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After telling Yuri about her request, Emilia gathered her officials once again and conveyed them about the agreement. The next day, posters containing a request for all ranks of adventurers coming directly from the country with large sums of money as compensation appeared all around Walmyr.

In just seven days, over eight hundred adventurers gathered in Walmyr's military barracks.
This group of adventurers contained adventurers of the lowest F rank up to the second to highest A rank. It appears that the highest ranked S adventurers didn't find the compensation that alluring or perhaps there currently weren't any in Weglana as just only a few adventurers can boast of being an S rank.

After softening the adventurers with a bit of booze and food, Princess Emilia, Knight Commander Godfrey, Father Matthew, and Yuri, whose body was currently under Yurin's control, made their appearances in the barracks.

The short-lived expression of disgust on the Knight Commander's expression after walking into the hall full of adventurers didn't escape Yurin's eyes.

{It seems that he has some kind of a beef with the adventurers.}
... Beef?
(Not that beef, Big Sis~ You can suck on my finger anytime though if you ever feel hun- Ow! What was that for!)
{Take a guess.}

"Oh, Princess Emilia!"
"Yer beautiful as ever!"
"Ahh... I would give up everything to get trampled by her little feet..."
"How about I trample you instead, you little shit!"
"Yeah, how dare you talk about my lovely Emilia's feet in such manner!"
"Who's your lovely Emilia! She's obviously my lovely Emilia!"
"Say that again?!"

Seeing Princess Emilia enter the hall, the whistling and shouting of the adventurers resounded around.
Something like this happening wasn't unforeseen as Emilia is an unmarried, lovely young lady. Moreover, with the past of Weglana's rulers marrying commoners, she was the perfect wife in the eyes of numerous people. In fact, more than half of the adventurers gathered here came with some kind of an ulterior motive, and at least quarter of that is here in hope of attracting Emilia's attention. Accept the request, make an impression, obtain a high military post or a noble rank, or become Emilia's husband. That's what most of the adventurers are hoping for by undertaking this request.

"Thank you, thank you everyone for accepting mine and our country's request. Without your help, our republic might just not survive."
"Anything for you, Emilia!"
"Look at me, please look at me, Princess!"

A vein was gradually popping on Godfrey's forehead, from the looks of it, he is having a difficult time staying composed.

"I'm sure you are aware that by accepting this request, you will be placing your lives on the line for our country. Every night, I would have nightmares thinking of you, you who have not signed to the military, yet still will be placing your lives in danger for the sake of my people. I couldn't stand it, I just couldn't. And thus, I have turned to my officials. After much negotiation, I was able to persuade them to send the compensation from the request to your families might you fall in the battle."

The adventurers were stunned. Although most of them came with ulterior motives, the compensation itself isn't low. As the reward money from the requests is usually split between the other party members in case of death, or completely lost when passing away while acting solo, the families of the adventurers don't see any kind of money after their loved one's death in most of the cases. However, according to Emilia's words, even if they fall during this request, they families would be able to keep on living without worrying about money.

"Thank you, thank you!"
"I love you!"

The adventurers were euphoric. It really was worth accepting this request!

"Also, you will be divided into units led by my most trusted people. These people will be keeping an eye on potential military talents, so please do your best and you might receive a high military post!"

Sure enough, a road for the thing most of the adventurers were aiming for has opened. An official post!
It has to be said that only those who graduate from Weglana's military academies are able to join the ranks of the high-paying military. However, because of the high entrance fees and difficult curriculum, most of the current military personnel are either nobles or children of wealthy merchants.
Joining the military would provide them with more stable and high-paying wages!

"All hail, Princess Emilia!"
""Princess! Princess!""
"Marry me, Emilia!"

Emilia calmed down the noisy adventurers by raising her hand and she continued talking.

"With that out of the way, let me introduce you to the unit leaders.
This is General Beareye and Colonel Wisal, they will be the commander and vice-commander of the Group A. Group A will consist of F, D, and E rank adventurers. General Beareye is in charge of training fresh recruits while Colonel Wisal is a teacher at the Walmyr's Military Academy, so you will be in good hands."

Emilia introduced the huge bearded man and the scholar-looking slender young man who came up to the front.
The adventurers clapped, not knowing whether they should feel lucky about being led by General Beareye who with his stature looked really frightening.

"General Kucolus and Lieutenant Colonel Suvi will be leading Group B. Group B will consist of C and B rank adventurers. General Kucolus is known as the master of defense and Lieutenant Colonel Suvi is the winner of last year's martial arts competition. Under these two's leadership, you will definitely show the lizards their place!"

This time, the hall become as boisterous as it can get. The reason for that is precisely Lieutenant Colonel Suvi. Many still have vivid memories of this black-haired, black-eyed beauty crushing her opponents in the competition left and right. The impression she left on the citizens of Weglana was so great, that they nicknamed her the 'Close-combat Goddess.'

"And last but not least, Miss Yuri and Knight Commander who will lead a strike force oriented Group C, consisting of B and A rank adventurers. Miss Yuri is-"

The adventurers were exhilarated by the leaders of the two groups so far, so they had enormous expectations for the last group who is formed by the strongest among them. But, the people Princess Emilia introduced were a still wet behind the ears little girl and a dishonored knight.


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