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The day has ended and surprisingly every hero was able to find his/her stream of magical power. This pleasant surprise made the fat king very happy as it showed that this batch of heroes will become very strong in future.

He got even happier when the trainers gave him a detailed report and notified him that three heroes have already discovered their abilities.
These three heroes were Ben Cho, Björn Lundqvist, and Bai Lan.

Jonathan has never seen the ability Ben Cho has acquired before, so he and Ben named it the Holy Armor. As the name suggests, it's an ability that wraps Ben's body in holy aura which increases his physical abilities and recovery speed like an armor. Jonathan also believes that it's not all that there is to that ability.

Björn Lundqvist acquired a strength-based ability just like he desired. It's an ability called Monster Strenght which is an upgraded version of Wulf's Reinforcement.

As for Bai Lan, not only she has the rare stomach stream, her ability is exactly the same as her trainer's. It's an ability called Spirit Call which is a rare ability obtainable only by elves. Or so the king and others thought. Training under someone with the same skill will greatly benefit Bai Lan to her future prospects.

The overjoyed fat king kept his promise and rewarded everyone with one hundred gold. He also threw in an extra hundred for the three early birds.

As for Yuri, she plopped on the bed once her 'training' finished and fell asleep.
Suiren felt helpless that her Master doesn't even look at her. She, therefore, decided to do what she was supposed to do by herself in order to make herself useful.

In the morning, she brought her healthy breakfast. She even stealthily warmed up the cold milk in the kitchen.

After Yuri had finished her breakfast, she met up with Bai Lan, and they went together to the practice grounds where the trainers already waited.

"Come, come. I have plenty to teach you today, Little Rabbit."

Saggy Tits gentle beckoned Yuri. The hidden disgust in her eyes, however, was evident to Yuri's two sisters.

{I wonder why she looks at Big Sis like that.}
(She must be envious of Big Sis's future prospects. Just look at those two little cherries!)
{I don't think that's it... well, could be. But, should we tell Big Sis?}
(That her cherries are the envy of saggy old woman?)
{No, that she's planning something that can't be good.}
(Nah~ Let it go, let it go~ let Big Sis deal with it alone~)

There were three others in the Saggy Tits group.
Jenny Trump, Leon Orlich, and Noe Garcia.

"Now children, since all of you were able to find your streams yesterday, let's learn how to force it out of your body and manifest it."

The three heroes nodded with serious expressions. Yuri was trying hard not to doze off.

"This step is far easier for normal people than Finding the Stream, so you should be able to grasp it in no time."
"Alright! Let's do this!"
"I'm ready to learn."
"Me too."

Eager to learn they informed Saggy Tits that they are ready to go.

"Since you have found your abilities around your kidneys, it means that you have elemental or similar kind of power. You are what we call mages. And believe it or not, mages have the easiest way of discovering their ability."

A flame suddenly lighted up on Saggy Tits's finger.

"Oh~ I see. We can easily figure it out by observing what comes from out of us, right?"

Noe Garcia said in realization.

"That's correct! While others have to do many trials and errors to find exactly how their ability works, we mages just have to take a glance at what we manifested."

Saggy Tits said while nodding.

"It means that aside from the three who already discovered their abilities, you guys are presented with a headstart. You could use this chance to prove yourselves to King and earn more of his attention than others. This would definitely help you in our world which is based on social status."

She slowly added, making the three heroes' motivation soar. Yuri was naturally still trying not to collapse and fall asleep. She found out that listening to this old woman is very tiring, boring, bothersome, and sleep inducing.

{She's already trying to rouse a competition with the other fools, huh.}
(I'm in! I'm in! I'm going to win~)
{You aren't supposed to compete...}

"Shall we start then? Good. Extend one of your hands forward and imagine the stream flowing from your kidneys upwards towards the palm of your hand. If you are successful, you will feel your palm getting slightly warmer. Once you confirm the feeling push that stream out!"

Saggy Tits explained and everyone did as she said.
Yuri was still not reacting, but Yurin and Yuriko brought her back and repeated what Saggy Tits just said.

Thus, Yuri extended her small hand and,

crackle, crackle, crackle!

A ball of lightning formed in her palm and sung the song of victory.
The jaws of the three others heroes dropped and Saggy Tits frowned in disbelief.
She cleared her throat and approached Yuri.

"Well done! Wonderful, this is just wonderful!"

She said while affectionally massaging her shoulders. Her nails, however, were digging into Yuri's skin, causing Yuri to flinch.

"Little Rabbit, I knew you were born for greatness the moment my eyes landed on you. You will certainly be a great help to King and our Kingdom."

Saggy Tits praised Yuri while increasing the force behind her hands.

"As I thought, I really need to take a special care of you, Little Rabbit."

Saggy Tits praised Yuri with a gentle tone. Her nails digging into Yuri's shoulders and her eyes flashing with malice.


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