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... Yuri



When Yuri woke up the next morning, she found herself all alone in her new room. Her slave, Suiren, that was supposed to be at her side, nowhere to be found.

"... Yawn~"

Believe it or not, Yuri found it bothersome to get out of the bed. So she plopped right back in after failing to rise after one try.

"... Sleep."

She closed her eyes.

{No, no, no Big Sis. Wake up, please. You don't want to be left out in this who knows where.}
(That's right~ That's right~ Adventure, romance, fantasy, and action! All that awaits you! So get up and get out there~!)


... Good morning?
{That's right, Big Sis. Good morning.}
(Here! Take this good morning kiss from within your body with you~! The road ahead is a dangerous one.)

"... Ugh."

Prompted by her sisters, Yuri got out of the bed with difficulties.
But, just as she stood up,


The door to her room was slammed open and panicked slave rushed inside.

“Master! Something terrible has happened!”

Naturally, it was Yuri's new slave, Suiren. She had a look of panic on her face.
Yuri plopped back into the bed in a startle.

Yuri looked at Suiren who rushed in the room questioningly.
She completely forgot about her distrust for a moment and tilted her head.

"One of the heroes who were summoned together with you, Patric Jones was his name, I think? What a weird name. Ah! He was found dead in his room this morning!"

Yuri tilted her head to the other side.

"... Dead?"

Although Yuri asked Suiren with interest, there was no reply from Suiren.
She just stood there petrified like a stone statue.

"... Dead?"
"Y, yes! Dead..."

Suiren was stunned. She believed that her Master was mute. However, it appears that her new Master just finds talking bothersome. How regrettable, Suiren thought. Yuri's voice is really pleasant to the ears after all.

"I wasn’t able to find out who the culprit is. It appears the Palace Guards also aren't aware yet. I heard that one of the heroes offered his help, but it appears he also wasn’t able to find who the culprit is. His room hasn't been cleaned yet, so it still reeks of blood, and body parts are all over, so I wouldn't recommend Master visiting or even coming close. Ah, that's the reason I wasn't able to attend you while you were sleeping. Please, forgive this slave.”

Suiren explained and lowered her head.
However, Yuri heard only half of Suiren's sentence. The first part of Suiren's report sounded just too familiar.

... Care to explain?
(Pretends to be ignorant and starts playing in the corner with imaginary kittens. Ehehe~)
{I'm sorry, Big Sis. But it was Yuriko's doing.}
(Hey! You gave me a green light! Ah, snap~! ... Well, it was fun~)
... You two.
{Yes, we made a mess. But, we didn't do it just for fun, right? Yuriko}
(Eh? We didn't?)
(Ah! That's right, that's right! We totally didn't... why did we do it again?)
{That thrash of a man was planning to lay his hands on the Asian girl that helped you yesterday, Big Sis. I thought that you would be sad if something were to happen to her, so I gave my permission to Yuriko without thinking, I'm truly sorry}
... I see.
(What! I don't need your permission, you know! All I need is Big Sis's embrace, sexy lingerie, and two pears with sunglasses~)


Suiren finally straightened her back after realizing that Yuri was lost in thoughts and completely ignoring her.

"... Hn?"
"No, I just... Are you hungry? The heroes are to meet at the dining hall in a few to give the King your answers."
"... Alright."

Yuri answered and powerlessly extended her hands. She was obviously asking Suiren to help her get up.
So, Suiren showed her usefulness and carefully helped Yuri up. She then guided her to the dining hall.

... Culprit?
(Don't you worry, Big Sis! This adorable younger sister made sure no one will be able to track us back~! As expected of me~)
{Well, she's always like that, but she's good at whatever mess she's doing, so there's no need to worry about it, Big Sis.}
... Nn.

It didn't take Yuri long to arrive at the dining hall.
The dining hall was full of heroes with strange expressions.

"Little girl, are you all right?"

Suddenly, an Asian girl run up to her and asked worriedly.
Yuri being the good girl she is nodded in affirmation.

"I'm glad... you weren't up for breakfast, so I thought you might be sick or something..."
"You don't have to worry, Hero Bai Lan. Even if Master were sick, THIS SLAVE would take care of her with utmost care."

Suiren's bias towards Yuri was in plain sight.

"That's good to hear. Now, please go and stand with the other slaves in the corner. As a FELLOW HERO, I will help her with the launch at the table ONLY HEROES and the King can sit at."

Lightning was flying out of Suiren's and Bai Lan's eyes.
But ultimately, as a fellow hero, Bai Lan secured victory and lead Yuri to the table.
She then filled Yuri's plate with various food and watched her eat like a newly married wife.

"Which reminds me, I still don't know your name. But you are mute, aren't you? ... I can't call you little girl forever, right?"

Although Yuri didn't like the food that much, she ate the dishes which were similar to the food from Earth in order to fill her stomach. Naturally, Yurin had to persuade her first. Yuri doesn't like non-delicious food. But she can't afford not to eat in her current situation.

So, while chewing on something that resembled a meat bun, she used the bones of a bird she ate earlier to form her name.


(I fall in admiration of your ingenuity, Big Sis~!)

"Yuri? What a cute name."

Bai Lan said while playing with Yuri's silver hair.


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