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Thirteen days after triumphantly returning, the army of Weglana departed once again. They marched for an entire day through a forest with little to no breaks until the Scalesian's main encampment in the west was in sight. The Weglana forces will rest for a day in order to replenish their energy and attack first thing in the morning of the next day.

It goes without saying that the Weglana's army has already been noticed by the enemy, but Father Matthew and the generals didn't particularly mind as the lizardmen should already be starving. With their large bodies, the lizardmen need to consume thrice as much food as humans to stay sated. The strategists believe that only the upper echelon of the lizards within the encampment saw food in the last three days and that's precisely why they don't mind stalling the battle by resting for an entire day before attacking.

"I propose that Miss Yuri's group infiltrates the encampment and wreak havoc just before the start of the battle in order to instill panic within the enemy ranks and weaken the frontal defenses."

Father Matthew's voice resounded inside the largest tent within the Weglana camp.

"Father Matthew, forgive me if I sound rude, but you are a priest. What do you know about war? What can sixty people do against an encampment of over five thousand lizards?"

One of the generals questioned Father Matthew. His reasoning was sound since there's not much Yuri's group could do against such large numbers even if her group was full of elites.

"I'm not asking them to destroy the lizards from within. We just need them to draw the attention of the lizards to them. As long as the frontal defense weakens, our vanguard won't suffer as much. I hope that I don't have to remind everyone that this is not our final battle. We still need the soldiers to stay alive as much as possible. We won't be able to take our forces to Scalesia Khan if all of our vanguard falls here."

A hush fell over the tent, but everyone ended up nodding after they thought it through. What Father Matthew said is indeed the truth, furthermore, as the Weglana's intelligence wasn't able to accurately determine the lizard’s numbers, they will be needing every single able soldier.

"It has been decided then. Bartholomew, please convey what you heard to Miss Yuri and tell her to start preparing."

Princess Emilia spoke to Bartholomew who was sitting in for Yuri. Of course, Yuri was sleeping and as a result of spending about a month together, all members of her group were scared of waking her up. They know Yuri's mood better than anyone when she's forcibly woken up.

"Got it, I will excuse myself then."

Bartholomew who couldn't wait to escape from this tent filled with nobles and generals stood up and left after bowing.
After leaving through the tent's entrance with quick steps, he gradually slowed into a snail's pace.

"I hope Big Sis is already awake..."

Bartholomew muttered as he walked deeper into the forest with small, slow steps.
About half an hour later, Bartholomew arrived at a small wooden cabin encircled with tents. If the other soldiers and adventurers who aren't familiar with the Group C saw this cabin, they would be wondering where it came from. Naturally, it was built by Yuri's group in a matter of hours.

Bartholomew approached the cabin and turned towards the adventurers standing by the door.

"Is Big Sis awake? Please tell me she is..."
"You have lucked out. She woke up just a couple of minutes ago."
"Hahh... announce me then. I have an important message to report."

The adventurer quickly slipped through the door and slipped back just as quickly.

"Go ahead."

Bartholomew thanked the adventurer and entered the cabin.

"Big Sis."
"{Bart. How did it go?}"
"We are to infiltrate and wreak havoc to the encampment just before the start of the battle."
"{Tsk. Who are they trying to get rid off? Me... or is it Knight Commander?}"
"Although that idiot Godfrey lost his honor, the Knights still consider him their leader. Moreover, the princess..."
"{She's still a naive little girl, huh... she doesn't even realize that she's sending him to die.}
"Indeed... what do we do then? Are we going to do as ordered or...?"
"{I will figure something out. Inform the others to prepare.}"
"Yes, Big Sis?"
"{By everyone, I meant everyone. Even Knight Commander.}
"... I understand."

Bartholomew left the cabin and turned towards the guarding adventurer.

"Get prepared. We are leaving soon."
"Got it."

Bartholomew then went from tent to tent informing every adventurer to get ready.
Then, he turned towards a group of tents slightly further away from the cabin.


Bartholomew swallowed his words and walked towards the group of tents.
As he approached, he could hear the Knights laughing at one of the Knight's vulgar story.

"...-and then I bent her over the table and drove my rod up in her ass!"
"Gahahaha! You idiot, you missed the hole!"
"Nah, nah, I missed on purpose."
"Haha, stop lying, I bet it was your first time, so you didn't know where to aim!"
"... Guh."
"Hehe, sticking it into your best friend's mother's ass for your first time, not bad, not bad I say!"

The frown on Bartholomew's face grew bigger and bigger the more he listened.

"Oh, mister big-time adventurer, what have you come for to our humble abode?"

One of the Knights who noticed Bartholomew asked sarcastically.

"Where's your dishonored Commander?"
"What did you say!?"
"Say that again!"

Bartholomew sneered and repeated himself.

"I asked: Where's your dishonored Commander?"
"Stop it. Why are you here?"

Godfrey who exited one of the tents asked.

"Get ready. We are departing for battle soon."

Bartholomew said what he came for and immediately walked away.
He had to prepare as well, this might be his last day on this world unless Yurin came up with a solid plan after all.


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