Jonathan, the Head Priest of the Alasta Kingdom guided Yuri and the heroes to a living quarter of the palace where they have been each assigned a room.
But, before sending them to rest, he made them remember that they are in a different world once again.

"We will soon send each one of you a slave with food. Please, slowly enjoy your food and don't hesitate to ask the slaves questions regarding our Kingdom. They have been educated for the sole purpose of being an aid for you, the heroes. If you don't feel like doing that, you may do anything you desire to those slaves from the moment they step into your room, as they will be considered your property."

Few of the males in the group loudly gulped.
Not being able to hold back anymore, one of the younger boys asked.

"A, anything...?"
"Yes, anything. They have been thoroughly taught to recognize the person in the room they step into as their Master. Therefore, once they are inside, they are yours. You may kill them, have them warm your bed or you may even unleash all your desires on them. Do with them as you like. Such is the bond between a master and a slave."

Jonathan said with a smirk on his face.

"If you don't have any more questions, please wait in your rooms for your gifts to be delivered."

Saying such, Jonathan turned around and left the heroes standing in a corridor.

"W, well... I will go to my new room then. I got quite tired from all of this."
"I agree. We all should rest and think about our answers for tomorrow. I will see you then."

The heroes entered their rooms one after another, the subtle, nervous atmosphere was too obvious.
Only Bai Lan and Yuri remained standing in the corridor.

"Would you like to share a room with me, or...?"

She asked anxiously. Bai Lan was sincerely worried about the little girl's well-being.
However, Yuri shook her head, denying Bai Lan's kind thoughts.
She kneeled in front of Yuri, put both hands on her shoulders and said while looking into her eyes.

"I see... then, if anything happens let me know, alright? My room is right across yours."

Yuri nodded, she understood that Bai Lan's feelings were genuine.
Bai Lan then watched Yuri as she slowly walked into her room.

"... Haah."

Closing the doors behind her, Yuri let out a big sigh.
She didn't expect such development at all. She was baffled by the situation she was in just like the others. But, her circumstances are way too different. She was obviously dying in an electric chair just a moment ago. How did she appear here, that she now knows. She was obviously summoned. However, she clearly remembers dying. Even if she were summoned, her lifeless body should have been laying on the cold floor instead of this little body.

Yes, the biggest mystery is her little body.
Why is she so small? That's what she doesn't understand.
Yuri finds a mirror and carefully observes her "new" body. She doesn't find anything strange. It's her body from when she was ten years old.
Then, is it perhaps something that's not visible on the surface? Yuri carefully touches her body, looking for any abnormalities.

... She found them faster than she wanted.

Her veins were not pulsating, her heart was definitely not beating, and her skin was cold to touch.
It felt almost as if she were...

"... Dead?"

However, no matter how she looks, she doesn't look like a zombie or a ghoul. Her skin also isn't so cold that it would bring any suspicion as Bai Lan held her hand before and didn't say anything. There certainly isn't any blood in her body and yet why does it feel like there is? She feels something moving under her skin, through her veins. If she were to guess, this strange substance is most likely moving even through her bones.

What is it?
What is she?
And why did she become like this?

Many questions surface in Yuri's mind, but she doesn't have the time to answer them as she hears knocking on the door.
The slave must have arrived.

Yuri moved from the mirror and slowly opened the door.

"It's this slave's utmost pleasure to meet you, Master. This slave's name is Suiren, and it will be an honor serving you for the rest of this slave's life."

Yuri got greeted with a feminine voice, a bent back, and jet-black hair so long they were almost touching the floor.
Yuri, however, wasn't impressed. The slave's greeting sounded to Yuri as if it were hammered into her for countless years.
Thus, she turned around, went back inside the room and sat on the bed.

She'd rather find the answers to her questions than to deal with a mindless slave.

The slave, Suiren, noticed that her new master didn't care a bit about her and a complicated expression floated on her face. However, she quickly recovered, went inside and closed the door after her. Suiren showed an expression of relief after closing the door. She was glad that her new master wasn't male. If her new master was male, there was a high probability that she would have to have intercourse with him. That's what her "teachers" taught her. She was told to use her body to seduce her master, but if she were to do that, Suiren's secret might get exposed. That's why the relief. No one can ever discover her secret. Even if it's her master.

That's what she thought, but what is this burning feeling she started experiencing after carefully observing her new Master?

She was bowing down, so she couldn't properly see her at the door, but the little girl sitting carefreely on the bed as if she wasn't concerned with the worldly affairs was simply asking for a hug!


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