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"That's our first target."

Knight Commander Godfrey who was hiding in the crown of a tree said to Yuri who was sitting on a branch of the neighboring tree.

(Gahahaha... hahaha... ha~)
{Calm down, calm down...}

It goes without saying that seeing a fully armored knight on top of a tree brought the immature Yuriko to tears. It couldn't be helped though for Godfrey and the few knights of his were standing out too much beside the lightly armored adventurers. It's Yuri's group good fortune that light didn't reflect of off their armor and alerted the enemy.

Nonetheless, the place Godfrey was talking about was one of the vanguard camps of the lizardmen. The camp wasn't too big, but there were still more than one thousand lizardmen.
The objective of Yuri's unit of B and A rank adventurers was to destroy this and a few other camps.
However, even though Yuri's unit consisted of strong adventurers, their group had only sixty members, so they weren't strong enough to take on a thousand enemies head-on as Yuri's group was precisely a strike force.
But, that's where the Group B, led by master of defense General Kucolus and Lieutenant Colonel Suvi comes in. Their job was to lure the lizardmen out of the camp. That way, Yuri's group could sweep through the camp and ransack it completely.

And thus, Yuri's Group C was on the standby until there's movement from the camp.

"Here, Master. Have some warm tea, it's getting chilly."
"... Nn."

After climbing up the tree Yuri was sitting in with a kettle of warm tea in her hand with a great difficulty, Suiren poured a cup for Yuri.
Yuri sat on the branch while observing the camp and sipping her tea. She obviously wasn't pleased with its taste as a small frown formed on her face.

"... Bitter."
"I'm sorry Master, but I have nothing to sweeten the tea with."

Suiren said sorrowfully.

"Big Sis, how about some cookies with the tea? It might lessen the bitterness."

Bartholomew said as he opened a pink pouch with a white string, exposing finely shaped brown cookies.


Yuri silently picked up a cookie from the pouch and ate it.
Seeing that, Suiren glared at Bartholomew and took out a lap blanket from her bag and coiled it around Yuri's legs.
She then triumphantly looked at Bartholomew, causing him to bare his teeth at her. He understood that he lost this time as he couldn't carelessly touch his Big Sis' body. No one knew that at this moment, Bartholomew lamented being born as a man.

Godfrey who was watching the three's nonchalant exchange sneered and switched his gaze towards the camp once again.
Finally, just as the sun started going down, there was a movement in the camp.

"They are moving out."

Godfrey reported. He took on the watch of the camp himself as everyone except his knights were absentmindedly ogling Suiren.
Yuri was actually watching the camp properly as well, she had no other choice as she was bored to death while waiting. She even counted the times a certain lizardwoman was tripped by other lizardmen. In the few hours of sitting in the trees, the poor thing was tripped twelve times. Yuri couldn't figure out why the lizardmen were acting in such way.

The adventurers jumped down from the trees and started preparing for the battle.
Yuri sat down on the branch until she saw hundreds of lizardmen disappearing in a forest.

Opening her eyes after closing them, Yuri's expressionless face showed some sternness and her carefree atmosphere suddenly turned chilly.
She then looked at the sky was dyed orange-red and nodded.

"{We are attacking the camp once the sun sets.}

Still having to act quiet, the adventurers tapped their fists against their chests in acknowledgment to Yurin who took over the body.
She then turned towards Suiren and spoke to her in a serious voice.

"{You keep close to me. Big Sis won't forgive me if her goods get damaged.}"
"Y, yes!"

Startled by the seriousness of Yurin's tone, Suiren could only exclaim in panic.

"{Where are the fire ability guys?}

Yurin then turned towards the adventurers and asked. Three men replied with their arms raised in the air, so she beckoned them over.

"{Stay close to me.}

And then, when the sun had set, the group stealthily crawled the camp's fence. It would have been perfect if not for the metallic clattering of the knights' armor.
According to Yurin's calculations, there should be about two hundred lizardmen left in the camp. However, they should all be weaklings that were left behind to protect the camp while the strong ones went to earn merit in battle. They shouldn't stand a chance against her group of B and A ranked adventurers, Yurin concluded.

After finally getting under the fence, Yurin turned towards the three men fire ability.

"{Set the tents on fire, burn the whole camp to the ground. Go!}

The three men suddenly jumped out and started shooting balls of fire at the tents. The tents were made from cloth, so they quickly burnt down and spread the fire to the other tents.

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"
"Fire! Put down the fire!"

The lizardmen rushed out of the tents in panic, some not even wearing their armor.


With Yurin's command, all forty adventurers and twenty knights invaded the camp and begun slaughtering the panicking lizards. Many of the lizardmen escaped the fire and left their weapons inside their burning tents, so they were forced to fight bare-handed. But, even if they had weapons they were like lambs waiting to get slaughtered as even the lizardman who was left in command of the camp was only as strong as a B-ranked adventurer.

Yurin also wasn't idle.
As she seemed as an easy target for the lizardmen because of her little height, the lizards rushed at her one after another, until they realized that she was a little demon that punched the brains out of the heads of their brethren.

Before long, the entire camp was burned to the ground, a foul stench of burning flesh drifted all over the camp. Not a single lizardman was spared.
Correction, Yurin saw one of the lizards escaping as soon as she entered the camp.

"{Let's go, we are getting out of here before the other lizards return.}"

Yuri's group disappeared as quickly as they appeared and moved towards another camp.


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