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Silence reigned over in the hall. While Yurin who was currently in charge of the body stood expressionless as if the silent treatment of the adventurers didn't have anything to do with her, the face of the Knight Commander Godfrey warped in a frown.

"You can't be serious!"

A burly, bearded man pushed his way to the front as he shouted in anger. The people he pushed forcibly aside wanted to retort, but they reconsidered the moment they saw the man's face.


Godfrey gritted his teeth and uttered the man's name when he heard his voice.
The man known as Bartholomew is an infamous A-rank adventurer, who seldom accepts requests that don't have anything to do with killing.

"Princess, you can't expect us to follow this failure of a commander to seek death again!"
"That's right, that's right!"

When Bartholomew shouted this time, many of the adventurers joined in agreeing with him.
Emilia who was under Bartholomew's gaze shrunk back, her vigor quickly draining away. Although she was aware of the hate people direct towards Godfrey, she didn't think it was to such an extent.

"Bartholomew, you bastard! How dare you direct your dirty gaze towards the princess!"

Godfrey who couldn't endure anymore confronted Bartholomew.
In Godfrey's mind, this man got even more brazen than he was five years ago.

"Shut up! How many of good men do you think have died because of you that day? You have no right to lead the best our country has to offer to death for the second time! You should have been stripped of your position a long time ago!"
"Hmph, you are talking as if I didn't recognize my failure. This is why people often say your brain is rotten. The commander of the unit isn't me, I'm just acting as an assistant, didn't you hear?"

Godfrey said in contempt.
Actually, although Godfrey is aware of his failure that year, he doesn't think much of it. In his mind, he just made a small lapse in judgment that led several men to their death. Great generals don't become great overnight, they need to experience failures in order to reach the pinnacle of leadership. Because of the adventurers calling out his failure over and over again, Godfrey held adventurers in contempt.
However, he still didn't forget to redirect the outrage towards the "commander."

At this time, Bartholomew already arrived at the front and stood about two meters in front of Yuri and Godfrey.
Even though Bartholomew knew Yuri was just a little girl, when he stood in front of her, he couldn't believe just how little she actually was. Wasn't this just a ten years old girl? They wanted them to follow a little brat that didn't even start growing pubic hair? At this moment, Bartholomew felt betrayed by his own country.

"Little gi-"

Just as Bartholomew was about to "suggest" Yuri to leave, he found himself staring at the ceiling with a little foot on his neck in the next moment.
Bartholomew looked up in disbelief. He didn't even feel any signs of movement from her. This little girl... she's way stronger than him!
Just like Bartholomew, the adventurers who witnessed the infamous A-ranker draw a parabola were stupefied.

Yurin withdrew her foot and allowed Bartholomew to stand up.

"{Any questions}?"
"N, no."

Bartholomew replied to Yurin and obediently returned into the crowd.

"P, please gather outside in the units you belong to tomorrow. You will be leaving in the morning."

Emilia who finally recovered said such. A bit of pride was tickling her heart, she made the right choice after all!
Feeling elated by being so foreseeing, Emilia left the barracks with a smile plastered on her face. She, unfortunately, didn't pay any attention to Godfrey who was feeling rage seeping throughout his body.

Yurin joined with Suiren who waited outside the barracks and then moved to the guest room for the rest of the day.

On the morning of the next day, Yurin and rest of the Commanders and Vice-Commanders arrived outside the barracks where the adventurers were waiting.
For some reason, there were about twenty knights mixed in Yuri's group. However, Yurin didn't pay any mind to it.

After a few formalities, each unit set out towards their destination.
Yuri was informed about her objective yesterday, but she got bored after a while so she wasn't really listening. She, fortunately, could switch with Yurin who would listen in her stead. In fact, this whole attack on lizards ordeal was of no interest to Yuri. She was just looking towards the result. The rest? She can leave the rest to Yurin. Moreover, it was safer for her to leave it to Yurin, although Yuri herself wasn't aware, she wouldn't be able to easily flip an A-ranker like Bartholomew with her current strength.

Thanks to Yurin being in charge of the body, the only one who feels out of place in this unit full of strong men and women was Suiren. Thankfully, the adventurers recognized her for being Yuri's maid and quite a beauty to behold. Just as the unit set off, Suiren was under attack of many adventurers trying to curry a favor with her. As for Yurin...

"Big Sis, have some water."

Bartholomew said as he presented a cup he carefully filled with water.

"Big Sis, would you like some fruit?"

Afer Yurin received the cup and drank the water, Bartholomew presented her some nice looking fruit.

"Big Sis, would you like to try these sweets? They are homemade."


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