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... Yuri



"Big news! Big news! The newly selected royal alchemy supplier has been found dead! Not only that, he was a lizard! A spy sent by the scaly bastards from the north!"

Loud voices full of resentment resounded in the streets of Walmyr.
The resentment of Walmyr's citizens was lit by the heated reporting of the newsboys that ran all over the capital.

"Master, I don't think we should stay here for long. Looking at the current situation, Weglana Republic might be more dangerous place than I thought. To let a spy so close to the ruler, the higher-ups of this country should be ashamed."

Yuri who was still half-asleep nodded as she let herself be carried on Suiren's back.

{Big Sis, we should take a request from the Adventurer's Guild to make some money and leave. There's nothing good here.}
(Yeah! The food taste like shit too~)
... Nn.

Yuri accepted Yurin's suggestion and tapped on Suiren's shoulder.

"... Request."
"Yes, what is it?"
"Ah, you meant that we should take a request? I agree, we should make some quick money and get out of here before the Scalesia attacks the capital."
"... Nn."

Suiren asked a nearby pedestrian lady for directions and walked towards the Adventurer's Guild.
The Adventurer's Guild was a wooden, old-looking building. The size of the building easily surpassed every other building in the surroundings.

When Suiren and Yuri, who is now walking on her own feet, entered the building, they were greeted by a bustling atmosphere.
However, the first thing Suiren saw after walking in was a big, white sign saying: "Registrations closed."

"Master, it says that the registrations are closed, I don't think we will be able to take requests."
"... Gn."

Hearing Yuri's discontent grunt, Suiren went to the counter just to make sure.

"Welcome, what's your business today?"
"My Master and I wanted to register as adventurers and complete a few requests before leaving the city, but..."
"Ah, you don't have to worry about not being able to register. Because of the inevitably approaching battle, the restrictions to become an adventurer in the capital have been lifted. Everyone who is ten years and older is able to complete requests for the guild."
"That's great... no, it's not, but it is. Master... it seems that we will be able to make some money before leaving."
"... Nn."
"Then, we won't be holding you back. We will go to choose a request."
"Yes, please be careful and don't take requests that seem to difficult for you. Several people have already lost their lives after the restrictions were lifted, don't make the same mistake."
"Yes, thank you for your concern."

Suiren thanked the old man behind the reception and led Yuri towards the request boards near the walls.

"Goblin subjugation, Mirror Grass collection, Forbidden Cave exploration..."

Suiren named the requests on the board one after another to Yuri who didn't show any interest. Until she came across a certain extermination request, that is.

"... Wild Boars extermination, ..."
"... Bacon!"
"... That one!"
"O, okay."

Suiren was stupified by Yuri's sudden enthusiasm as she pulled the request from the board.

... Bacon, bacon, bacon.
(Bacon, bacon, bacon.)
{Haah... I should have known.}

Still stupified, Suiren was pulled over to the old receptionist for verification of the request and out of the building.
She heard Yuri being this vocal only once before, so it was still quite a surprise for her. Suiren could only let herself get dragged across the town towards the northern gate.

It was only after they left Walmyr that Suiren noticed that they don't have any supplies. What if they will have to camp? If they get hungry or thirsty?
But, unfortunately, there was no opportunity to stop Yuri as she sped towards the forest that lied before them.

"Umm, Master... you didn't ask where to find the Wild Boars, so... how do you know where to go?"
"... Boars?"

(I mean, yeah. Boars live in the forest, right?)
{Yeah? Is that not a common sense here, or what?}

"Excuse me?"
"... Nvm.
"... Haah."

Yuri let out a sigh of exhaustion caused by Suiren's lack of vocabulary and continued walking towards the forest.
After spending so much time walking through the forest on her way to the Weglana Republic, this forest didn't seem alien to Yuri at all.
A while after entering the forest, Yuri perked up her ears and quietly listened for any movements, animal noises, and water. The noises she heard the most were owl-like cries which seemed to be coming from quite a far. Then, she was lucky enough to pick up a faint noise of a flowing river, so she started walking in that direction.

In twenty minute's walk, she discovered tracks. Footprints that were similar to that of a pig, but... huge.

"... Bacon."
{Seems like it.}
(Yup, even the tracks look delicious~)
{You pig.}
(Who are you calling a pig, you stupid cow!)
{Who are you calling a stupid cow you wrinkly grandma!}
(You are older than me, you know!)
... Bacon.

Yuri increased her speed as she followed the tracks.
Before long, she arrived at a small creek. A creek that was occupied by one, darkish creature.
A huge creature. Naturally, it was the Wild Boar. However...

(That's a lot of bacon, isn't it~)
{I don't remember them getting so big...}
... Scary.
... But bacon.

Yuri was instantly determined. No, she was ready right from the beginning. There was no hesitation in her eyes. She's eating bacon today.


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