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"Did we just get scammed?"

Suiren's gaze skittered between the signboard plastered on a box full of freshly baked bread and her hand.
Yuri and Suiren left the alchemy store recommended by the captain of the city guards Halzix where they exchanged 263 Gold coins Yuri earned during her stay at the castle for 263 Wegls and made a beeline towards the market because Yuri's stomach was grumbling.

However, the freshly baked bread in front of Suiren clearly sold for 50 Wegls per loaf.
50 Gold coins would allow a family of four commoners to live for the rest of their lives without working.
And since Suiren exchanged the Gold coins for Wegls at 1:1 ratio, she has just basically exchanged twenty luxurious commoner lives for five loaves of bread.

Suiren was at the wits' end.
However, the rumbling of Yuri's stomach was getting only stronger and stronger. Not being able to take it anymore, she reluctantly handed over 80 Wegls for a loaf of bread and a stick of butter.

(Gahaha... look at that face of guilt! She looks almost as if she accidentally pushed a child under a wagon~)
{... I don't want to know where that comparison came from.}
{I told you-! Haah... I shouldn't have opened my mouth.}

Suiren found an empty bench where she prepared the bread with butter for Yuri to eat.
They still didn't go to purchase new clothes for Yuri so she sat on Suiren's lap rather on the bench.

"I'm sorry, Master. Because of my lack of knowledge..."
"... Mnn... It's good."

Yuri said with a mouth full of bread.
This was actually the best butter she has ever tasted.
The buttery taste full of nature filled her little belly in a blink of an eye.

We only have 183 Wegls left... let's hope it's enough to afford some heavier clothes with that... Suiren let out a sigh.

"Shall we look for the clothing shop next, Master?"
"... Mm."

Suiren waited after Yuri finished eating and proposed.

And thus, Suiren set off with Yuri in her arms for the great adventure of finding a cheap clothing shop...

The first store they visited was a big, luxurious building from which they were chased away.
Then, Suiren came across a stall with heavy but rough and dull looking clothes. She decided that clothes like that will only bring harm on Yuri's skin.
The third shop that caught Suiren's eyes was a normal looking building. She had high hopes for this one as it looked like the store she was looking for. Unfortunately, she was mistaken. 100 Wegls for a pair of woolen socks? Ridiculous! Suiren screamed in her mind.

It was only until Yuri started shivering from the cold of the evening when Suiren found a wooden but neat-looking building.
Suiren was a bit worried as there was only a little bit of light coming out from the building.

Suiren opened the door but she didn't see anyone inside.

"Hello? Anyone here? Are you still open?"

She called out.

"Yes, yes, yes. We are still open. Wait a moment please, I will be with you in just a minute. Please, take a look around in the meantime."

A feminine but aged voice resounded from inside the shop.

"So she says, Master."

Suiren went to the nearest shelf and checked the clothing.
No, she actually checked the price tag first.

"30 Wegls? Master, we can afford this! Would you like to take a look around yourself or would you like me to choose?"

The inside of the shop was actually quite warm, so Yuri signaled Suiren to put her down.
Once on her feet, she immediately started wandering around the shop.

She loitered and looked around until something deeper in the store caught her attention.
She picked it up in her little hands. And put it back. She then picked a similar piece of clothing. And put it back again.
Her right eyebrow unconsciously started twitching.

She had only one question that went like this. Why do these panties have a hole in the place they are supposed to cover in the first place?
Yuri couldn't understand. The temperature is here is so cold, why would people make something like that of their own accord?

In the meanwhile, Suiren was talking with the elderly lady who finally came out from the room in the back, so it was only now that she noticed Yuri closely studying erotic panties with a great interest.

"M, M, Master! Put those down please!"

Suiren shouted in panic.

"... Why?"

Suiren could clearly understand that Yuri wasn't asking why she should put them down but why there's a hole in them.

"Eh? Umm... ah! Those are special undergarments for ill people who can't hold their pee, you see?"
"... Pee?"
"Yes, yes! They wear this type of panties so they wouldn't wet their pants every single time because they can't hold it in."
"... Mm."

Suiren let out a sigh when Yuri finally nodded in understanding.

"Hahaha. Sorry for that. In a time of war such as this, this old hag loves helping the country by helping the youngsters."

The elderly lady said while laughing.
Suiren's face turned red in response.
Yuri put down the panties she held in her hands and turned around.

"My, my. What a lovely young miss."

Suiren immediately joined in the praising of Yuri.
Thus, a long discussion between a maid and shopkeeper begun.

{They are talking about Big Sis but completely forgotten about her at the same time.}
(Women... what terrifying creatures they are...)
{You're forgetting yourself here...}
(Oy, what do you mean by that! I'm a sweet, lovely and intelligent young miss with a slight interest in murder and gore.)

"Ah! Actually, we came here hoping to find some cheap winter clothes for my Master. Would you happen to have some?"
"How cheap do you have in mind."
"Very cheap."

Suiren answered seriously.


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