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"Weglana is really barren in the south, isn't it?"

Suiren said as she looked around her. The only thing she saw was the road under her feet, mud all around it and snow in the distance before her.

"The temperature is getting close to zero. Are you cold, Master?"

She then turned towards Yuri who was walking beside her in a relatively thin clothes. Needless to say, Yuri was very cold. Her shoulders were trembling and her clattering teeth were singing the song of winter.

Seeing her master like that, Suiren immediately regretted asking. It was obvious that Yuri was cold, but Suiren didn't think of it until now because something like the outside temperature doesn't matter to her.

"Excuse me, Master."

Saying so, Suiren lifted up Yuri into her arms without waiting for permission. She then purposely overloaded her processors with hundreds of short clips and videos of Yuri she secretly recorded, making her body much warmer.

"... Nuu~"

Yuri let out a voice of satisfaction as she let herself be carried by Suiren.
Suiren went through mud and snow along the road and in a few hours, the two were able to see large walls surrounding a town in the distance.

"Master, I can see a town."
"... Mnn."

Yuri let out a muffled acknowledgment.
Not thinking any further, Suiren hastened her steps towards the town.

However, just as she approached the gate.


Two guards with hands on the handles of their swords that were hanging on their waists approached and stopped Suiren.

"If you are a citizen of Walmyr, please present your identification papers, if not you have to pay the toll in order to enter."

Hearing the guards demands, Suiren finally recalled.
Walmyr, that's the name of the Weglana Republic's capital. Suiren was forced to learn about the Weglana Republic, but who knew the capital Walmyr would be just a few hours away from the forest?

"How much is the toll?"

Suiren asked the guards.
Seeing Suiren ask with no malice to create troubles, the guards relaxed and calmly answered.

"That will be 30 Wegls."

Suiren stiffened, looked at Yuri in her arms and asked worriedly.

"What to do? We only have the Alastian gold on us?"
{Big Sis, would you like me to come out and deal with this?}
"Alastian gold? You guys have crossed the..."
(Should I blast them off?)
"Dark Forest?"
{Big Sis?}
"Yes, we did. We were lucky enough to survive..."
(Big Sis, are you leaving it to that chick?)
"I see..."

The guards looked at each other and then nodded.

"Wait here for a moment please."

One of the guards turned around and jogged back to the town.
After a while, he came back and asked Suiren and Yuri to follow him.
He took them to a small building near the gate where a man in neat clothes was waiting for them.

"Thanks for your work, you can leave now."

The guard bowed and left Suiren, Yuri and the man alone.

"Please, sit down."

The man said while pointing at a chair before his table.

"My name is Halzix, I have the privilege to work as the captain of the city guards."
"This is my master, Yuri. I'm Suiren, her maid."

Halzix and Suiren introduced themselves.

"I heard you are Alastians who crossed the Dark Forest."
"Yes, that's correct."

Suiren nodded.

"May I ask the reason? What was so pressing that you would risk your lives crossing that vicious place? Are you escapees? Did you commit some kind of unthinkable crime? Or are you perhaps... spies?"

Halzix narrowed his eyes.
Suiren closed her eyes for just a moment and started talking.

"My little Master is a daughter of Marquis who was a close aide to King Henry. However, both he and his wife recently passed away in an accident, leaving my Master behind with no relatives. Being one of the closest people to King Henry, he himself attended the funeral, where he, unfortunately... laid his eyes on my Master..."

Suiren said sorrowfully, artificial tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

"He said that since Master doesn't have any relatives, he shall take care of her in Marquis' stead... as one of his concubines... t, that's why I... I packed a few things and quickly left to a place where he wouldn't be able to reach that easily..."
"Our republic, huh..."

Suiren wiped the tears from her eyes.

"It might have been dangerous and extremely selfish of me... but, I'd rather take the chance rather than see my little Master who didn't even reach marriage age suffer under that... that... fat sleazy pig..."

Halzix looked at Yuri who was sleeping (pretending) in Suiren's arms. Seeing the lovely sleeping face, he immediately understood why King Henry would risk getting criticized by the age of his chosen concubine.

The little girl in the maid's arms will surely become a great beauty when she grows up.
Halzix wasn't sure if King Henry was fond of the current little girl or the girl's future prospects, but he understood the maid's worries. In the Weglana Republic, King Henry of Alasta has a reputation of a nasty pervert with strange hobbies. As someone who saw him personally before, the maid must have understood whether his the rumors about him are true or not.

After a little while of thinking, Halzix came to a conclusion.

"I have been touched by your sincerity and loyalty towards your master. You've made the right decision to come to our republic as we will wholeheartedly welcome both you and your master."

Happiness appeared on Suiren's face, she stood up, still with Yuri in her arms and lightly bowed to Halzix.

"On behalf of my Master, I thank you."

(What a great show, a great performance! Oscar! Give this lass an Oscar!)
{Looks like she matured a bit during the few days of traveling, doesn't it?}
... Nn.

"Ah, before you go."

Before letting Suiren leave, Halzix stopped her as if remembering something.

"I heard from the guard that you only have Alastian gold on you. There's an alchemy store nearby that has been recently in need of gold and silver, be sure to stop by."
"We will do just that. Thank you very much."

Suiren bowed to Halzix once more and left.


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