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... Yuri



"Princess, you're finally back!"
"Sandra! Quickly, go and call Father Matthew over!"
"W, why? Are you injured!?"
"Y, yess!"

Princess Emilia and Yuri were able to arrive at the Walmyr's castle in one piece thanks to Suiren's precise driving. Driving a carriage was, fortunately, one of the things she learned in Alasta.

The reason Princess Emilia is currently so panicked is her Knight Commander Godfrey. It took them five hours to reach Walmyr, yet Godfrey was still unconscious. Worried that the injuries Godfrey suffered are more serious than she thought, she sent one of her personal maids, Sandra, to get Father Matthew.

Father Matthew is the Weglana Republic's head priest and the country's most gifted healer.
If Emilia is to call for someone to heal Godfrey, it would be him ten out of ten times.

"You two over there! Carefully carry Godfrey to the medical bay!"
""Yes, Princess!""

Seeing the two guards carrying Godfrey to the medical bay, Emilia finally found the time to let out a sigh.

"I have shown you something unsightly, pardon me."
"No, no. Don't worry about it, Princess."

Suiren quickly replied.

"Let's go to my room, you can write your recipe there."
"... Nn."

Although Yuri nodded in agreement with Emilia's words, she was actually pulling her by the hand towards the castle, even though she obviously didn't know the way to Emilia's room.
After Yuri finally gave up and let Emilia lead, the three girls reached the luxurious room befitting a princess.
There, Yuri received a paper and quill pen from Emilia and she energetically wrote the recipe. In just a few seconds.

Emilia who got the paper back faster than she handed it over was dumbfounded.
She looked at the paper and then immediately tilted her head.

"Cure, smoke, cool is it...?"
"... Nn."

Emilia confirmed with Yuri that what she wrote is indeed the correct recipe.
Feeling a bit embarrassed, Emilia asked a question.

"H, how does one cure boar meat? Do you use healing magic on it...? Or perhaps it's a detoxication magic?"

Yuri was stunned.
This Princess doesn't know how curing works.
How much of a lavish life was she leading until now?

"And smoking? I never heard about people smoking meat before... I heard something called tobacco is popular for smoking in the south, but that's not meat, is it?"

{Is this girl for real?}
(Ohh~ so this is why the lizard was calling her a spoiled little girl, I see, I see~)
{Lizard? What are you... Yuriko!}
(We are sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service)


When Princess Emilia opened her mouth again, Yurin and Yuriko ceased their in-mind brawl, waiting for the bomb to explode.

{She's not going to... right?}
(Surely not...)

"That's just letting it cool, right? That, I know of."

(Hahaha... thank Yuri.)


One of the maids nudged Emilia.

"Ah! Don't worry about it, Miss Yuri. I'm sure our royal chefs know what to do! Simone, take this recipe to the kitchen and have them prepare it right away!"
"Yes, Princess!"

Emilia handed over the paper to the maid who nudged her and ordered her to go to the kitchen.
Just as the maid Simone opened the door, an elderly man with a maid behind him was about to knock on the door.

"Father Matthew!"
"Princess, I'm glad you are back unhurt."
"Yes, but... Godfrey... what about Godfrey...?"
"Knight Commander is all right, all of his injuries were treated and he's now sleeping off his exhaustion. He protected you well."
"Yes! Ah-"
"Hmm? Your friends?"
"This is Miss Yuri and her maid. We wouldn't be able to return alive without their help."
"I see, I see. Thank you very much for rescuing our Princess."

The elderly man, Matthew, bowed his head to Yuri in gratitude.

{So fake.}
(Yup, fake.)
... Fake.

Why do this man's eyes seem so different from his tone and facial expression? Suiren also thought at that moment.

It was just as the girls thought.
While Matthew's tone and expression looked soft and gentle, his eyes were literally raging with fury.
Judging from the expressions by Emilia's personal maids, Emilia herself and the youngest of her maids, Sandra, are the only ones who didn't notice.

(My, my~ did Big Sis unintentionally thwarted this grandpa's plans?)
{Seems like it. Look, his hand is itching to strangle the princess to death.}

"I, I'm going to see how Godfrey is doing!"
"Princess, don't stay there too long. There's a meeting regarding the country's next moves and you are needed to be present."
"I know!"

Emilia said as she stormed off from the room.

"Good grief. That lass never learns..."

Matthew muttered as he was leaving the room.

"Excuse me, Princess has ordered me to arrange a guest room for you. Please, allow me to guide you there."
"... Nn."


Later that day, a meeting was held in the Walmyr castle's throne room.
Sitting on the grandiose throne was Emilia, to her right was the head priest Matthew and to her left was the Knight Commander Godfrey who finally woke up.

"--- I'm afraid that we have no choice but to turn to the adventurers."
"Is that really the only way?"
"It can't be helped. The royal alchemist has been murdered, moreover, he was a lizard all along. Our army won't be able to attack the lizards like we planned without the supplies the royal alchemist was supposed to deliver. That's why, putting up a request with the adventurers who secure their supplies by themselves is our only chance."
"Yes, however..."

One of the ministers spoke while glancing at Godfrey.

"The adventurers won't follow Knight Commander in battle... will they?"
"That's right."

A clear dissatisfaction was shown on Godfrey's face, but he had nothing to retort with.
The minister's words were true after all.

"Then... how about asking Miss Yuri?"

Emilia who was silent the whole meeting suddenly proposed.
Matthew frowned and replied to Emilia.

"That little girl? Princess, this isn't the time to be-"
"It's not a joke! Godfrey, you remember what really happened in the forest, don't you? You know how powerful Miss Yuri really is, right!? This is also a great opportunity to restore your honor!"
"...... Yes, I agree with your suggestion."


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