare-handed fighting ago
continous control ago
spies ago
sparring ago
desert bandits ago
holding their ground ago
Red Scorpion Tribe ago
recruitment ago
random quest ago
successful defense ago
getting information ago
the journey ago
global event ago
Rise of the goblin king part 1 ago

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This story would be much better if the mc wasn't such a useless person, both in terms of intelligence as well as social skills.. I find him completely ridiculous and disagree with his decisions most of the time. No really, I don't even understand why he chooses to do some things. Completely against logic.

I'm guessing the author is young, cause the whole planing of the cities and it's resources is completely naive and not realistic.

Lastly, I don't really like how the author depics most other human males in the story as rapists, murderers and the worst kind of criminals all around, and the females as little more than sex toys. This is not believable at all.


 Only read to chapter 3. 

Rated 3 stars for neither good nor bad.

I'm biased. I personally hate this kind of story where "God" nerfs life to "have fun". If that's your thing, give this story a shot. Even though English isn't the authors native language there weren't any glaring grammar issues that detracted from the story. However, 3 chapters in and it already felt like we were following the cookie cutter copy paste formula for litrpg apocalypse, life nerf novels. If u have immediate gratification issues, you'll have to get a little ways in before this story can reel u in. If it does. God knows it lost me. But like I said, I'm biased.


Life nerf; my class is a warrior, therefore I can never use a bow. Even if it's on a table right in front of me. I do not mean use proficiently, I mean unable to even fire it or practice with it.


No real character development

if you like non stop action, i guess this book is for you. but there is no real character development. The relationships are paper thin. Sexual content? There is none. Except for world building descriptions. This seems more like those eastern animes were everone but the MC seems to find relationships useful. 



I love this story and this pacing. keep going !!

Abyss 404

like it plase more update

what's your update schedual

we have way too little rpg apocalypse novels on rrl