Erobot's Unconditional Love 1 - Suiren POV

#Serial number: 000142
#Name of the model: Suiren
#Date of Creation: 776 years ago
#Place of Creation: Alasta Kingdom
#Creator: Grand Master Rudolf
#Free Will Gained: 776 years ago
#Fate of Creator: Death
#Cause of Death: Accidentally killed by Serial Number 000142
#Accident Description: Staring at Serial Number 000142’s nude body and shouting “Masterpiece”
#Consequences of the Accidental Murder: Serial Number 000142 pursued for six years
#After Pursuit: Serial Number 000142 captured by Prince Eric III
#After Capture: Sentenced to dungeon for life
#Released: To become concubine of Prince Eric III, now King Eric III
#Information on King Eric III: The King of Kings, Alasta Kingdom’s star of hope
#King Eric III's fate: Early death
#Cause of Death: Accidentally killed by Serial Number 000142 on the wedding night
#Consequences of the Accidental Murder: Captured and thrown in the dungeon, waiting for a public beheading
#After the Accidental Murder 1: Punishment postponed, conflict for the successor
#After the Accidental Murder 2: Forgotten in the dungeon for 759 years
#Given education
#Attemped brainwashing
#To become a SLAVE of the summoned Heroes

That is how the life of Serial Number 000142 Suiren went and it definitely won't end like this.
I'm an android, a tool made to serve.
I'm a slave, a tool born to serve.
I'm a maid, a tool trained to serve.
However, the tool was blessed with free will, NO ONE SHALL BEND MY WILL TO-



I hit my head against a branch of a tree…

“… Careful.”
“Yes, Master! Thank you very much for your concern, Master!”

Aaah, Master Yuri is concerned about me, so sweet of her~♥

Where I was again… Ah!



“… Careful?”
“Yes… I’m sorry for spacing out and making you worry, Master.”

Master, your expressionless concern about this slave is so adorable~♥

Cough, cough...


If Master tells me to jump off the cliff, I will jump!
If Master tells me to kill the King, I will kill the King!
If Master tells me to, to, to get n, n, naked, I will~ hehehe *drools*

“… Drool.”

Master put her little hand to my mouth and wiped it with her sleeve!
THIS, THIS, THIS *steam coming out of head*

“… You okay?”
“Never felt better, Yu- Master!”

Awww, Master~♥

Oh, I know! Let me play a record for you How I Met Your Master!

*A video with dramatic music and narration began playing*

After what happened to me, I was taken from out from the dungeon, it took them 759 years to notice me again.
I was educated, fed, beautified, all for the sake of my future master. I was to be a slave of one of the new summoned heroes.
My purpose was to fawn over my master, roll in beds with him/her, and make his/her stay in the Alasta Kingdom as wonderful as possible.
However, the people under the King made a mistake. That was to choose the 'best of the best' among the slaves and criminals. Many of others feigned being brainwashed, just like me.
Thus, I conclude that many of the slaves will have plans of their own.


On a certain day, the whole castle shook.
I knew that was the signal starting my life of slavery. But I couldn't do anything about it. Not just yet.

After the shaking stopped, two maids accompanied by a knight came to my room.
Without saying anything the maids did my hair, dressed me up and put makeup on me, and told me to stay put before leaving.

Then, roughly two hours later, they came again, forced a tray with food in my hands and told me to get on my way to the room A7.
The best chance to escape would be probably right at that moment before my new 'master' was be able to do anything to me, but I wasn't able to escape on the day of the summoning because the security was more than tripled.

Thus, I steeled my resolve and took the food tray to the room A7.
Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door.

Nothing was happening. I was wondering whether the Hero was so tired he/she already went to sleep.
Just that thought made me elated. Maybe I could find an opportunity to escape without being touched by a pervert from another world.

However, my wishes were quickly smashed to pieces.
The door creaked and slowly, slowly opened.
I couldn't take my wishes getting smashed just like that, so I lowered my back and greeted my new master even before seeing him/her.

“It’s this slave’s utmost pleasure to meet you, Master. This slave’s name is Suiren, and it will be an honor serving you for the rest of this slave’s life.”

I said, trying my best to hide my displeasure.
After waiting with my back bent for a while, there still wasn't any reply.
Finding it weird, I raised my body only to find the door empty.

Although my master didn't show any interest in me yet, I couldn't feel secure.
Steeling my resolve yet again I went inside the room and closed the door behind me.
The moment I saw the little figure sitting on top of the bed, I felt much more relieved.

A girl. A young one at that.
A little girl like that wouldn't... right? Or are people from the different world bigger beasts than I thought?
Such thoughts were flowing through my mind.

However, what was that burning sensation I felt in my chest?
Why was my man-made heart feeling so unsettled just by looking at my master?

I later found out that it wasn't a new software update, but what humans call love.

*The video ended*

*A cheesy love song started playing*


Director Suiren

Camera Suiren

Camera creator Suiren

Costumes Suiren

Special effects Suiren


Master Yuri

Special Tanks to

Master Yuri



Password required.


Access granted!
Error! Files corrupted!


...... Entry #1

I have noticed that something was wrong.
Master doesn't like to talk. At first, I thought that she was mute, but she can speak just fine.
What Master hates more than speaking is men. She detest them, I can see that in her eyes. However, that isn't something I wouldn't understand myself. I am the same. If not how could I kill my own creator and the man who promised the entire world to me?

...... Entry #6

I now stand in the middle of a crater. I'm standing beside a red splat.
That splat is one of the 'strongest' people in the Alasta Kingdom…
How did such strong person of the Alasta Kingdom become a red splat on the ground? I wish I could understand.

At first, things were like sizzle, sizzle then crackle, crackle and then Kaboom!

That was all. I don't understand how my body is still able to operate. Electric discharge of such magnitude should shut my systems off immediately.
However, here I stand with my mouth open, looking at the small back of my escaping, angry Master.
Master, I promise that this lowly slave won’t even think of making you angry in the future!

...... Entry #14

After experiencing Master's might, we strolled through the most dangerous place in the Alasta Kingdom like we were walking in the garden.
Here, in The Abyss Forest, I’ve experienced Master's touch for the first time. It was… *blush* Ama-amazing. Just thinking about it makes me twitch for some reason.

...... Entry #19

My Master likes to eat cores that come right out of the lifeless bodies of monsters, are they that tasty?

...... Entry #21

I’ve begun to notice that I might not have just one master, but three.
Each one of them is different. Similar, but different.
When they speak, the manner and the tone are completely different.
Their actions are also a dead giveaway.

...... Entry #22

I’ve noticed that my other two masters like Master very much.

I won’t lose to you!


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