Year 206AX, a murder which shook the entire world has just happened. When police got to the apartment where the murder occurred, even the most experienced police officers couldn’t keep their calm. The victims, Joey Smith and Amanda Smith, have been torn apart. One limb in the trash bin, another in the toilet, guts in the bathtub, legs in the fridge, blood splattered everywhere.

The culprit? The evidence points at their adopted daughter, Yuri, a nine years old, quiet girl whom Mr. and Mrs. Smith had adopted from Japan.
She was found sitting on the sofa, her whole body bathed in the blood of her foster parents, a butcher knife in her hand.
She just truthfully answered the questions asked by one of the female officers in a very taciturn manner without showing any emotions nor remorse for what she has done.

The story was very simple, her foster father assaulted her, trying to rape her, while her foster mother left because she was tired of Yuri’s screaming.
After she had left, Yuri was successful in escaping to the kitchen where she found the butcher knife, with which she slashed her father’s belly open, making his guts spill out. However, she didn't end there, she slashed once again, this time, the knife got stuck in Mr. Smith’s head, Mr. Smith died instantly.
Yuri understood that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were in this together, so she pulled the knife out of Mr. Smith’s head and hid behind the door and patiently waited for her mother’s return. When Mrs. Smith came back, she was welcomed with a butcher knife to her spine, causing her to die instantly without knowing what had hit her.
Yuri was enraged, she was like a demon possessed her, she wasn’t satisfied that it ended like that.
She once again pulled the butcher knife from the corpse and began her handiwork.

The female officer who was listening to the story ran out with tears in her eyes and started vomiting. She has never experienced something like this.
Honestly, who can say that they did?

The news of the murder spread all over the world, and this case was the most discussed subject all around the world for entire three months.
The photograph’s from the crime scene were so obscene that they could be only found on the deep web.
If you asked someone if they could guess whose work is this, no one would say that this was a work of a little girl.

This has earned Yuri a nickname, the Silver Death.

Yuri was transferred to Canada’s most strict Juvenile detention center Felspire, located on the outskirts of Prince George. Felspire is famous its size and strictness towards children criminals. This prison was established after the explosion of Chinese super factory which destroyed almost half of Asia including Japan. The children without parents were taken in by countries all over the world, but there were not enough families willing to take the children, so to survive the children resorted to crime, and thus large detention centers like this one were established. Felspire is the biggest one.

Same rules were obviously applied to Yuri.
Until she mercilessly dissected the boss of female prisoners with a food tray, killed three male prison guards who have taken a liking to her appearances, and dozens of prisoners who were mysteriously found dead either in their cells or showers.

Because Yuri was still underage, the prison couldn’t take any life threating actions. Instead, the Felspire’s psychologist recommended that it’s in Felspire’s best interest, to make her cell as “friendly” as possible and assign only female personal to her, as her disgust for males has been obvious.
She also suggested allowing her to read books and watch documentaries as she showed interest in all kinds of knowledge. She hoped that it would take her mind off of taking human lives.
The psychologist was sure that Yuri was suffering from severe schizophrenia and could kill anyone, at any time and that this was the best course of actions the Felspire’s warden should take.
And thus, while others were suffering from the harsh environment of Felspire, the little Silver Death was enjoying nine years of bliss.


Year 215AX, the fate of 12 children criminals, now adults was determined. Death.

These adults were deemed to be dangerous to the sociality. Unfixable, incurable, criminals who can’t be brought back to the right path. Amongst them was a silver-haired beauty. Her beauty lied in her slim body, small adorable breasts, her signature silver hair and her eyes. Each eye had a different color, the left one was purple, the right one was close to golden. This added to her mysterious charm. That’s right, the legend of Silver Death is coming to an end. Even though she didn’t kill a single person after the transformation of her cell, she still was considered as one of the most brutal criminals in modern times. The date of her execution is set on 21st March 215AX. Tomorrow.

Anna Johnson is a Jailer in the Felspire. She was in charge of Yuri for eight years. She’s currently on her way towards Yuri’s cell.
Tack, tack, tack... The sound of high heels echoes through the corridor. A cold sweat appears on Anna’s forehead.

Anna nervously stands before the doors of Yuri’s cell. She takes a few deep breaths before speaking.

"Yuri Smith, the court has concluded that you are too dangerous for society and thus you are to be executed in the Throne room."

The Throne room, just saying these words made Anna feel uncomfortable. The Throne room is a relatively small room with a single chair in the middle, to the left and right of the chair are ventilations, before the chair is a large one-way mirror. The Warden himself designed this room, just for the purpose of entertainment, people pay huge money to see the ultimate torture of notorious criminals. From one side, a gas that eats one's insides after breathing it in, from the other side an aphrodisiac gas that stimulates every part of one's body. A classic electric chair as a cherry on the top. All of this for a truly royal spectacle.

After hearing what Anna said, Yuri's shoulders shook a little, but she continued reading her book right after like nothing happened.

"You are to select your last meal."

Silence… It’s too quiet, Anna gets very nervous, she doesn’t want to anger Yuri, she’s just following orders.


Anna could hear a melodic, soothing, gentle voice. When she first heard this voice, she thought an Angel was speaking to her. Only this Angel was a disguise for a demon. Anna turns around and walks away, she’s got hamburgers to purchase.

After Anna walks away, Yuri starts to tremble.
The Throne room… Yuri often heard people talking about the blend of pleasure and pain.

After the nine years in prison, Yuri’s mind developed to one of a genius, she had read countless of books, watched hundreds of documentaries, yet she has to die.
Is all this knowledge going to be wasted? An expression of fright and a grin was constantly swapping on Yuri's face.
Yuri stands up from the chair, lies on the bed, closes her eyes and falls asleep.

She woke up in the morning, she cleaned her teeth, ate her breakfast and started reading the book, she wanted to finish it before her execution.

In the afternoon, Anna came to the cell with a bag full of hamburgers. Yuri took the bag and started eating, tears flowing out of her eyes like two rivers.
She had time to eat all six burgers, she was the last in line to sit on the Throne.

"It’s time."

Yuri placed her hands behind her head and turned her back towards Anna. Anna walked in the cell, put cuffs on Yuri's hands and a bag over her head.

"Let’s go."

Anna lead Yuri through the corridor. When the inmates recognized who was walking in the corridor, they started to talk and shout.

"Big sister, bye-bye."
"Ahh, finally we can sleep without worries."
"Go, go kill that bitch."
"Shut up, don’t scold my sister!"

Her fans and her enemies started to fight amongst each other. Anna, however, walked without stopping and soon they were standing before The Throne room. Anna took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in with Yuri behind her. There, a man in bloodied apron stood, this man is the Warden Michalski. After seeing Yuri, he grinned from ear to ear and signaled Anna to leave and then he spoke.

"Yuri Smith, welcome to the Throne room, I’m the bringer of your death and the warden, Michalski. Please, sit and make yourself comfortable."

Yuri was forcefully put in the chair, her hands and legs locked by steel cuffs.
After nodding in satisfaction, Michalski left the room.

"Gentlemen enjoy the show."

His ridiculing, cold voice could be heard from behind the one-way mirror.

As soon as he said that, the gas started filling the room, and static ran around Yuri’s body. She started feeling weird, her breathing accelerated, drops of sweat flowed down all around her body. If someone else was in the room, he could smell the alluring scent that was being released from Yuri’s body.

"Gh.. Gnnnnn~"

Yuri lightly moaned, then a pain ran through her body. She felt like her lungs were getting poked with thousand needles, she couldn’t hold the pain. She wanted to faint. But as she thought about fainting, an electricity started running through her body, waking her up completely.


She didn't know what to think. Is she in hell or is she in paradise? The pain hurt so much that she felt good, a liquid started dropping through her black robe. The robe itself was getting torn apart near the places where the cuffs were holding her. Suddenly she coughed a mouthful of blood, and her heart stopped, it was eaten by the poisonous gas.

"Mhm, as expected of Silver Death, what a great show!"

Michalski said in satisfaction.
It was then that he noticed the grin on Yuri's lifeless body.


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