Silver Death (Re)

Silver Death (Re)

by Shinsori

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

On a first sight, Yuri is a quiet, cute girl. Today is the day of her execution. Why? That’s because she’s a murderer. While being tortured to death, she suddenly gets summoned to another world.

What happens when someone like this is transferred to the world with no laws?


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Great premise but lacking in execution

I do love the idea. A girl that isn't afraid to kill when slighted and is kind of crazy.

The issue here is that the MC isn't really even that crazy. She has something like a severe Split-Personality disorder. I also think she might be possessed by something as there are times that the other personalities use magic such as some type of teleportation and invisibility.

The MC doesn't really even have much screen time as most of it is spent on side characters with not much to their character or the two personalities. I was expecting this story to be more about a god sending her to another world and her having episodes where she goes a bit crazy. 

There are some things such as the buildup the MC has is lacking and the way the story claims that the MC is Infamous for her disastrous deeds when they aren't all that bad. Sure, It's shocking a Kid would kill, But it isn't unheard of. Especially with the MC's first kill being mostly in self-defense against the abusive family.

Then the story has a bad habit of starting a story arch but dropping it at the most random of times. Most obvious being the time the MC out of nowhere got command of an army and she builds up kind of a loyal fanbase around her. I was starting to get interested for the first time and next chapter the Princess is being an idiot so the MC decides to leave out of nowhere.

Some other instances occur that feel off how they ended such as the summoning party.

It's not bad, I have come out of finishing it feeling disappointed as I feel that this could be a really interesting premise. I still had my enjoyment at times.


not bad.  Fun, especially first 20 chapters or so.  But plot begins to be very forced and not really make any sense... kind of cute though.