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After razing the first camp to the ground, Yuri and her group set their eyes on nearby watchtowers and hidden supply stashes. As Scalesians were a nomadic race up until a few years ago, they were accustomed to hiding their supplies in small portions everywhere they moved. Unfortunately for the lizards, Yurin's trained eyes were able to detect even the slightest unnatural changes in the terrain. By dawn, Yuri's group took out four of such hidden stashes and two watchtowers.

Yuri's group found a safe place to rest and departed to look for the supply stashes in the evening again.
After repeating such routine for ten days, all groups finally reunited back at the capital.

Although Group A consisted of the weakest adventurers, the one who suffered the largest amount of casualties was Group B whose objective was to divert the attention of the lizardmen from the hidden supply stashes.

"Go- Cough... Knight Commander, Miss Yuri, welcome back. I hope everything went smoothly."

Emilia who saw Godfrey and Yuri enter through the castle's gate welcomed them with a smile and inquired about the situation.

"Princess, all went according to the plan. We were able to destroy thirty-eight hidden supply stashes. In about a week, the lizards won’t have anything to eat for at least a month."

Seeing the ministers behind her, Godfrey swallowed the sugary words he had prepared for Emilia and reported.


Emilia looked at Father Matthew and the ministers behind her, the excitement apparent in her eyes.

(This girl really detests the lizardmen, doesn't she~)
{I wonder if it has something to do with this stupid commander?}
(Probably? Just listen to her heartbeat. At this rate, her heart is going to burst out of her chest and dirty Big Sis' shoes with blood. Stupid little girl, does she really think that the prick commander is really in love with her?)
{She would have to be our comrade if she wasn't touched by his pink words.}

"We shall raid the lizard's main encampment in the east in fifteen days. Princess, you will have to prepare yourself to go this time. This will be our biggest expedition in the war with the lizards and we will be able to continue marching forth if we succeed. It will be Princess' duty to boost the morale of our soldiers with your presence."
"I understand."

After discussing with the ministers for a while, Father Matthew tasked Emilia with the duty of boosting morale which she acknowledged.

"I will personally oversee the preparations of our troops. We can't allow any mistakes."
"I understand, Father Matthew. I will leave it to you then. Everyone else should return to their duties."
""Yes, Princess.""

After Matthew left to the barracks and the ministers returned to their duties, Emilia happily skipped over to Godfrey and Yuri.

"How was it, Godfrey? Have you slain many lizards?"
"Naturally, Emilia. Not a single one had the chance to escape the sharpness of my sword."

Godfrey boasted to Emilia who inquired with sparkling eyes.

{Stupid commander, if I didn't miscount, then you have killed three lizardmen in total during these eleven days...}
(Yup, yup, even that gorilla maiden Bart crushed at least fifteen lizard heads~)

"Ohh~ as expected of the Knight Commander! You have to tell me all about it! Miss Yuri, I had the chefs prepare a feast in your room, please enjoy!"

Emilia said to Yuri with a silly smile plastered on her face and then promptly dragged Godfrey away.

"... Stupid."

Yuri said expressionlessly while looking at the couple's back and returned to her room.
When she entered the room,

"... Heaven?"

Yuri plunged into the sofa and started stuffing her cheeks with all kinds of sweets.

"Master, your teeth will decay if you eat too many sweets."

Yuri froze for a moment and placed the cake in her hand back on the table.
That didn't stop her from eating, however, as she took a drumstick of some kind and munched on that.

"... Paradise?"

She ate one drumstick after another until the plate was clean and set her sights on a steak next.

"Master, you will get fat if you eat so much. How about..."
"... Uuu..."

{Oh my...}
(G, good luck, Moderate Boobs...)

I made her cry! Suiren's mind was in a panic.
A few hours of coaxing and two bowls of meat salad later, Yuri finally fell asleep on Suiren's lap.

Haa... T, that was exhausting... Suiren sighed and dozed off as well.


At the same time in the royal garden.

"We didn't have any fire ability users in our group, so I volunteered myself to infiltrate the lizard camp by myself and set it on fire."
"Wow~ that must have been nervewracking."
"It was. To be honest, I was tense, you can never know what the lizards would do to you when they catch you. Will they kill you, torture you, eat you alive? Such questions ran through my mind, but I knew I had to do it for the sake of peace."
"You are so brave, Godfrey! Did it go smoothly? Were you able to set the camp on fire without any problems?"
"No, I was almost caught, but I was, fortunately, faster than the lizard and finished him off before he could alert the others."
"Hehe~ the citizens don't call you Rapid Hands Knight for nothing after all!"
"Rapid Hands Knight... how did they come up with that?"
"Yeah! I heard the citizens titled you such when they saw you beating the meat out of thugs in one of the back alleys~"
"Ugh... I, I see..."
"See? Even though the ministers, soldiers, and adventurers may think that you are a knight who lost his honor, the citizens still love you!"
"T, that's right, the citizens are the most important..."
"Now then, my Rapid Hands Knight, please tell me more~ What happened after you set the camp on fire?"


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