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“Come children, follow me.”

Layla Loeb, who earned the nickname of Saggy Tits, beckoned the Heroes to follow her.
In a while, the group arrived at a spacious training grounds behind the castle. This, incidentally, was also the first time the heroes saw the place of their stay from outside. They stared in awe of the humongous building before being dragged along by the loud Wulf.

"I'm sure that King has shown you a little example of what you might be able to do with your ability, but let us, the experts, show you in great detail. Wulf?"

After arriving at the training grounds, Saggy Tits Layla had the heroes sit down and watch a little demonstration first.

"Gahaha! Since I'm going first, I will go with a bang!"

Wulf shouted loudly and made a distance between him and the heroes. He then raised his fist into the air and shouted again.

"Behold my superhuman strength!"

His fist then quickly went straight down until it the ground, Boom! A shockwave fired off in 360 degrees around Wulf and a cloud of dust rose.

"Wow! What was that!"

The heroes were stunned by Wulf's display of strength.
Before long, the cloud of dust cleared, and Wulf's figure was released standing in a relatively big crater.

"Oh my god! Did you really make that just with your fist!?"

Björn who preferred brute strength over anything was completely smitten by Wulf's power.

"That's right, I have used my ability Reinforcement and made my fist as powerful as a dragon's! Gahahaha!"

Naturally, Wulf was also enjoying the eyes of admiration plastered onto him, so he was even louder than usual.

(This dude is way too fucking loud~! Alright! It's decided! I'm going to kill him and stick his head into a cow's ass!)
{What? You will go that easy on him?}
(Then, I'm going to cut off his pe- {Alright! Alright! That's enough, head in a cow's ass is enough!}

"Well then, if Lady Layla allows it, this Jonathan will give it a try next."
"You don't have to be so reserved around me Jonathan, go ahead."

Jonathan, the Head Priest respectfully addresses Saggy Tits and steps forward when given the permission.

(Uhoo~ this saggy granny's position is above the wrinkly grappy's?)
... Grappy?
(Ain't that the opposite of granny?)
{No, I don't think so?}
(Uhh... fuck it then. You know what I mean though, right~?)

"For the display of my ability, it would be better if one of the heroes could assist me. Right, what about you, young man?"
"Me? Sure! What do you need me to do?"

Jonathan pointed at a young man with glasses.

{What was his name again?}
(No idea.)

"I noticed the scratch marks on your neck. Heh, you had a rough night, didn't you?"
"Well, a bit..."
"Anyhow, could you please remove your shirt, so others could see better?"

The young man carefreely removed his shirt and revealed deep scratches all over his chest.

"As you can see, this young man's wounds run pretty deep. Nights in Alasta can be pretty tiring, aren't they? Hahaha. Anyhow, witness the splendor of my ability."

Jonathan extended his right hand towards the young man, immediately after, the young man's body got enveloped in a pale yellow light, and the scratches on his body slowly started disappearing.

"That's incredible!"
"Wow~ My body looks like that wild night was just a dream!"

The young man admired, and the other heroes admired.

"As you can see, my ability is Recovery. It allows me to heal wounds and illnesses of every kind."
"Hee~ that's amazing."

Just like Wulf, Jonathan was feeling very proud of himself while enjoying the admiring gazes of the heroes.

"Good work Jonathan. Melone would you like to go next."
"Not really."

Melone declined without a second thought. It appears that Melone is not interested in displaying her powers in front of the heroes.

{I like how she shot her down without any remorse.}
(Right~? It was like bam! Stop talking to me Saggy Tits!)

"I, in that case, I will show you the might of an Archmage."

A ridiculously large staff appears in Saggy Tits' hands from nowhere.

"This staff is one of the legendary weapons, it's called The Staff of Ignis, the Fire King. I acquired this staff when I defeated the chosen of Ignis in combat. That happened already thirty years ago, and to this day, it was the hardest fight of my life. Just remembering the times when I was really young and beautiful makes me feel really nostalgic. All men were fawning over me then…"


Needless to say, not a single hero believed Saggy Tits' words.

{Is she planning on telling her complete life story?}
(If so that’s not good, she must be at least five hundred years old. Just look at her tits!)

“And that time I almost slept with the former King, but the queen caught us before it happened… what a shame that was... he was quite a hunk that old man...”


Two hours later, Saggy Tits finally finished talking about her life from her preteens to now.

"And now we are here…"

… Yawn.
{Is the torture finally over?}
(Seems like it~)

"Ehm. Watch carefully children, this is how things are done on Eternia!"

Saggy Tits shouted and pointed the ridiculously large staff towards the sky.

“In~ferno beaaaaa~m!”

… Really?

A massive fiery beam shot out from the staff, the intense heat and light made the heroes feel very uncomfortable.



Once the fiery beam vanished and the heroes could open their eyes again, they saw a large crater at the place of the impact, it covered at least a quarter of the training grounds.

“You are amazing, Lady Layla!”
“So powerful!”
“Of course, it’s powerful and amazing! That was Inferno Beam, a spell I created with my ability which is Fire. Train hard under me, and you will be able to cast spells of this magnitude in no time!”

Everyone looked at Saggy Tits with sparkling eyes.


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