Book 1-Descent into Hell : Chapter 04 : The Blue Ape Tribe (part 2)


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Bloodline/Half demon Cultivation


Great Demon King Rank 1/ Rank 2/ Rank 3
Great Demon Lord Rank 1/ Rank 2/ Rank 3
Demon Rank 1/ Rank 2/ Rank 3
Alpha Rank 1/ Rank 2/ Rank 3
Beta Rank 1/ Rank 2/ Rank 3

Idris Silver. That name reverberated in Jeras’ head as his face paled every passing second.

Jeras remembered the strongest and elusive soul cultivator of Aelan continent whose Alpha Nether Wolf Bloodline was rumored to be on the verge of a breakthrough into the Demon Realm. He had only met him from afar during each of the Bloodline Gatherings he attended.

Jeras gave Idris a quick once-over and then realized that the youth looked like a miniature version of that man. Moreover, the pressure released by the youth’s bloodline power was the same albeit stronger than he remembered.

Another thing bothered Jeras. Not long ago, the Nether wolf Clan had disappeared without leaving any trace behind. The Nether Wolf Clan had been on Aelan continent for more than five thousand years. It was one of the oldest half demon clans of the continent.

Jeras then asked: “Who are you really? Idris Silver is the patriarch of the Nether Wolf clan. Clearly, you are not him as he is three thousand years old, he should look like a twenty years old human because of his cultivation.”

Idris blanked for a moment, not expecting to be questioned on his origin. He said: “I only remember that my name is Idris Silver of the Nether Wolf Bloodline and nothing else. I know nothing of my origins.”

Jeras was just about to ask more questions when three powerful auras could be felt coming in their direction.

Jeras frowned and said: “Those are my grandsons.”

Idris felt that the three auras coming their way were similar to Jeras and some even stronger.

Three white-robed blue haired men could be seen walking unhurriedly towards the duo.

One of the blue haired men then said as he handed over a ring: “Grandfather we’ve finished gathering the rest of the blood. We’ve filled fifteen barrels in this spatial ring.”

Jeras then said: “Thank you, Rolfe.” He then turned to look at Idris and then introduced his grandsons one by one: “This is John Stormwind, Silas Stormwind and then Rolfe Stormwind. John and Rolfe are 2nd Rank Alphas while Silas is still just 1st rank Alpha.”

Idris was surprised to hear it even though he had guessed it before: “There can be more than one Alpha in a bloodline?”

Jeras was starting to believe in the forgetfulness of his host as he answered: “Of course. The promotion from a Beta to an Alpha is only possible through the help of an already existing Alpha. Rare are the Betas who can reach the Alpha realm on their own, it is almost impossible. I started with my eight children then went to promote my twenty-six grandchildren. This is why I look so old and have dropped in strength from the third rank to the first rank Alpha…All for the future of the bloodline. I will die in a few decades and I hope I can create even more Alphas before my last breath.”

John Stormwind then said: “Grandfather. His aura seems a bit odd.”

Jeras then turned to look at John saying: “Ah? Why do you think that?”

John then looked at Idris with a hint of fear on his face as he said: “His bloodline power seems to have augmented by a half since we retrieved him.”

They all knew that John had always been the weirdest but his keen observations were the always the most accurate.

Jeras then said: “Now that you say it, I can at least confirm some of my suspicions. When I saw him after he woke up, I thought I was dealing with a complete demon but I couldn’t be sure. None of us has met a demon, so we have no idea what it feels like to be close to one. We just know that their bloodline power is above that of a 3rd rank Alpha and his bloodline power is way above a 3rd rank Alpha and keeps climbing.”

Hearing that, Idris first thought that he had yet to finish absorbing the red orb. He asked Jeras: “What happens when one turns into a complete demon?”

Jeras answered: “You fully transform into your most powerful form and your inner demon grows a soul and takes over. If you happen to be a powerful soul cultivator you can eat the new soul and remain yourself, but if your soul is weak, you are cursed to watch as your inner demon takes over your body and goes on a rampage.”

Idris then felt cold sweat pouring out of his body. He could foresee his future as he considered himself weak despite not knowing what a soul cultivator was.

He had to leave the Blue Ape tribe. He had to run away before he fully transformed or the entire tribe was in mortal danger.

Idris was thinking that he when the red orb burrowed itself in his chest, it had initiated the evolution but it wasn’t complete when he fainted due to the pain.

Seeing the agitated youth in front of him, Jeras felt a hint of a bad foreboding. He immediately ordered: “John. Send us all away from the clan. Now!”

Almost guessing what his grandfather wanted to do, John immediately spurred into action.

A powerful gale then lifted them into the air and they left the territory of the tribe.

Minutes later Idris was back in the same place he had been found.

Idris waited to watch them leave him behind but he saw them prepare for a tough fight. He said: “Why are you not leaving me? I think I am about to turn into a demon.”

“Don’t look down on us. I’ve got enough power left in my old bones to deal with a newly advanced demon.” Jeras said.

Idris said: “But right now I am already stronger than the four of you combined. What can you do once I turn into a demon?”

John then answered: “You have the soul of a mortal. You can’t feel how powerful our souls are. Since we live long lives, we have long surpassed what our bodies can do as Alphas with our souls.”

Idris was wondering if Eli was also a soul cultivator, which could explain why he was so powerful.

Idris sighed and closed his eyes for a moment and then said: “What are you going to do to me? If I understood correctly, my soul will go dormant while my inner demon takes over…Are you going to bring me back from that? How?”

Jeras shook his head: “You alone can bring yourself back by eating the inner demon’s soul little by little. It could take you years, even decades, for you to finish eating it. What we are going to do is simply seal your body somewhere you won’t be able to go on a rampage.”

Nodding with some understanding, Idris said: “Let’s hope it works out well.”

Idris was thinking that if these people were capable of incapacitating his body for a long time, then by the time the appointed time with Eli in two years arrived, he will be saved as Eli would probably know how to save him.

He could only hope that Eli wouldn’t fault him for not being able to complete his assignment by then.

Maybe Eli had foreseen that he wouldn’t be able to control his bloodline power if he ate the red orb and gave him an impossible assignment.


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