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It has been eight days since Yuri and Suiren entered the gloomy forest.

According to Suiren, this forest acts as a border between the Alasta Kingdom and the Weglana Republic. Although the two countries are hostile towards each other and are basically at war, the armies of the two countries would have to cross this dangerous forest first before attacking. This forest actually helps the Weglana Republic to stay relatively comfortable as they are at war on two fronts, by the Alasta Kingdom from the south and the Scalesia Kingdom from the north. The forest between the two countries allows the Weglana Republic to focus most of their defenses on the northern front.

Thus, after listening to Suiren's endless and for some reason cheerful explanation, Yuri who didn't have any destination decided to visit the Weglana Republic first.
But that conversation happened already six days ago and the master and servant duo were still lost in the vast forest.

"Hmm... we should already be out according to the calculations I made... did I perhaps make a mistake?"

Suiren grumbled.
The only mistake in her calculations was not taking the seven hundred years she was locked up in the dungeon during which the forest expanded tremendously in consideration.
Because of that, the two were actually only quarter the way through the forest.

Yuri, however, didn't complain as she was entertained by the monsters ambushing them continuously.
Ogres, goblins, wolves, basilisks, birds, rats, all kinds of monsters and animals tried to make Yuri and Suiren their lunch. Naturally, they ended up in Yuri's meals instead.
Yuri was in awe of Suiren's cooking skills since the first day. It has been Yuri's secret dream to cook meals for her little sisters, but all of three Yuri's tries ended up burned to crisps. Even after being taught by Suiren step-by-step. Yuri's maiden heart received three big hits. She could only carefully observe Suiren's dish preparing skills.

"A, are we even walking the right way?"

Suiren suddenly stopped and asked with a pale face. Confused by her wrong calculations, she was now wondering whether they were going the wrong way the entire time.
Yuri, on the other hand, was calm as always because of the voices in her head.

(Ahaha, did you see her dumb face just now? It's like all of her confidence all of sudden just oozed out~!)
{Truly. Don't worry Big Sis, just keep walking straight ahead. You will come out somewhere in the Weglana Republic unless you start walking to the left or right.}

"... Come."

Yuri turned towards Suiren who froze and beckoned her to keep walking.
However, the moment she turned towards Suiren.


A glint of ominous light accompanied by a dreadful noise swooped from the top of the trees, aiming directly at the nape of Yuri's neck.

(Watch out!)


Suiren suddenly called out, but Yuri was already dodging.
However, even before she could see what attacked her,


The voices of Yurin and Yuriko urged Yuri to run like an alarm during a catastrophe.

Not asking for any explanation, Yuri ran over to Suiren, grasped her hand and started speeding away.


Although bewildered why her constantly calm sisters were so distressed, Yuri noticed the seriousness of the situation and started running as fast as possible.
Only after running for an hour did Yurin's and Yuriko's voices calmed down.

"Haa... haa... haa..."

Yuri stopped and fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

"M, Master! Are you alright!? What happened!?"

Suiren asked worriedly.
However, Yuri wanted to know that herself. She could only ask her sisters for the explanation.

{It was a Necromancer...}
(A pretty strong one at that...)

"... Necromancer?"

Yuri tilted her head.

"Necromancer!? That was a Necromancer? ... Fuu... Thank Alasta Master noticed before it was too late..."

Suiren breathed out in relief. It appears she is aware of the dreadfulness that is a Necromancer.

{It's as you think it is, Big Sis. Necromancers are people who turn both dead into their puppets. Resurrecting the dead and turning them into puppets naturally requires a lengthy ritual, however...}
(Since Big Sis is already, you know... dead...)
{Just a short chant from a strong Necromancer could turn the current Big Sis into his puppet...}
(That's why you have to avoid any and all Necromancers you come across until you get stronger!)
{Necromancers are the only people you have to avoid at all costs!}

Yuri opened her eyes wide in puzzlement.
No one was able to tell that she is already dead. Yet, what she felt from the ominous attack which targeted the nape of her neck wasn't killing intention, but restriction. If Necromancer can make only the dead to do his bidding, why didn't he attack with something that was faster than a restriction spell and would actually kill her?

Noticing Yuri's puzzlement, Yurin spoke up.

{Those whose ability is centered around necromancy don't actually have any offensive means in most cases. They either have to raise dead from the graves or kill the living with weapons themselves. That very restriction which targeted you was the Body and Soul control you must avoid by any means possible.}
... That means?
{Yes, Necromancers are able to sense the dead. And that one definitely sensed you.}

With a newfound danger that could snatch Yuri's freedom from her in an instant, the master and servant started moving towards the Weglana Republic again, but this time with much more caution.


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