The Frail Jailer 1 - Anna Johnson POV

"The execution of the twelve prisoners has been set to tomorrow, go inform our little angel." The warden Michalski informed me.

"Yes, Warden."

My name is Anna Johnson. I’ve been working in this Detention Center for nine years. Getting this job was just a fluke, I don’t have any experience with violence, I’m not good at talking, I’m not good at taking care of children. I’ve been selected for this job just because Felshire lacked female personnel. The first year in this job was very hard, taking care of these delinquents was really stressful. However, I didn’t think it would get even worse.

One day, a frail, quiet girl was transferred to Felshire. That was the day the horror began. On the second day of her stay, she has killed the 'Boss' of the female prisoners. Not only did she kill her, but she also dissected her body with a food tray and served the body parts to prisoners sitting at the nearby table!

I’m only glad that I had a day off on that day or I fear I would die from a shock.

That's when she started the rampage.

A week later a male jailer wanted to teach her the rules of Felshire, but she wasn’t listening so he raised his hand in the air, intending to hit her. He did not expect that this little girl was aware of the weakest point men have. After kicking him in the nether area, she stole the jailer’s baton and beat him to death.

Similar cases happened to another two jailers.

The male inmates weren’t so lucky to 'only' get beaten to death. Even though they were far bigger than her, she made a quick work of them. She has a tendency to 'playfully' hide the parts of their bodies all around the Felshire. One boy’s left arm is yet to be found to this day.

The girl’s name was Yuri.

After the incident with male inmates, Felshire’s head psychologist Ph.D. Auclair conducted a thorough examination of Yuri’s mind. Doctor Auclair came to the conclusion that Yuri has severe schizophrenia. And recommended a 'colorful and friendly' treatment.

That's where my misfortune started or so I thought... I was selected as her personal caretaker.

After hearing the news of my new job, I ran out to the toilets, cried my eyes out and then I went to Yuri’s new cell.
I was to guard the cell’s door and provide Yuri with any book, documentary, and puzzles she wanted. Also making sure she doesn’t escape or does anything dangerous. However, even if she attempted to do something dangerous, did anyone think I would be able to stop her? I don't want to exaggerate, but I have troubles not getting swept off my feet in a bit stronger wind.

Eight years. That’s the time I was taking care of her. In these eight years, Yuri spoke to me five times. A real shame. After hearing her talk the first time, I was in a trance. How can an angelic voice like that belong to a demon? At least that’s how I felt at first. In those eight years, I got to know her childish, playful side and also her genius side. It was as if different people were controlling her body on different days. I was convinced that Doctor Auclair's examination was correct. But, after these eight years, while Yuri had her times, I believe that she is a truly good child. And yet, why? Why must she die? Isn't she just ill...?

Tack, tack, tack... I was thinking about the time I spent with Yuri while walking to bring her the bad news.

I arrived in front of Yuri's cell.
I’m really scared. Scared both for her and her reaction to what I’m about to say.
I take a few deep breaths.

“Yuri Smith, the court has come to the conclusion that you are too dangerous for society and thus you are to be executed in the Throne room tomorrow afternoon.”

No reaction, huh.

"You are to select your last meal."

Ah, the silence is killing me.
Please Yuri, speak up.

"… Hamburger."

... Wai- what, a hamburger?! Are you really going to choose a hamburger for your last meal!?
I wait for a while before turning around and walking away.
Where should I buy that hamburger from? McRonald’s? Burger Queen?

I decided to buy the hamburgers from McRonald’s.
I hope she will like them...

The next day, I handed the hamburgers Yuri wanted for her last meal to her.
I didn’t know how many she wanted, so I bought six of them.
I got startled when she devoured all of them without a break.

"It’s time."

Yuri stood up, put her hands behind her head and turned around. I put the handcuffs on her hands.

"Let’s go."

I lead Yuri through the corridor and when the inmates recognized who was walking in the corridor they started making noise.

"Big sister, bye-bye."
"Ahh, we can finally sleep with a piece of mind."
"Go, go~ kill that bitch~"
"Shut up you bitches, stop shouting at my sister!"

Uwaa, so noisy.
Yuri really is famous among these kids.

I lead her into the Throne room.
Ugh, I feel like vomiting after seeing the smile on Warden's face.
He’s so sick! How can he do this while smiling? Stop grinning you fucking beast.
You are more of a demon than Yuri is!

“Yuri Smith, welcome to the Throne room, I'm the bringer of your death, Michalski. Please sit and make yourself comfortable.”

He spoke and signaled me to leave.
What an asshole. He doesn't know what a good child Yuri really is! She doesn’t deserve to sit on that chair!
I left the Throne room while feeling vexed, angry, and sad at the same time.

"Gentlemen, enjoy the show."

Warden finished the final preparations and spoke to the audience behind the one-way mirror.
These people are just as sick as he is.
The execu- excuse me, torture has started.

"Gh.. Gnnnnn~"

I could hear little moans escaping from behind the window.
Yuri, please forgive this weak, idiotic me for not having the power to help.


The screaming intensified.
Yuri's screams seemed confused, but that's no wonder because this Throne room was designed like that.


Silence. After a while the screams and moans in the Throne room ceased.
Yuri, the Silver Death has died.

"Mhm, as expected of Silver Death, what a great show!"

The Warden Michalski said in satisfaction as he went inside the Throne room to confirm the success of the execution.
Anna who couldn't lift up her head followed after him. It was her duty to clean up after the inmates she was in charge of.

With difficulty and tears in the corners of her eyes, she slowly raised her head and looked at Yuri's lifeless body.

All of sudden, a crazed smile appeared on Anna's face.



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