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Yuri’s group was currently located at the opposite side of the Scalesian encampment. They took a detour so they wouldn’t be seen, got into position, and waited for the signal to attack.

"Are we really going to do it? This task we were given... is it not plain suicide?"
"Stop crying, adventurer. You can keep your puny life if you have the skill. If not... you will die a glorious death. What more do you want?"
"You knights and your stupid glory. What's a glory good for when you are not able to enjoy it?"
"Guys~ Stop bickering please."

Suiren interfered and tried to stop the quarrel between the knights and adventurers.

"{How is it?}"

Yurin turned towards a certain adventurer who was staring at the opposite side of the encampment from the top of a tree.
As the adventurer's stream of magical power was located in his eyes, he was endowed with eye ability. In his case, it was an ability to see far into a distance that normal human eyes can’t reach. A very useful ability for any scout to have.

"Weglana flags have been raised. They are taking formations."

The man followed Yurin who jumped off of the tree down to the ground.

"Big Sis."

Bartholomew was waiting for Yurin under the tree, a frown on his face. It was obvious what he thought were in regard to this unreasonable order.

"{Man up, Bart. You look as if your lover eloped with your best friend.}"

(Right on the mark!? It really happened to him!? Look at you, Yurin. You made the poor Bart remember something sorrowful. Gahaha, haaa...)

"You bastards, get ready to go!"

Bartholomew immediately made himself feel better by shouting at the others.


Suiren anxiously called out to Yurin.

"{Okay, don't look at me like that. I will keep us safe. You, however, should wait here for my return.}
“That won’t do! What kind of maid wouldn’t follow her Master!”
"{{Most of them? Anyhow, you will only be a burden I will have to look after if you go too. Stay here and wait obediently.}"
"But... I understand..."

After ordering Suiren to stay in a safe place, Yurin turned towards Godfrey.

"{Knight Commander, are you and your knights ready to fight?}"
"Naturally, we are always ready."
"We are prepared."
"{Let's get the party started then.}"


At about the same time in the Scalesian encampment.

"Oracle, is what you say true?"

A lizardman in a top grade black armor inquired from a pitiable looking lizardwoman.
If Yuri saw the girl, she would recognize her as the woman who got tripped several times in the camp her group razed before.

"Heh, now you recognize me as Oracle? What gives?"
"Please, Oracle. Isn't it because everything has turned out as you said?"

The man said casually without a drop of shame.

"If you believed me right from the beginning, we wouldn't be in such predicament, Prince Nakai."

The woman, known as Oracle, said coldly.

"Don't jest, Oracle. How could anyone believed something like that even if it came from the mouth of the former Oracle's daughter?"

Prince Nakai said while recalling the vision Oracle had at that time.
He recalled Oracle’s eyes rolled back and she started spouting what everyone branded as nonsense at that time.

The early death of me, the firstborn son of Scalesia Khan? Stop joking around.
A human youngling will lead Scalesia to its ruin? What utter nonsense.
Scalesia Khan's execution in front of thousands of helpless lizardmen? This bullshit is going too far.

Those were the thoughts many of the lizardmen after hearing Oracle’s vision. However, Oracle's vision reached a very serious point for Prince Nakai. That’s because according to Oracle, he will die here today.

"Hahh, I understand everyone's reaction. My very first vision was of Scalesia's fall after all. However, they are now being proven right."

Oracle's light tone turned serious at the end. That is surely because Prince Nakai will fall today if he doesn’t take her vision seriously, and if even the prince doesn’t listen, there’s no way the Khan would. Even though Oracle was ridiculed by all, she was still very willing to help in order to avert this crisis. Mostly because she saw the fate awaiting her and her brethren should Prince Nakai fall here.

"That's why I summoned you here, Oracle. I need your help. Help me change this fate of mine with those visions of yours."
"You should have asked for my help earlier, Prince..."

Oracle's golden slit eyes rolled back immediately after she replied to Nakai.
Prince Nakai watched as Oracle received her visions. He waited five minutes, ten minutes... Suddenly, Oracle’s body started trembling, her breathing roughened, and blood started pouring from the corners of her mouth. She seemed to be in a serious pain, however, there was nothing Prince Nakai could do. Interfering Oracle while receiving a vision could have disastrous results.

About thirty minutes later, Oracle's eyes rolled back into their original position.

"Haa... haa... haa..."
"Oracle? Is... is something wrong?"

Prince Nakai finally showed anxiety as he watched Oracle's state. It was obvious that something went wrong.

"I saw it... I saw it..."
"What did you see, Oracle? What kind of visions did you have for it to put such strain on your body?"
"Destruction, death, massacre, blood..."
"But... but I also found a path... a path that is not just the only way for Prince Nakai to avoid death, but also a path that leads to all that's beyond success..."
"What is it... speak!"


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