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(Hn~ hnn~ hn, hnn♪)

A lone girl is sitting in a pool of blood and humming while sawing off an arm of a man she killed earlier.
Although the saw had to be substituted with a kitchen knife, the girl is seemingly pleased with the progress of her art.

(Doesn't seem to move at all~ perhaps he's dead I'll just make sure~ pick this knife up off the floor~ gouge his eyes with the tip~ stick them to the bitches clit~ that will complete the funny face♪)
{No, seriously don't even think about doing something like that. Those are Big Sis' hands, you know?}

The entity who was clearly enjoying the bloody massacre decided to stuff the eyes into the ears of the dead slave girl. She then did a few adjustments on the face and cut off the head and placed it on the nightstand which she moved in before the front door. She then took the man's severed arms and stuck them on the sides of the nightstand.

(Look, a furniture monster!)
{You are so childish...}

There was no one to question her how the arms could be sticking to the nightstand without glue or any other substance.
That's why, the entity continued with her masterpiece.

(Say, Yurin. Should I cut off his pe-)
{I just told you the girl's is no good and now you want to touch that dirty thing!?}
(But I never saw one before!)
{Yuriko, you are not a very good liar, you know that?}
(Hey! What do you mean by that! I'm 100% pure maiden! You pervert!)
{How many men have you disemboweled before?}
(Too much to count!)

Finally realizing what Yurin, the second entity was getting at, Yuri's lovely face got dyed red in embarrassment.

(... Ah.)
(But my art can't be completed without the embarrassing parts, ya know! Ah, I know! The boobs! At least the boobies!)
{... No.}
{... Hahh. Alright.}

Yuriko in Yuri's body stabs, cuts and slices at the poor slave girl's breasts.

(Yurin look, a boob~)
{No... comment...}
(Let’s hide it in his stomach!)

The second entity, Yurin, felt exhausted by Yuriko's actions.

{What are you doing?}
{Are you seriously putting that there?}
{No, no, no, that's too much even for you, you know?}
{What is the matter with you?}

She had many questions, but not a single one got answered.

(I’m done! Look! Behold, my masterpiece!)
{Masterpiece my ass! Let’s get out of here!}

Yuri's body disappears in a puff of smoke again and she re-emerges back in her room.

{Finally. I tell you. These hobbies of yours are just tasteless.}
(Slicing people apart is fun, ya know~?)
{Really? I like stabbing more.}
(You just haven't learned the joys of slicing yet! Patience you must have, my young Padawan.)
{I don't have the patience to slice. I'd rather just stab and get over with it.}
(That's why certain people call you old hag. You old hag~)
{Shut up, you stupid brat! You are not much younger than me!}
(You shut up, you saggy tits! Watch out so you don't fall over by stepping on your bungee tits!)
{Who's got saggy tits, you tiny-breasted psycho maniac!}
(Gasp! You didn't!)
{I did, you-}
... So noisy.
{(Big Sis!)}
... Sleep.
{Yes! Big Sis.}
(Aye aye, sir~!)

Scolded by their sleepy Big Sis, the two girl obediently ended their quarrel and went to sleep.


Morning of the next day.
The true 'room service' arrived at the room of one of the heroes.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Mister Hero, I have the honor of being the one to bring you your breakfast today. Please, open the door."

Knock, knock, knock.

“Mister Hero? Are you perhaps still asleep? Mister Hero, I'm going in. Please, excuse me.”

The servant girl quietly unlocked the door with a master key and timidly went inside.

“Mister Hero, please wak- Kyaaaaaaa!”

The poor maid fainted in the room of the Hero, which was painted red with blood and decorated with various organs.

A nightstand with a mutilated head with eyes stuffed in the ears, nose cut off and gently placed inside the hollow, brainless head. The room's chandelier was decorated with guts like a Christmas tree. Eighteen fingers were used on the chandelier instead of candles. Two stomachs filled with woman's breasts were placed on the bed instead of pillows.
The bathtub was filled with blood, a set of lungs floating inside. Brain matter splattered on the windows.

The poor servant girl didn't have the chance to find all of the hero's parts before she fainted.


A sixteen years old boy was excitingly walking towards the “crime” scene.
The hero of our story, the mightiest of the mighty heroes, Björn Lundqvist!

The kind, brave, young hero offered his services to the king in order to solve this mysterious murder.

“Only someone as heroic and brave as me can solve this mystery! Only this mighty Swede is capable!”

Our mighty hero entered the bloody room, his eyes brimming with confidence.

Now behold the might of a true hero!



After a while of praying to the dead down on his four limbs, the mightiest of the mighty heroes, Björn lifted his head up.

This scene seemed all too familiar to Björn.
Björn was always a curious child. Always dreaming about being a Hero and catching thieves. He liked to watch crime movies and often browsed crime scenes on the deep web. Björn is a smart child. Extremely smart. In fact, he is a genius. His IQ surely exceeding three hundred!

But even a mighty hero and genius among geniuses didn't want to meet the criminal responsible for this deed,

"... Silver Death!”

The mightiest of the mighty heroes, Björn gasped and quietly withdrew from the room.

"Nooo~ Mamma! Save meee!"



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