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... Yuri



Our stalker, hunter, and chaser suddenly found herself being stared at by dozens of scaly humanoids.
She stared back because she was confused that there was no boar in sight.

Her amazing deduction skills were immediately put to work.

Human, body bloodied with red blood, sword bloodied with dark green blood.
Lizards, bodies bloodied with dark green blood, weapons bloodied with red blood.

It was easy for someone with Yuri's deduction skills to guess what happened.
... The lizardmen must have killed her prey!

The prey she so patiently stalked.
The prey she hunted with such determination.
The prey she chased with all of her strength!

"... Bacon!"

The lizardmen that were confused by the sudden appearance of a boar and then a little girl quickly recovered.

"Was it you? Was it you that spooked the damned boar over here!? Do you know how many of my men died under its feet!"

One of the lizardmen who's clothing was a little different from others drew near Yuri while angrily shouting.

"... My bacon."
"You little devil, you will-"

As the lizardman ranted and ranted, Yuri's irritation only grew.

"-pay for this!"
"... You ate my bacon!"

she snapped and also misunderstood the situation.
A little vein popped up on Yuri's forehead as she trusted her hand forward towards the lizardman's abdomen.


The lizardman grunted in pain as he looked down.


What he saw was a little palm driven straight into his navel.

"Y, you litte human worm!"

Barely fazed by the damage he received, the lizardman lifted his arm into the air.

Crackle... zapbzzzz


But, before he could swing his robust scaly arm towards Yuri, the little palm that was stuck in his abdomen crackled and poured a violent current of lightning straight into the lizardman's body.

The lizardman's body shook and then violently thrashed about until it lifelessly collapsed to the ground.

""Boyan Onggur!""

The lizards cried as they saw their general fall to the ground.

"Attack! Attack!"

The lizardmen fell into a disorder and charged at Yuri to avenge their general's death.
However, this also meant that they grouped up together which played to Yuri's advantage.

"... Die."

She said as she mercilessly fired a bolt of lightning from her palms. The lightning jumped from one lizard to another, charring their bodies until they became unrecognizable.

"... Ugh."

Although the job was well done, Yuri felt weak in the knees.
The surroundings were enveloped in the pungent smell of blood and burnt flesh.

"Hahh, hahh, hahh... Master... f, finally caught up to-... what's that smell? W, What..."

The out-of-breath Suiren who was finally able to catch up with Yuri noticed the bad smell and finally noticed her surroundings.
A dozen of charred, what seemed to her as lizards corpses with noticeable terrified expressions were laying in front of her master.

"Master... are you... are you unhurt!?"

Finally collecting herself, Suiren checked her master's condition.
She was happy to see no wounds on her body. Only her clothes were torn here and there, but she judged that she got it from chasing the boar through the bushes.

"Boar? Right, where is the boar?"

Suiren finally noticed that the reason she spent all day chasing after her master is nowhere to be found.

"... Bacon..."

(Ouch, that was straight into the heart!)
{Come on, give her some slack. She has been chasing after Big Sis until now after all.}
(Alright, alright... still, why does a machine like her seem out of breath...? Why would her creator... ah! So it was for that! What a perv~)
{I'm more amazed that you could come up with something like that. Like two peas in a pod... huh}

While Suiren was trying to comfort Yuri, Godfrey tried to raise from the ground, but he was so exhausted that he fell back onto the ground.


Resounded from the carriage.
Princess Emilia jumped down and rushed towards Godfrey.

"P, Princess... quickly... quickly go back... I have yet to confirm... e, enemies..."
"Stop worrying about that, stupid! What are you going to do in such state? If they are enemies, I would die even if I stayed in the carriage... you know that, don't you?"
"...... Then... I will have to leave the rest... to you... Emilia..."
"Yes, leave it to me..."

The exhausted Godfrey closed his eyes and lost consciousness in Emilia's arms.
Gently placing Godfrey onto the ground, Emilia raised her head and looked at the people that stood on the other side of the charred corpses.
She watched from the carriage, so she knows what really occurred, but even now she can't believe that a little girl like that defeated a dozen of lizardmen.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she stood up and walked towards the two.
Once she got past the burnt lizardmen, although hesitating and frightened, she opened her mouth.

"H, how do you do? I'm the princess of the Weglana Republic, Emilia Weglana. T, thank you very much for saving us from these lizards."
"Eh? Huhhh... a princess... a princess? The princess!? It, it's an honor to meet you."
"Who might you be? Are you Weglana's citizens? Adventurers, perhaps?"
"Y, yes. My Master and I are adventurers. We have arrived in Weglana just recently."
"I see... would you like-"
"... Bacon..."
"Huh? Bacon? What's that?"
"Ah, I'm sorry. I'm not too sure myself, but it's some kind of a dish."
"Is that bacon perhaps made from the meat of the boar you were chasing? If so, would you like to return with me to Walmyr? I'm sure we have boar meat in the castle's storage. If you have a recipe, I will make sure our chefs master the dish called bacon-"

Suddenly, Emilia felt a gush of wind run past her.
When she turned around, she saw Yuri sitting in the carriage and signaling her to quickly sit next to her by energetically clapping on the seat.

"-no matter how many all-nighters it takes them..."


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